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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Promises To Keep

First things, first ... I have to wish a Happy Ostara to all my peeps out there! I hope this Vernal Equinox finds you happy and healthy ... and ready for Spring!

So ... Britney Spears has successfully completed almost a full month of treatment in the Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, CA which is, apparently, enough time to clean up her act. She was released from the facility yesterday afternoon. I dunno how much I really believe that she's been cured but ... we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best:

Britney Spears has finished her nearly one-month stint in rehab and has left the facility. Spears "has been released by the Promises Malibu Treatment Center after successfully completing their program," her manager, Larry Rudolph, said in a statement late Tuesday night. A friend says the 25-year-old pop star "is doing fine." Now ... she can finally go about the business of staging her massive career comeback. I think we'll know pretty quickly if she learned any lessons while in rehab. If she goes out at all to party at any clubs this week ... or next week ... or even the week after that, I'll have to fear the worse. Here's hoping that Britney stays at home with her kids, gets to work on her new album and keeps clean and sober. [Source]

In other Spederline news, today is Kevin Federline's birthday, ya'll! Seeing how he's been such a great sport to Britney thru all of her problems lately, I'm going to bury the hatchet, just for today, and send him all of my birthday lurve. After all, he's prolly gonna need it ... especially since plans for his birthday party tonight kinda went down the crapper, no matter how he tries to spin the story:

KEVIN Federline's Hollywood birthday bash - originally set to take place tonight at Eleven nightclub - has been canceled. Page Six reported earlier this month that Eleven was looking for a weekly magazine to sponsor the party. Evidently, none jumped at the chance. Then, the smaller sponsors allegedly pulled out. But a rep for Federline assured Page Six it was Kevin who canceled the event, though his bash Saturday at the Pure nightclub in Las Vegas is still on. "He decided that one party was enough," said his rep. "Kevin is just focusing on his family right now." Aww ... poor guy. Yeah, I can totally believe that sponsors would decide not to do the party thing with him. Well, at least he can take heart in the fact that there are reports going around that he's about to get a buttload of money from Brit Brit in their divorce settlement: TROUBLED BRITNEY SPEARS will give KEVIN FEDERLINE nearly £10million in a divorce deal. The deal, which includes sharing custody of their sons SEAN PRESTON, 18 months, and JAYDEN JAMES, six months, was thrashed out before the star left rehab ... Under the out-of-court agreement, Britney, 25, will pay rapper K-Fed, 29, a £1million lump sum, plus half her earnings during their two-year marriage, and half the proceeds of the sale of their mansion in Malibu, California. They will share custody of their boys. See ... it pays to be a nice guy. K-Fed has been a real gent to Britney ever since she kinda lost her mind ... he could've made her life even more of a nightmare than it already was ... I'm glad that he and Britney are getting along, at least for the kiddies. I like them as friends ... and that's all. [Source]

UPDATE: Extra is now reporting that K-Fed has no intention of relinquishing custody to Britney, despite the fact that she has completed her stint in rehab: A source close to Kevin Federline tells "Extra" that "Kevin and his attorney are very happy and cautiously focused on Britney's recovery. Kevin has had full custody for six weeks prior to her rehab. He's basically been doing it all along and will continue to have custody." The source continues, "Federline and his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan are not about to return the kids as a reward for completing rehab. She'll have increased custody as long as she demonstrates she's living life with the best interests of her children." Additionally, the source reveals to "Extra" that "The children will remain in Kevin's custody for now." Hmmm ... maybe my praise for him was premature? I guess we'll see what comes of this latest development ... DRAMA, thy name is Spederline!

Naomi Campbell wore a new outfit for Day Three of her 5-day sentence of community service in NYC today ... it looks like she didn't forget to wear her rubbers:

Photo credit: Splash News

I can see the wisdom in deciding to wear an outfit made entirely of rubber to a job where one is mopping floors and the like. What better way to fend of those pesky water wrinkles? [Source]

Carmen Electra, Mel C (formerly of the Spice Girls) and a whole bunch of UK reality TV stars that I've never heard of before were all on hand for the UK premiere of Carmen's new movie I Want Candy. Here are a couple of pictures from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Uh-huh ... I see ... Melanie C doesn't have time to help make the Spice Girls reunion a reality but she does have time to go to movie premieres with a bunch of reality TV stars? WTF?! Priorities woman! Get them in order! But anyways ... I Want Candy is the British take on American comedies like American Pie where Carmen Electra stars as the world's most famous porn star who gets involved in one way or another with a couple of English lads out for a good time ... and then hilarity ensues. Sounds cute ... I'd much prefer Carmen take on roles that challenge her mind but ... exploiting one's body for money sounds good too. [Source]

Finally ... a Bahamian Supreme Court judge has ordered that Danielynn Hope, the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, be made available for a DNA test that will settle the matter, once and for all, of her paternity. Larry Birkhead, who has contended all along that he is the father of the child, was obviously ecstatic at the ruling ... Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's leechy lawyer who always seemed more interested in her money more than anything else on Earth, looked completely forlorn ... do you suppose he finally gets that his long-running scam to get at Anna Nicole's money is finally coming to an unsuccessful end?

Photo credit: Splash News

A Bahamas Supreme Court judge has urged Howard K. Stern to submit Anna Nicole Smith's daughter to DNA testing to determine her father. Justice Stephen Isaacs's directive Tuesday does not carry the force of an outright order, and Stern can still appeal, a high-ranking official who asked not to be identified tells PEOPLE. But Stern's American-based lawyer, James Neavitt, tells PEOPLE: "We will do whatever the court wants and he will comply with any orders." He adds that Stern "is concerned about getting things over with and getting this behind him." Smith's former boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, who claims to be the father of 6-month-old Dannielynn, said as he left the Nassau courtroom, "It was a good day for me." Birkhead, Stern and Smith's mother Virgie Arthur were in court to resume their battle for guardianship of the infant, currently in Stern's care in the Bahamas. It's about damn time ... I've always believed Larry Birkhead on this one ... tho, truth be told, I'd pretty much believe anyone other than Howard K. Stern about anything. At least Stern is complying with the court order ... he can be seen HERE loading the baby into a car that will take her for the DNA testing. It's only a matter of time now ... we should know who's the daddy and put this whole mess to rest ... er, well, at least put this mess to rest. [Source, Source]

The boys of Good Charlotte are still traversing Europe on the promo tour for their new album Good Morning Revival and made an extra special stop in Paris, France yesterday to sign a few copies of their album for eager fans ... here are a few pics from the signing:

Photo credit: Splash News

Good Morning Revival doesn't get released here in the US until next Tuesday but you can head over to the Much Music website HERE and stream the entire album in the meantime. I've already heard it a few times and I love it! There are a lot of great songs on this album ... check it out, I think you're gonna like! [Source, thanks Daniella]

Well now ... what have we here? It appears that Lance Bass has got himself a new friend ... a new male friend, to be exact. Here are pictures of the pair hanging out in NYC this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Now, just because Lance is spotted walking alongside a new dude doesn't mean that anything is going on with them ... but it's more fun to speculate that there is, indeed, something going on with them ;) [Source]

Jennifer Hudson, with her pal Kanye West, unveiled her new look at a T-Mobile event in their hometown of Chicago, IL earlier this week ... here are a couple pictures from the event:

I love it! This is how J-Hud looked when she got the boot on American Idol. This shorter, curly do looks amazing on her. [Source]

Speaking of new looks, Big Snoop Dogg (who is also in Paris, tho I doubt he showed up at the Good Charlotte cd signing) unveiled a new look of his own ... one that involves a shower cap and a Louis Vuitton purse. Yeah ... a purse!

Now, I love LV just as much as the next wannabe rapper but ... the man is carrying a purse -- not even a man bag! I don't know that I could pull off a look like this but ... if anyone can, it's Snoop D-O-double-G. Holla! [Source]

In other new looks news, one of the Olsens (I think the Mary-Kate one) unveiled a new look of her own ... tired of being blonde, she opted to go ... er, less blonde:

I mean, really, what difference does it make? I don't really think that the other Keebler Elves give a damn what color her hair is as long as she keeps on making those delicious cookies in that magic tree of theirs. [Source]

Unveiling one of his signature old looks, Matthew McConaughey got his yoga on for the cameras, once again, down in Queensland, Australia:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

I gotta say ... I haven't been missing the do' rag and shaggy beard look all that much. Matthew is damn lucky he's got a hot bod to compensate. [Source]

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... panties are your friend -- or in this case, panty liners are you best friend. You should always wear them ... even if you're wearing hose that you think might cover up your naughty bits and especially if you're an aging supermodel whose sole purpose in life is to get attention while she still can ...

Photo credit: Flynet

Oh, Janice Dickinson ... whatever will you do for attention once you lose your looks. Oh ... Whoops! Nevermind. [Source]

It's official! This is the final cover artwork for Tori Amos' new album American Doll Posse, according to her record label:

It is sooo Tori. I totally approve. [Source, thanks Sarah]

David Beckham is going gangsta for his newest Adidas print ad. And while I'd prefer he go nekkid rather than anything else, I can't fault him for trying to cover all the bases:

It looks like a desperate attempt to win favour with the gangster rappers of Los Angeles. Shoulders hunched, squatting close to the ground in a baggy white T-shirt and shorts with knitted hat, David Beckham's pose mirrors that of controversial rap star Eminem. Modeling his new lifestyle collection for Adidas, Beckham has chosen a range of loose-fitting tracksuits and hooded tops favoured by the rap and hip-hop community. Beckham's latest launch is part of publicity campaign aimed at introducing the former England captain to the U.S. market. Hahhahaha ... well, it's worth a shot, I suppose. This picture was plastered all over the walls of the Adidas store in Barcelona so it's not that new to to me. That said, I don't think I'll mind much seeing this image plastered all over the place here in LA tho. [Source]

Angelina Jolie and her newly adopted son Pax Thien Jolie grace the cover of the Canadian issue of Hello! magazine this week:

Looking comfortable and secure in his new mother's arms, Pax Thien Jolie - whose name means peaceful sky - is settling into life as the son of Hollywood actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. The special image, which appears on the front cover of HELLO!, is part of a series of intimate photos of the mother and son's first precious days together in Vietnam that appear exclusively in this week's issue of the magazine. The family photo album also shows the three-year-old getting to know his Ethiopian sister Zahara as they play happily by a pool, and falling asleep alongside big brother Maddox, who is from neighboring Cambodia. "I will stay at home to help Pax adjust to his new life," promises the devoted mum. "I have four children and caring for them is the most important thing for me at the moment. I am very proud and happy to be their mother." Angelina affectionately describes Pax, who was known at the Tam Binh orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City by the name of Pham Quang Sang, as a "very sweet little boy". "You can imagine what courage it takes to be in all new surroundings with new people and a new language," she told HELLO!. "He is very strong," added the star who has learned some basic Vietnamese phrases so she can communicate with her son. Interestingly enough, Pax has yet to meet his new surrogate (if not legally bound) father Brad Pitt. The entire family will be finally united when Angelina brings little Pax home with her to the US sometime this week. Now ... all together now ... AWWWWWWWWWWW! [Source]

Nelly Furtado graces the cover of the Canadian fashion magazine Flare this month:

You know, I used to hate her bangs but now they've really grown on me. She looks so cute on the cover of this magazine. [Source]

Here in the US, Lindsay Lohan is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of GQ magazine:

It's a very sexy shoot ... tho the vapid look on her face in all the pictures makes her look more like a blow-up doll than a sex kitten. I love how she's posing with a can of Red Bull energy drink as if to say to the world, I don't drink alcohol anymore! If only ... [Source]

Patrick Dempsey is featured on the cover of the Italian issue of Vanity Fair this month:

And even tho he looks like he's posing for a Gap ad ... he's still a cutie ... scruff and all. [Source]

And finally ... have you ever been kept awake at night pondering the mystery of what Kate Moss sees in her lover Pete Doherty? Well ... I'm about to shed a little light on that pestering enigmatic puzzle. Here is a picture of Pete Doherty totally nekkid, holding his biznazz in one hand ... as he is featured in an unknown French magazine:

Click above to see larger, uncensored image

Hmmm ... I don't know that the mystery of the "why" is actually solved by looking at this pic (if anything, I'm even more confused) but at least we have another piece of the puzzle ... albeit, a pretty small piece. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was very uneventful for me. I putzed around the house, cleaning a little bit here and there in preparation for Tracey and Zakiya's arrival tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to having them spend some time with me here in LA. We are going to have a blast!

Tonight, I have plans to meet up with my friend Lizy ... we're planning on seeing my fave LA band The Oohlas play a show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. It's been ages since I've seen them play ... I need a hug from Ollie ... so I'm very excited.

Is it hump day already? Make it a good one ... I am out!



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