Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Over And Out

Pink reader Amanda gave me the head's up that Carrie Underwood confirmed on the radio this morning that she is no longer dating Chace Crawford. HMMMM ... could it be that JC Chasez has finally come between them?

Photo credit: Splash News

I haven't been able to find any other confirmation of their dunzoness thus far but if you consider that Chace refused to answer the question about the status of his relationship with Carrie at the Paley Center panel discussion for Gossip Girl last Friday ... well, I'm pretty sure they are dunzo for good. It makes sense ... Chace has been spending way more time with his BFF JC than with Carrie (who I don't think he's been seen with for months). [thanks Amanda]

Maybe the dunzoness has nothing at all to do with JC or with anyone else for that matter ... after all, Chace and his GG cohorts have been workin' really hard on the set of Gossip Girl lately (and let's not forget that Carrie has been really bizzy with her stuff too) ... which brings us to this new batch of photos of Chace shooting new scenes with his co-star Jessica Szohr who plays Vanessa on the show (better known as Dan and Serena's cock-block):

Photo credit: Splash News

Even with all this hard work going on, I'm sure that Chace Crawford won't stay single for long ... with BFFs like JC Chasez, who needs girlfriends? [Source]