Monday, March 24, 2008

A Very Speidi Easter

The Hills superfoils Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt got themselves all dolled up this weekend for a little impromptu Easter fun at a local SoCal park where the couple were "inadvertently" snapped by paparazzi who managed to photograph their intimate and private moments together ... check it out:

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Don't lie ... you know you love them. These two may appear cheesy as all get out but they are ridiculously fun ... and you know it. Speidi has managed to take, what were essentially, supporting roles on an MTV reality TV show and turn themselves into stars themselves. The couple pop up everywhere ... on magazine covers (Heidi on Maxim) and in magazine columns (Spencer in Radar) and all by their own design. And when they don't happen to show up in mags, they go out and ensure that they get photographed for possible inclusion in the next batch of mags (mark my words, one of these Easter pics will show up in the new issue of either People, US Weekly, OK! or Star ... prolly all four). AND, if you consider that this latest batch of cheese-ola pics come right in time for the premiere of the new mini-season of The Hills (which airs tonight on MTV) then you've gotta give them props. Love them or hate them ... it's Speiditime. [Source]