Monday, March 24, 2008

Cold As Balls: Catching Up With Les Beckhams

BRRRR ... it looks pretty damn cold in England these days ... especially from the looks of these new pics of David Beckham training with the English national team in London earlier today. Becks has made his way to his homeland in order to train and play with the English team (and attempt to secure his 100th cap) in a friendly soccer match with the French team later on this week and it looks like he was met with a chilly reception when he showed up for his training session this morning:

David Beckham received a frosty welcome after flying to London for a training session with England today. The football star, who has farewelled sunny LA over the weekend, braved the snow for a warm-up session in Hertfordshire ahead of Wednesday's match against France. England manager Fabio Capello addressed the interest surrounding the star's recall and the possibility he'll give the midfielder his 100th appearance for England. He explained: "It is not my style to call up someone and do them a favor. I understand the nation's obsession with Beckham, but I am not obsessed with him. I called him up because I believe he will be useful for the team" ... Before leaving LA for England, David enjoyed some quality time with his wife Victoria. The couple dined together at West Hollywood restaurant STK with fellow Brit Kate Beckinsale and her husband, Len Wiseman on Friday night.

Yes, yes ... we'll get to that double date from last Friday night in a sec. Firstly, these snowy training pics show how dedicated Becks is to his craft ... it looks really freakin' cold in England these days, I dunno that I'd want to be running around the soccer pitch in teeny tiny soccer shorts -- but I *am* glad that Becks has no problem doing so. [Source]

Additionally, here are recent pictures of Becks with his sons Brooklyn (not in soccer uniform), Romeo and Cruz kicking around the ol' soccer ball with a bunch of LA Galaxy supporters at a recent Fans' Day at the Home Depot Center back in Carson, CA earlier this week. The weather sure was warm and sunny ... and Becks's two younger sons look like little chips off the old block:

Dad Becks rushed over to lend a soothing hand when three-year-old Cruz took a knock during a kickabout. With a towel draped round his neck like a physio, Becks tenderly rubbed the youngster's shin better. And Cruz, sporting a shirt with "Beckham 23" on it, was soon back in action after a big kiss. The lad was playing with elder brothers BROOKLYN, nine, and ROMEO, five, during a fans' day at their dad's LA Galaxy club stadium. Yesterday Becks, 32, left the sunshine of California behind for the wintry sleet of Britain as he flew back for England’s match with France.

Too.cute.for.words. I just love seeing Becks with his boys ... it's my second favorite thing to seeing Becks without much clothing on ;) I wonder which of his boys is going to be the one to make a serious attempt at a soccer career. I doubt that they all will ... I think Brooklyn is headed for Hollywood (he is the eldest child). I think Romeo is headed for the fashion world (he does spend a lot of time with fashionista Vicki B. and his name *is* Romeo). My guess is that little Cruz, who has a lot to prove as the youngest child (unless Les Beckhams squeeze out another little tyke in the coming years) will go after the soccer career ... or a career as a back-up breakdancer for future popstar Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. [Source]

In further Becksness, DB was featured in segment on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper (on special assignment) last night ... here is video of his entire appearance on the show divided into two parts:

Part I

Part II

To be honest, the 60 Minutes segment doesn't really offer any new info. But it is a nice little puff piece for Becks and his upcoming second season with the LA Galaxy.

And so ... that double date. David and Victoria Beckham went out to dinner with Kate Beckinsale and her hubby Len Wiseman for a double date to STK ... then, while Becks was freezing his bum off in England, Vicki B. hooked back up with Kate and her family for a nice afternoon yesterday at the Getty Museum in SoCal ... here are a few pics:

David and Victoria Beckham looked like newlyweds when they tucked into a table at Los Angeles's STK with fellow Brit Kate Beckinsale and her husband, Len Wiseman, for a double date Friday night. "Posh was giggling and laughing the whole time," says a fellow diner. "They looked totally normal, not really paying attention to anyone else but just focused on catching up and enjoying each other." Adds another restaurant patron: "David is still really attentive to her. Her had his arm around the back of her chair and would whisper in her ear. She was beaming, the fire is still there, you can just tell." On Easter Sunday, Victoria was spotted (sans her hot hubby) checking out the exhibits at the Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles with their three sons: Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3. Beckinsale, Wiseman and their daughter, Lily, 9, joined them.

I wasn't aware that the Beckhams were taking on new friends ... but it seems like they do, in fact, have room for a new family of famous friends. We're moving into Year 2 of the Beckhams' American Life and they've already run thru the Cruise-Holmes', the Pinkett-Smiths and the Longoria-Parkers ... not too shabby, I think. Which celeb couple will be chosen next to rub elbows with His Hotness and La Robot next? I understand the fabulous blogging Hauslaib-Vanegas couple are available for tea and crumpets :) [Source]