Monday, March 24, 2008

Fakin' It For The Kids

Ex-spouses Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee got together this Easter weekend to spend some nice family bonding time with their two sons in Malibu, CA so that they could pretend to be a happy family for the Easter holiday. Here are a few pics of Pammy pie and Tommy boy with their sons Brandon and Dylan out and about yesterday afternoon after the family took in a movie together:

Photo credit: Splash News

On again? Pam Anderson spent Easter Sunday with ex-husband Tommy Lee in Malibu, California. The pair – who have two sons, Brandon, 11, and Dylan, 9, from their 1995-1998 marriage – went to the movies and had lunch at Geoffrey's. Two days earlier, Rick Salomon filed papers to annul his two-month marriage – which ended in December – to Anderson. Salomon's filing cited fraud as the reason for the annulment. Anderson's earlier divorce filing also cited fraud. On Wednesday, Anderson told Ellen DeGeneres that she is not dating anyone, following her Salomon split, and is spending her days with her "kids. That's taking up a lot of time." She said she volunteers on the safety patrol of her sons' school. "I get a lot of high fives," Anderson added. "[Other parents] think it's funny that I'm there doing that. I'm a Mom – you have to do it and I love it."

Wooo boy, they sure do make the perfect picture of family bliss. You gotta love that the couple has managed to remain friendly for their children. Besides, there is always the chance that Pam and Tommy may get back together again for good in between her frequent but very short marriages ... I imagine these little family dates are timed perfectly so that the door to a reconciliation can always be kept open. Oh and pardon me for not believing this "safety patrol" b.s. that Pamela is trying to peddle to Ellen ... sure it makes a cute story but until I see a pic of Pamela Anderson with a fluorescent yellow safety patrol belt strapped across her heaving bosom, I'm gonna call bullshizz on this little story. [Source]

And speaking of those frequent yet short marriages, Pamela's latest soon-to-be ex-husband Rick Salomon was also spotted out and about in Malibu, CA on Easter Sunday ... except the poor guy had no one to share the day with except for the iced mocha-choca-latté he had just purchased:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hold on to that iced beverage, Rick, it will never use, abuse and cast you aside like an unwanted empty plastic cup ... and suddenly, I see what Rick is getting out of this new relationship. [Source]