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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You're Giving Me An Art Attack

The streets of North London got a little bit more artsy this weekend as a new piece of Banksy graffiti art was discovered on the wall of a pharmacy building Sunday morning ... here is a pic of the new piece

Photo credit: Splash News

The piece depicts a group of children seemingly pledging allegiance to a flag made out of a Tesco shopping bag (Tesco is a major UK supermarket, you may recall that the Spice Girls did commercials for them around the holidays). This piece is classic Banksy ... don't be surprised if the owner of this store ends up auctioning off his wall on eBay. [Source]


Warning: Extreme Cuteness Ahead

David Beckham is spending time in Asia this week with his team the LA Galaxy but has taken time out of his bizzy soccer playing schedule to spend time time with young children who are suffering from leukemia ... it would be appropriate for you to let out a resounding AWWWW right about now:

Talented, good-looking, funny and charitable -- geez, can anyone think of one bad thing to say about David Beckham? Anyone? [crickets] Yeah, us neither. The world's most popular athlete made a pit stop at the Xinhua hospital in Shanghai, China, today to visit with young leukemia patients. David has a special place in his heart for ailing children -- he not only spends his free time visiting with them, but Becks is also the United Nations Children's Fund goodwill ambassador and has made several trips to underprivileged nations to try and improve their quality of life. Yeah, it's official: David is pretty much the nicest guy ever.

Pardon me whilst I die ... blogging should resume shortly. [Source]


The TV Update: David Goes Home, I Won't Back Down

Okay ... so the new format thing seems to be working well thus far, I really appreciate all the positive feedback that I've been receiving from some of you thus far. There are a few hiccups but over all, I think I'm getting the hang of writing this way. It's strange to not have a singular continuous narrative but I knew the change would take some time to get used to. The good news is that I think I've already posted more content than on a usual day ... the even better news (for me) is that I got to sleep in until 7AM today :) Hot damn, it felt good! Please feel free to send along your thoughts and suggestions; I'd be happy to hear them.

I'm still not entirely sure how to integrate things like the personal portion of my blog into the day's posts but I suspect once the site gets revamped, the personal entries will be hosted off the main page (still part of the blog but maybe grouped together on a subpage) -- I'm still not sure exactly how but I hope to come up with a cleaner format ... until then, I'll stick the personal posts in with the rest of the goss ... not that they're all that exciting necessarily but the personal portion will remain a very important part of my site.

Yesterday was David's last full day here in LA ... because he took the red eye, we had the entire day to spend together. It was really nice ... in fact, the whole visit was really nice. We had a great time together in San Diego and managed to squeeze out a lot of quality time for just the two of us. I'm just really happy with the way things are going right now. Yesterday was a nice lazy day for us ... we ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat in Burbank before he had to leave for home. No worries tho, the plan in the works is for him to return to Cali very soon :)

Tonight, I have been invited to the Hollywood premiere of the new movie Never Back Down:

Is it wrong that I'm really excited for this film? All the hotties who star in the movie are scheduled to appear tonight so, once again, I'm gonna hafta bring my Nikon Coolpix s51C camera so that I can directly and wireless upload my pics from tonight's premiere to my Pink is my Picturetown online album. Remember, if you haven't already, you can register HERE to see the pics as soon as they make it into the online album ;) I will deffo try to shoot some hotness tonight.

With all the changes going on around here you may find the Archive section of the blog useful (it's on the right side under the heading So Yesterday). My plan is to keep at least the current day's posts on the main page so that the whole day's content can be seen at once. The new revamped site will handle this better (I hope). AHHHH ... I'm trying to keep it all together ;)


SMG Does Gotham Magazine

Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Sarah Michelle Gellar is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Gotham magazine. In her interview she talks about her new movie Possession, her fave mode of public transportation in her beloved city of NYC, her love of shoes, whether or not she sees children in her future and more ... here are a few pics from her Gotham photospread:

In her interview, SMG describes her new movie as "different" -- more like a play than a movie. The whole thing takes place on one set and she stars opposite Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies. She reveals that she likes to ride the subway in NYC (saying she rides it "all the time"), that she prolly owns too many shoes (her friends give her the "nod of shame" when they look in her closet) and that she has a lot to accomplish in her life before she decides to have any children ("I just turned 30. There is traveling I want to do. There's charity work I want to do. I'm learning to believe in myself more, and I'm realizing things that I'm capable of accomplishing. And when we do have children, my husband and I will have such a strong foundation because we've given our relationship time to grow.") Yes, yes ... this is all well and good but I want to know when she's going to finally agree to reprise her role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Egads, woman, we've been waiting far too long for Buffy's return ... I agree babies can wait -- vampire slaying cannot. I have hope that one day my Buffy dreams will come true ... I think SMG still has a soft spot for the character that made her an icon. Someday, my slayer will come back ... I have to believe that. [Source]


Les News: Detroit News, An AI Shocker, A Plump K-Fed And More ...


The Bank Job Premieres

Jason Statham, Alan Cumming, Vincent Pastore and Judd Hirsch were among the folks who came out to the Bryant Park Hotel in NYC last night for a premiere screening of the new Lionsgate film The Bank Job which opens in theaters this Friday. Here are a few pics from the red carpet last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Oh my ... Jason Statham is one hawt man ... even if he's shed a lot of his sexy bulk (to the point of skinniness, I might add) he is still a happy sight to behold. The Bank Job is deffo the kind of movie that I would want to see (and if it weren't for a previous engagement tonight, I'd be going to the LA premiere which is happening here later today) ... after all, if this movie is good enough for John Lacey from the 80's TV show Dear John and Big Pussy from The Sopranos then it's good enough for me ... ay oh, oh ay! [Source]


Desperately Seeking Ratings

Last night in NYC at Touch, Bravo TV held a premiere screening event for the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City which is a sequel of sorts to their The Real Housewives of Orange County three season long series. Here are a few pics of the housewives (and one unfortunate-looking househusband) themselves at last night's affair:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Dear Lord above ... this show looks so deliciously tragic, words cannot even express. I have been a minor fan of OC Housewives show mainly because watching those horrible people in action makes me feel so much better about myself (then again, on the other hand it makes me kinda hate myself for even paying attention). David and I watched the preview ep of the NYC Housewives show on Bravo over the weekend and it looks so good ... because it looks so bad. I think my fave Housewife has to be Alex McCord who is married to Simon van Kempen (the ridic-looking fellow in the last pic who looks as if he picked out his outfit at a yard sale at the Neverland Ranch). I'm convinced she/they are going to be the most entertaining pair to watch -- if only for their fashion choices alone (the preview ep showed the couple shopping for designer clothes together, explaining that they don't like to collect art and would rather spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes -- and then they proceeded to try on and purchase the fugliest clothes that were available ... that's not bad TV ... but then again, I'm a fan of Flavor of Love [which is sooo good this season] so, maybe I'm not the person to be listening to about this sort of thing). In any regard, The Real Housewives of New York City premieres on Bravo tonight at 11pm ET ... set those DVRs. [Source]


Harlow Winter Madden's First Public Outing

Woot! At long last, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have taken their precious newborn baby daughter Harlow Winter out for her first public stroll this weekend ... which is something that I think we've all been waiting for since the little darling was born back in January ... but alas, she was entirely hidden away in her fancy schmancy baby carriage ... take a look:

Photo credit: X17

But don't you fret none, y'all -- People magazine has just released a new batch of outtake photos from Nic/Joel's photo session with baby Harlow so we do have a few more pics of the little angel to check out:

Photo credit: People/Andrew Macpherson

"I don't even remember what life was like before her," new mom Nicole Richie, 26, says of daughter Harlow Winter Kate, born Jan. 11. "She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose." While the parents initially differed over their daughter's name – "I wanted a hippie name and he wanted a more Biblical name," Richie says – the uniqueness of Harlow stuck. "Harlow's a cool name because it feels like a classic name," Madden says, citing the actress Jean Harlow and model Shalom Harlow as two major inspirations. Attuned to her daughter's needs, Richie says she knows how to pacify her when she's in need. "I'm with her all the time ... I know when something's wrong," she explains. And to soothe Harlow, Richie and Joel Madden, 28, play her lullaby versions of Radiohead and Nirvana songs. Calling parenthood "the best thing that's ever happened to us," Joel Madden tells PEOPLE that Harlow has changed his and Nicole Richie's life: "We have a very mellow life compared to two years ago, but we wouldn't have it any other way." "I cried right away," Richie says of seeing Harlow for the first time. "I was holding her, and it was something that was so much bigger than me. Now she looks a little more like Joel, but when she was born, it looked like Joel had nothing to do with it" ... "She's never out of my mind," says Richie. "I stop doing things for me anymore. Everything is for her."

Ye Gods, this baby is the cutest little thing EVER! Seeing even more of these pics makes it pretty obvs why, according to MSNBC, Nicole and Harlow's People magazine cover greatly outsold Xtina and Max's People cover -- she's just too cute for words, that's why:

Nicole Richie didn't just beat rival Christina Aguilera to the delivery room by having daughter Harlow on Jan. 11, one day before Aguilera gave birth to son Max, but it appears Richie will beat Aguilera on the newsstand as well. Both new moms each had their own cover of People magazine, and according to some early estimates, the issue featuring Richie is on target to sell more than 1.8 million copies, according to an industry source, whereas Aguilera's has sold far less. (People magazine could not confirm sales numbers; a spokesperson said its too soon to know how many copies were sold.) Why does there seem to be more interest in Harlow Winter Kate Madden? One magazine insider said part of it could come down to the moms' fan bases. "Christina historically doesn't do that well on covers," said the source, who cites poor sales of her wedding photo issue in OK!, and less-than-stellar sales of her nude photo shoot in the January 2008 Marie Claire. That might be true, but Nicole Richie doesn't seem like an obvious home run on the cover, either. "There's also a greater element of curiosity with Nicole," the source conceded. "She's gone public about being a heroin addict. Her boyfriend is covered in tattoos. By default, she's got the more interesting baby. People want to see how she settles down. They want to see what kind of baby someone with her background has."

Hmm ... it is very interesting that Xtina doesn't seem to be able to sell magazines very well. I don't get it. She's hugely talented and is very well liked ... it doesn't make a lot of sense. Regarding the Harlow Winter pics, tho, I contend that the big sales of the issue has nothing to do with her in comparison to other celebrity babies. She is absolutely the most adorable little thing ... you put her face on anything and I contend that it'll sell. [Source]


Bust Out The Moonshine, We've Got Some Celebratin' To Do!

In one last bit of Spederline-related news, it seems that congratulations are in order for the famed Federline family. US Weekly is reporting that Cameron Federline, the 23-year old younger brother to Babydaddy of the Year Kevin Federline, is the proud pa of a bouncing baby girl of his own as of about a week ago:

Sean Preston and Jayden James have a new playmate. Kevin Federline's younger brother Cameron has welcomed a baby girl, has learned. Cameron, 23, and his wife greeted their newborn about a week ago. She was born with an upper respiratory illness, but "she is OK now, and they are doing great," a source close to the family tells Us. "Kevin is really excited to be an uncle. Cameron was arrested last year for serving alcohol to minors, among other charges. Britney Spears reportedly attended Cameron's high school graduation in his hometown of Pendleton, Oregon, while married to Federline.

Ah yes ... I was wondering when the younger Federline chap was gonna start fathering his own brood of young'ns. At 23, he strikes me as a bit of a late bloomer. I can imagine that Cameron Federline is sort of the black sheep of the family. While he has managed to uphold the family tradition involving arrest and incarceration, let's not forget that he not only managed to successfully graduate from high school with a diploma but he also managed to father this child IN wedlock ... something that makes him a very unique member of the Federline familia. Much congrats to Cameron and his, undoubtedly, proud yet unnamed wife! [Source]


In Treatment

In happy and still very positive Britney Spears news, it would appear that she is finally enjoying the fruits of her good behavior. Here are new pictures of Britney with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, saying goodbye after spending more time together this weekend:

Photo credit: X17

This is at least the third time that Britney has been allowed to spend time with her children since her allowed visits with them started up again a few weeks ago. The way I understand it, she continues to visit with them under the monitored care of a therapist in a therapudic setting (I understand her father and conservator Papa Jamie Spears is also present when these visits take place, usually at her home). It is very encouraging to know that it has been determined by the "powers that be" that she continues to function in a fitting manner that allows her to spend time with her young children. For the first time in a long time, I am really starting to believe that she may even get to the point where she may be able to enjoy joint custody of her kids again. I couldn't be more pleased :) [Source]


Lil' Sis In Crisis

Jamie-Lynn Spears was spotted hitting up the Crisis Pregnancy Center in McComb, MS this weekend with a friend of hers who came along for moral support. It's not entirely clear what the reason for this trip was but JL doesn't look all that concerned as she made her way out of the clinic afterwards:

Thus far, we've yet to get a clear look at whatever state her baby bump is in these days and this puffy jacket is no help. As much as I'm not at all that thrilled that JL is a knocked up 16-year old, I hope that all is well with her health and the health of her unborn baby. [Source]

Incidentally, shot video of our dear Britney Spears making her way into a medical facility of some sort with her father and conservator Papa Jamie Spears yesterday afternoon ... but to much more fanfare, natch:

There have been rumors going around that Brit Brit is pregs with photog Adnan Ghalib's lovechild but I don't necessarily believe it ... er, well, maybe I don't want to believe it. The last thing that Britters needs is another baby that could possibly be taken away from her :(


Remember Y'all, They're "Just Friends"

Despite the fact that Rihanna keeps trying to convince the world that she is "single" in interviews, her actions seem to belie that claim. Just last week, we got to see pics of Rihanna frolicking in a pool with her "friend" Chris Brown as they vacationed together in Jamaica and now we get to see a bunch of new pics of the "friends" doing an awful lot of canoodling together in a Parisian nightclub after they attended the John Galliano fashion show this weekend ... take a look:

In a recent interview with News of the World's new online magazine Fabulous, Rihanna outright tells the interviewer that she is not dating anyone, as if just saying so will negate all the pictures of the cozy twosome which seem to be coming out every other day:

Tell us about the gossip that you and Jay-Z are more than just friends...

Rumours come with the territory and you can't help these things.

Or that you are dating singer Chris Brown?

I'm single. If a good guy comes along we'll make it work, but for now I'm having fun being a single woman.

Who’s your ideal man?

One who makes me happy, makes me laugh, and keeps me in good spirits.

Uh huh. Friends. Really, really good friends. Whatevs ... I would so put money down that they are knockin' boots like nobody's bizznazz ;) [Source, Source]


Is It Shaman Or Sham-Man?

Paris Hilton spent part of her weekend chillin' with a robed man believed to be a Buddhist monk or shaman which immediately led folks to believe that she might be on the path to enlightenment. I, for one, smelt the whiff of a sham and did not really believe that to be the case ... and now it appears that I may have been correct in my assessment. A-Ha!! Pink reader Debbie gave me the head's up that this "shaman" may not be a holy man at all ... but an actor named Maxie who appeared in blockbuster films like Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp and indie films like Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood with C. Thomas Howell according to his My Space profile:

Photo credit: Mavrix

Yeah, the resemblance is pretty uncanny. It really looks like the same guy to me. But, nah, it can't be the same guy. I mean, would Paris Hilton really concoct a pathetic sham like this just to attain a bit of media attention? The mere thought is ludicrous! [Source]


Petty On The Outside

Media icon Bai Ling is being forced by the Los Angeles City Attorney's office to pay for the recent crime spree she was involved in recently at a heist she unsuccessfully tried to pull off at a terminal store inside LAX Airport last month. Ms. Ling will learn the true cost of trying to walk away with $16.00 worth of stuff without paying for it which, for an actress of questionable talent, could be pretty devastating:

Actress Bai Ling was formally charged with petty theft, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office announced Monday. "(She) was charged based on an arrest that occurred Feb. 13 at LAX where she stole two Star magazines and a package of batteries," spokesman Frank Mateljan said. The total value of the theft was $16.22, Mateljan added. The actress, 37, ... will be arraigned on March 5. She faces a maximum penalty of a $250 fine and no jail time. Bai later blamed her theft bust on problems in her love life, saying it was an "emotionally crazy" day in which she was dealing with the "huge problem of breaking up [before] Valentine's Day."

You know, if she did this stupid act just to get a little attention from the media she went about it the wrong way. I know I wouldn't want to be known as the lameass who got busted, via citizen's arrest, for attempting to steal 2 tabloids and some batteries. She could've at least tried to knock over a liquor store or something ... at least that would've been edgy. This whole debacle just looks entirely sad ... which, come to think about it, seems right up Bai Ling's aisle. [Source]

UPDATE: Bai Ling has posted a response to this news on her official blog that this petty crime committed on her part was merely an "honest mistake" and that she had always intended to pay for her items. Here is the full text of her latest blogpost:

I just got the good news and I am relieved that the prosecutor has decided not to file misdemeanor charges against me and to treat this matter as an infraction. What happened was an innocent mistake on my part and I am confident that the truth will be told since I never had any intention of taking items without paying for them. I appreciate the support of the public and especially my friends and my fans. Thank you!

I'm not exactly sure what sort of "truth" can be told regarding this matter ... she took the items out of the terminal store without paying for them and was busted via citizen's arrest by a store employee ... what more is there to tell? She should thank her lucky stars that this lame incident even occurred ... how else would she be able to get her name in the news? [Source]



So, here I am about 5 1/2 years from my first blogpost ever and just over 2,000 Pink is the new Blog posts later about to embark on a major change in my blogging lifestyle. Because I really didn't know what the hell I was doing when I decided to start writing an "online journal" my writing style started off in a very simplistic way ... I wrote one chunk of text per day, compiling all the various items that struck my fancy in one fell swoop one day at a time. All this time later, little has changed. My writing style evolved a little bit but, for the most part, my blog has remained pretty much the same since the beginning.

I have been contemplating a site revamp for many months now, mainly to clean up my site and make it look a little more professional (after all these years, it still looks pretty much the same "homemade way" it existed when I first started) and a little more streamlined. I also want to add some features that will make the reading experience better (a search that works, categories for organizing and yes, I want to bring back comments) over all. This, of course, means a new way of writing the blog. From here on out, I am going to start writing individual item posts for all the things I like to write about each day. This will allow for more content to be accessible thruout the day (from morning to night) but most importantly (and this is key for me) it will allow me to utilize my time better (ie. I hope to be able to bring an end to waking up at 6AM M-F). If I can create content that will go up thruout the day then I will not necessarily have to wake up at 6AM any longer, which is really no fun for me at all, as you can well imagine. The revamped site is still being worked on, I have no set date for the launch, but I want to start getting into the habit of this new writing style ... I figure the 2,000th post mark is as good a time as any.

Believe me, I am really nervous about this change but change can be good. I'm not entirely sure how smoothly things will go in the beginning but I hope that it ends up working out best for everyone. Hopefully there'll be more fun Pink is the new Blog content to enjoy thruout the day for all y'all and I'll be able to figure out a way to use my time more wisely. I do promise to offer at least the same amount of daily content each day ... but this new style might afford more content over all.

Here goes everything ...



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