Thursday, August 12, 2004

Read My Body Language

Wee! I ordered the new Kylie Minogue DVD Body Language Live from Amazon Canada and it arrived 2 days later! This DVD is the full performance from the Money Can't Buy concert that Kylie gave in the U.K. late last year. I was able to watch the performance in really cruddy quality online but I was very impressed by what I saw. She has also offered a few of the songs as bonus tracks to the U.S. version of her album Body Language.

Har har har, the things that I am personally planning for Erik's birthday are coming together nicely. I can't go into any detail whatsoever because he has been known to read this blog but I am happy to report that I am really excited for Saturday night.

I think you should head over to Scenestars and download the first Elliott Smith song to come from his soon-to-be released posthumous album From A Basement On The Hill. The song is called Fond Farewell and it is beautiful. It's nice and simple. It is in the classic Elliott Smith vein. Man, I really miss him.

Lastly, my delicious Meg has hooked me up with my very own GMail account. It's so hip and trendy to have one of these email accounts because the service hasn't gone public yet. So far, the accounts are by "invite only" so you have to be real special to have one. I'm special because the invite came from Megan.