Thursday, August 12, 2004

Valley Of The Dolls

What is it with those freaky-ass American Girl Place dolls? Tony emailed me an article about how Julia Roberts is producing a movie based on the American Girl dolls (Roberts Producing 'American Girl' Movie). Anyone who has spent any amount of time walking around downtown Chicago must know what I'm talking about. A couple of summers ago when Tony and I were in Chicago for a long weekend we kept seeing these scary-looking dolls poking out of backpacks and purses or in the arms of little girls everywhere. We found it extremely unnerving that the dolls were EVERYWHERE. It was weird! At one point we had to go inside the American Girl Place store just to see for ourselves what was so exciting about these dolls. The store was weird in and of itself. They had a restaurant where, at every table, there were seats and place settings FOR THE DOLLS. It was very creepy. Anyways, Tony sent me that article and I find that I am really disturbed that those dolls might gain more exposure and become even more popular.

I'm scared y'all

Hmm, what else ... Oh yeah, the first pictures of Nick Lachey on the set of Charmed have leaked to the Internet. As was previously reported, Nick is going to do a few episodes of Charmed as a new love interest for Phoebe (you can see in the picture that he will be working at The Bay Mirror, the newspaper that Phoebe works for). I'm supposing that if the ratings look good that they will keep him on for more episodes (like they did with the character of Chris -- who turned out to be Piper and Leo's second son). It's nice to see that Nick can have a career away from The Newlyweds and totally apart from Jessica. At least she has a singing career still going strong. Do we even know what happened with Nick's group 98°? Are they like broke up or something? There is like no news on that group anymore. Their official web site is no longer functioning. Anyways, that's all beside the point. I really hope that this stint on Charmed works out for Mr. Jessica Simpson. If not, I fear the poor guy is doomed to forever play second fiddle to the moronic but lovable Jessica.

In other news:

  • Justin and Cameron deny the wedding rumors. I'm just posting a follow-up, I still couldn't give a shizz about these two.
  • Scott Stapp has finally fessed up about Creed's breakup. He claims that it was his steroid use that ended the band. His story is that he was ill and got to the point where he couldn't sing without taking steroid shots. Whatever the reason, thank Jesus Creed is over! Now if we could do something about a little band called Nickelback.
  • The Backstreet Boys are going the way of reality TV. Their show will focus on them trying to find a new bodyguard. The "American Idol"-like competition will whittle down a group of contestants until one man or woman is left standing as the Boys' protector. Doesn't this sound so stupid? Yeah, it does to me too.
  • Where you aware that August is Anal Sex Month? Hey, I'm just the messenger.
  • According to a new study, Detroit, MI ranks as the 69th most literate city out of the 74 largest cities in the country. Toledo, OH comes in at #40, Oklahoma City, OK ranks at #39, St. Louis, MO ranks at #13, Washington D.C. ranks at #6 and Minneapolis, MN comes in at #1. You can read the full list HERE.
Well I guess that's it for now. TAKE NOTE, the official email invite for Erik's birthday this Saturday @ THE BANG! has been sent out. If you have not received it and/or require further instructions please contact me. I was in charge of making sure the email got sent to everyone, so if you are someone and you didn't get it then it's because I'm a dumbass. Bitch me out and I will get the email to you.

I've got to jet, tons of things to do before Saturday.