Saturday, August 21, 2004

Move Over Elizabeth Arden

Three Cheers!!! Project Weekend is in full swing!!! Can you tell that I'm excited?! Well, I'm not as excited as Erik is but, eh, I'm pretty excited. I'm about as excited as a person who is "supervising" everything can be. And by "supervising" I mean sitting by and watching as Erik and Brandon do everything. Brandon spend the morning stain-glossing the bar and Erik painted the front and back doors (oooh, red). It is my job to work on the invitation and flyer for our upcoming housewarming party (details to come, I'll be sure to pass along all the necessary information when everything is ready). Little things are getting done here and there. We put up a clock in the living room, a shelf and 2 mirrors in the guest room and the basement boxes are all unpacked and everything put away. Things look amazing and it's all because of Erik's diligence to get things done.

Right now he and Brandon are at Best Buy getting his new car stereo (the one I got him for his birthday last week) installed. I believe Erik is meeting up with Kirsten to go see Pas/Cal play a show tonight. I think that Brandon and I are hanging out instead. Not sure yet what we're doing but I'm sure it'll be fun. More soon ...