Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Headin' Home

It's a done deal! Angelina Jolie finally got her adopted son's visa paperwork all sorted out -- Pax Thien is coming to America! Angelina has packed up her kiddies and has already boarded a plane headed for home. Here are a few pictures of the Jolies as they boarded their private plane bound for the US earlier today:

Aww ... poor little Pax looks terrified of that jet. Yeah, well, he better get used to the terror because he ain't seen nothin' yet. I love how Angelina had her other children, Zahara and Maddox, sedated for the ride home ... I wonder if she tranqed them herself or had one of her underlings do it for her. Ah well ... no matter ... the family will be home in no time ... and then the real fun beings. [Source]