Thursday, June 07, 2007

NotSoFast, Miss Hilton

As if this Paris Hilton saga wasn't strange enough already, late this afternoon the Los Angeles City Attorney filed a motion with Judge Michael Sauer petitioning the judge to have Paris remanded back to the correctional facility that she was released from early this morning in order to serve out the rest of her sentence behind bars as the judge originally ordered. Additionally, the City Attorney is asking that the LA County Sheriff explain why his office should not be held in contempt of the judge's original sentence that clearly stipulated that "no electronic monitoring" would be allowed in lieu of incarceration. TMZ is now reporting that the judge has granted the motion and all the interested parties, Paris Hilton included, have been summoned to his courtroom at 9AM tomorrow morning:

The Los Angeles City Attorney has filed a motion asking the judge who sentenced Paris Hilton to have her returned to jail to serve out her full sentence. In the documents obtained by TMZ, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo is also asking Judge Michael Sauer to hold a hearing, demanding that the Sheriff's Department show why it should not be held in contempt of court for violating Judge Sauer's May 4, 2007 order, which expressly stated "no electronic monitoring." Late this afternoon, the judge granted the request for a hearing, which is now scheduled for 9:00 AM PDT tomorrow. Wow! It appears that the LA County Sheriff's Department may have overstepped its authority. Judge Sauer could order Paris be sent back to the correctional facility she was freed from today during the course of tomorrow's hearing. I really hope that Paris enjoys being home tonight because she may be forced to leave it very soon. Again, I say, Wow. Stay tuned. [Source, Source]