Friday, March 21, 2008

Bored Now

Being the wife of Keith Urban can't always be easy. I suspect that Nicole Kidman, the now pregs wife of Mr. Urban, gets dragged to a large number of his concert performances on a regular basis and I bet it's not all it's cracked up to be on every occasion. Full disclosure here, I'm not a huge Country music fan so I think it'd be hellish to have to suffer thru even one Keith Urban concert, but that is beside the point. Nikki Kidman was spied at a recent concert of her husband's lookin' a little worse for the wear ... she will prolly claim it was due to her pregnancy ... I think I know what's really going on in these pics:

Photo credit: Mr. Paparazzi

For his adoring fans, watching Keith Urban perform on stage is a thrilling experience. However, for wife Nicole Kidman, it's a time when she can try to sneak a quick forty winks. The mum-to-be didn't even attempt to hide her boredom, as she yawned the night away – even looking as though she was secretly checking her watch at one point. Luckily for Grammy-winner Keith, 40, while his missus was nodding off, the thrilled audience was nodding along to his music at the gig in Byron Bay, western Australia. On fan said: "Keith gave a blistering performance – but Nicole looked as though she had seen it all before and wished she was somewhere else." However, Country and Western singer Keith, failed to notice his wife's apparent boredom, and continued to belt out his hits ... And, after the performance, it was straight back to the airport for the couple, where Nicole again revealed more than she wanted to - this time flashing her lacy underwear as she boarded the flight.

LOL! Yes, the poor dear looks horribly bored but, c'mon now, she is not even wearing a watch on her wrist -- so how could she be "secretly checking her watch" as the show carried on? That said, tho, these pics are priceless ... NK looks an absolute wreck. To be fair, I think I'd look just the same if I had to sit thru multiple Keith Urban concerts, too ... and I'm not even pregs ;) [Source]