Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Madonna Club Tour In The Works?

As the release date for Madonna's new album Hard Candy approaches, I'm hearing that she is planning on putting on a few warm-up promo concerts to whip up hype surrounding the album's release ... thus far, I'm hearing that she is planning on doing small club shows in NYC, London and Paris:

This information has not been officially released by Madonna's record label (yet) but I understand the tentative dates for these club shows are April 28 in NYC, May 6 in Paris and May 10 in London. Who knows whether or not any of this will come to fruition (or if any other cities will be added to the bill ... like LA) but these dates do correspond with media appearances she might have scheduled in these cities and I think this little promo tour is worth mentioning just in case. Maddy will be doing a lot of promo for this new album, I think these shows have a real chance of happening. [thanks Kevin]