Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Real World Turns 20

Last night MTV premiered the 20th season of their long-running reality show The Real World (which sorta gave birth to the genre) which, this time around, was filmed here in Hollywood, CA. When the show reached its 10th season, they went back to NYC where the show originated ... so for the 20th season they decided to go back to the LA area where the second season was filmed (tho, to be honest, The Real World: Los Angeles house was really in Venice, CA). At any rate, I am especially excited for this new season of The Real World because I was invited back in January to visit the RW: Hollywood house (which was all decked out in furniture and accessories by Chiasso) where I got to meet and chat with the cast. Those of you who signed up at got to see my photos from the RW house back in January but for the rest of you, here are some of the pics that I took that day:

The house was built on a soundstage in Hollywood (the same soundstage where I Love Lucy was filmed back in the 1950's) at Gower and Sunset. I was really struck by how cool the house was but also how small it is in person. I understand that house was broken down from the soundstage the day after I visited so it no longer exists. I did watch the series premiere last night was very happy to see that the show still looks "real" unlike the way The Hills looks unreal.

Here are the photos I took of the cast that I got to meet when I visited the house:

As you can see, the 7th roomie (Greg aka PretyBoy who was chosen to live in the house by online vote) was not there the day that I visited. I was told that he had an "emergency" and that he had to fly back home "immediately" after filming was complete and would not be available for interviews. I had heard that he was kicked off the show but none of the cast members would answer those questions. Having seen the show, I can see why some believe he was kicked off the show. He's basically a big-headed asshole who thinks he's God's gift to humanity. As much as he irritates the hell out of me (my favorite line that he uttered was "I am Greg and I am perfection and I'm not affected by these mere peasants in here. They will not affect me."), I'm looking forward to seeing him butt heads with everyone in the house ... it looks like Joey is gonna go ballistic on him soon (that is if Sarah doesn't kill him first).

This time around, MTV is providing uncensored footage from the filming online at

I believe this is the first time that the audience will get to see uncensored, explicit footage from any Real World filming ... and I love it! I've not been a big fan of some recent seasons of The Real World but I've got my heart in this one. Will is the first RWer to come from Detroit, MI (holllla!) and getting to meet the cast in person really endeared them all to me (I am really glad that Greg was not there that day). In fact, I just ran into Kimberly in Las Vegas last weekend where she was partying with some friends at a bachelorette party. So far, I like what I see ... and if Dave wants to keep getting nekkid, then I'm quite alright with that ... as long as that uncensored shizz ends up at :)