Monday, April 14, 2008

The Great Walk Gets Underway

Dannii Minogue has embarked on her long journey to help fellow Aussie Olivia Newton-John raise money for cancer research on The Great Walk to Beijing and has posted a few photos from her first day of her trek. Here are a few pics from Dannii's official My Space profile and a portion of her accompanying blogpost:

Well...This Is It. I am embarking on a life-changing journey that involves Cancer - but this is the first one I have chosen! I have had family and many friends who have survived this disease, and two dear friends that I have lost. Cancer seems to be more and more a part of everyone's life. Why? - I want to scream as loud as I can. Everyone taking part in The Great Walk to Beijing is on a personal mission - survivors, medics and others like me who have seen in close quarters, this devastating illness ... Two flights from Melbourne I end up at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Beijing. After checking in and meeting a few of the team, we hear a famous Jamaican called AJ singing in the lobby ... but opera! It wasn't exactly what I was expecting to hear on my first visit to China ... but it was "a yes from me" - this guy moves us with his vocal ability. I ask him if he will join us on the walk, come meet Olivia and sing for her too. Apparently the wheels are in motion for AJ to meet us on the wall - so before I have even made my first sponsored steps, I have recruited a random ... Our first flight lands in Xian. We touch down briefly enough to reboard a flight to Jiayuguan. We are now in Western China in a desert city that seems positively deserted. After two days of non-stop travel, I am over air transport and can't wait to get my walking boots on and 'Get physical'! Love and Dim Sum from Disco Dannii in China x

I am so glad that Dannii is going to be posting photos from her Great Walk experience because I am very much looking forward to seeing how the trek progresses. In case you missed it before, I blogged about Dannii's participation in The Great Walk to Beijing in order to raise money for the creation of cancer treatment and research centers around the world (an endeavor spearheaded by Olivia Newton-John). I have happily donated money to support Dannii's involvement and I sincerely hope that as many of y'all as possible will also donate money for her efforts. If you are so inclined, you can click HERE to sponsor Dannii's Great Walk to Beijing and you can click HERE to learn more about the event itself. Keep up the amazing work, Dannii ... we're all rooting for your success!! [Source]