Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New NIN Music On The Way

It appears that Trent Reznor is about to release new music, the first since he released his last batch of new music in early March. NIN.com has been updated with the cryptic message seen below:

Just this afternoon, Pink reader Carrie gave me the head's up that The NIN Hotline is reporting that a new NIN song called Discipline made its debut on radio today:

Check out these reports, and if your local rock station plays NIN stuff, maybe you should tune in today, or call and ask them if they'll follow suit:

Katrina says: FM 102.1 (WLUM) in Milwaukee is debuting a new NIN song today that actually has words.

Alexander: a single "discipline" just got released to radio today. it was mastered yesterday.

Jim: I was just driving in Seattle and 107.7 The End just played a new NIN song called "Discipline".

Nancy: i just heard a new song on KROQ in LA called Discipline. wtf is this about? I have not heard anything about a new song with words!!!

It appears this song was sent to radio stations across the United States, and most of them played it between 2:30 and 2:45pm Eastern Time, resulting in a bit of a flood of very surprised emails headed our way. The song was mastered by Alan Moulder yesterday afternoon, and turned over to radio stations less than 24 hours later!

OMG ... this is freaking awesome news! I had a sneaking suspicion that NIN would be releasing new material this year (songs with words and not just the instrumental songs on the Ghosts I-IV 4-disc collection) but I guess I assumed the new music would come much later on in the year. It now appears, if history repeats itself (the last time NIN.com posted the message "2 Weeks" the Ghosts collection was released 2 weeks to the day the message got posted), that we're gonna be getting new music in about 2 weeks. [Source, Source]