Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How I Met Your Mama

Okay ... so what did y'all think about Britney Spears's guest starring part on CBS's How I Met Your Mother which aired last night? I must admit, I wasn't home to watch the show when it aired at 8:30pm but I did watch it before I went to bed. Here are a few screencaps from Britney's appearance on the show:

In case you missed the show last night you can watch the entire episode in 4 parts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. I was actually surprised at how small Britney's part was in the ep ... but I guess it makes sense that she play the whacky receptionist, especially considering the way things have been going in her life lately. It makes sense to ease her back into the public consciousness without overstepping too soon. I loved the Sarah Chalke character (which was originally supposed to be played by Alicia Silverstone, who I understand bowed out of the part after learning that Britney was cast as well for fear of being overshadowed) and I thought the whole ep was really funny overall. That being said, I think Brit could've been a little bit more natural ... her lines seemed a bit forced, as if she spent a lot of time enunciating before shooting her scenes ... but I was so happy to see that she pulled off the part perfectly. Her awkward manner of speaking fit in nicely with the character (and as much as I love her, I know her awkwardness wasn't by intentional design ... it looked like nerves). People magazine has posted a very thorough treatise on Brit Brit's performance HERE, in case you're interested. It's an intiguing read, if a bit too serious and overblown. I think this was a great little comeback for our dear Britney. I would've never imagined that she'd be back to semi-normal so soon after her mental breakdown in January (that was just 2 months ago, folks). Things are looking up ... I really believe she can keep things on the upswing from here on out :) [Source]

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that last night's ep of How I Met Your Mother, guest starring Britney Spears, was the show's highest rated show ever. Hollllllla!