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Friday, March 07, 2008

The Death Of "J.Lo"

Is Jenny from the Block no longer Jenny from the Block? Are we now to be fooled by the rocks that she's got? TMZ is reporting that new mommy Jennifer Lopez has demanded that People magazine NO LONGER refer to her as J. Lo anymore as one of the stipulations of her reported $6 million dollar deal for the magazine's exclusive right to the first photographs of her twin babys Emme and Max:

TMZ has learned not only has Jennifer Lopez sold her baby pics to People mag for a cool $6 mil -- she got the mag to agree to stop calling her J.Lo! A source tells TMZ J.Lo made the deal and threw in the moniker clause as well. We're also told J.Lo instructed People, in addition to the loot and the name thing, that her hubby, Annie Leibovitz wannabe Marc Anthony, has to be the one to shoot the photos

TMZ then goes on to say that, when contacted, People magazine gave this statement about their item:

"This is absurd, but thanks for the additional publicity on the photos."

Hahahahahaha! To be honest, I'd be a bit dismayed if this report is true and Jenny Lo does decide to distance herself from her nickname. It seems out of character that a girl from the Bronx who fondly remembers riding the 6 train into Manhattan would suddenly turn into a stuffy woman just because she's a new mom. Then again, in Hollywood, it happens all the time. Meh ... I still plan on calling J. Lo J. Lo ... one of us has got to keep it real ;) [Source]


Billion Dollar Baby unveiled a fun new photo of Madonna all gussied up like a prize fighter that was shot by Stephen Klein for the new issue of Interview magazine ... check it out:

In the accompanying interview, Madge talks about working with Justin Timberlake:

"I really enjoy writing with Justin...We had psychoanalytic sessions whenever we wrote songs first. We'd sit down and we'd start talking about situations. And then we'd start talking about issues or problems or relationships with people. That was the only way, because you know, writing together with somebody is very intimate...that was fun, because he's open and he's got talent. He's a songwriter. I haven't worked with a lot of songwriters where I'm instantly connected and start riffing and playing with the rhythm of the words. He's as interested in the rhythm of the words as the meaning of the words."

She also talks about the adoption of her son David Banda:

"He wouldn't have lived if I hadn't taken him. It's not even a possibility."

And she talks about the concept of freedom:

"Freedom is a funny word because when we think we're free, we're not really. I think freedom is quite illusory....When I stop thinking about myself all the time and put other people before me on a regular basis, that's real freedom. When I can love unconditionally...then that's real freedom. So it's something to strive for, but I'm not free."

The interview in Interview sounds very interesting ... Page Six has a few more blurbs from the piece HERE but I'm ALL ABOUT this new photo. Madonna and Stephen Klein always come up with really amazing photoshoots. I wonder if this fighter theme will carry thruout the promo materials for her new album Hard Candy (like the equestrian theme did for Confessions on a Dancefloor). [Source]

UPDATE: It turns out that this released photo is actually the cover photo for this issue of Interview magazine:

It is a great pic so I can see why it was used for the cover but I was hoping for a different photo instead ;/


The TV Guide: Oh La La! Dinner With The Frenchies!

So yeah, last night I got to spend my evening with my good friend Jordan, the amazing Snoop Doggy Dogg and some new folks that I suspect might become new friends ... which isn't a bad way to spend an evening. I had been bugging Darion for weeks now that we should spend a Thursday night at Tiger Heat for some dancing and last night was the night he decided to go ... unfortch, the Snoop concert ran late and I had to watch Lost before going to bed so I couldn't attend. I understand it was Britney Spears night and that it was amazingly fun. Ah well, there'll be other Thursday nights.

Tonight, I'm hanging out with Steph and Alek to have a little DVD watch party for the movie La Vie En Rose, starring the Academy Award winning actress Marion Cotillard (who is honored by a new mural that just went up here in LA, as reported by the LAist)

I am very excited, not only for the movie, but Steph is going to cook for us! You gotta love a man who cooks :)

This weekend will be a bit bizzy but the weather here is so amazing that I don't mind all the running around. I hope the weekend turns out to be a fun one for all y'all, too.


Pink Is The New DOGG

Last night Jordan and I were invited to see Snoop Dogg tape a live performance for Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music on the FOX Studios Lot and we jumped at the chance to attend. I have been a big fan of Snoop for years now and I realized that I had yet had the chance to see the man perform live. This was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. Here are a few pics of Snoop Dogg and the Snoopadelics performing songs off his new album Ego Trippin' which will be released on Tuesday March, 11:

First off, let me tell you how cool the vibe is for these Yahoo! Music tapings. The whole experience is geared for the fans ... it's really an awesome show if you happen to be a fan of the artist on stage. The VIPs were asked to move aside so that the fans could come up to the front of the stage for the show - very, very cool! Snoop's performance was incredible ... the songs off his new album are so fun, I'm really looking forward to hearing the whole thing. During his performance and between song banter he let a few expletives out and quickly apologized to the audience saying that is just the way he talks. If he can swear in front of his kids, then the audience should be able to handle it as well. Then he said, "Y'all gonna hear a lot o' muthafukkas tonight." It was hilarious! The man is such a showman and he really cares about his fans. He did a few songs over and over to make sure it sounded right ... natch, the fans in the crowd were tickled.

Here is a short portion of Snoop Dogg's performance of Drop It Like It's Hot:

I believe the entire concert, including the Q&A will be broadcast on Yahoo! Music but this is a little taste to tide you over in the meantime.

After the show, Jordan and I were allowed to hang with Snoop Dogg on stage with the other media outlets ... I asked him if he was planning a tour anytime soon and he revealed that he is going on tour with the band 311 in order to "do something a little bit different". His album comes out on 3/11 so I guess he figured, why not. Here are a few pics of Snoop sitting at the piano on stage:

Additionally, I was very fortunate to get to take a picture with Snoop Dogg on stage after the show:

During the show I got to meet Tony Pierce who used to write for and now works for the LA Times. We hung out with him and his beautiful lady friends for the whole show. But I have to send out much, much love to Wes for sending me the invite to the show and to Carrie and Stephanie from Yahoo! Music (pictured above) for taking amazing care of us last night. It was because of them that I was able to meet the man himself. Jordan and I had so much fun ... I hope to make it out to future Nissan Live Sets in the future.



Les News: Björk Pisses Off China, Lisa Marie Presley Is Pregs, Oprah Falls For It Again


Crack Ain't Always Whack

You know .. Eric Dane is a really attractive man from the front ...

Photo credit: Fame

... but his attractiveness can be more evident from behind ... just an observation. [Source]


The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Last night in NYC, the first all-African-American cast of the Tennessee Williams play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof officially opened for a limited run on Broadway at the Broadhurst Theatre. The play's director Debbie Allen was joined by attendees Eartha Kitt, Spike Lee, Jeremy Piven and others on the red carpet for opening night last night ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The stars of the play themselves weren't able to walk the red carpet before the show but they did get themselves all dolled up for the after-party at Strata. Here are pics of Anika Noni Rose, Terrence Howard, Phylicia Rashad and James Earl Jones on that red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The play itself has been getting good reviews altho there are a few folks who didn't seem to care for it. Personally, I loved the show. David and I were able to see a preview performance of the show during my last trip to NYC and I enjoyed every minute of it. For me, the hilarity was a plus .. tho, one review seems to think that all the funny takes away from the intended tone of the play:

Who knew that "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" was such a laugh riot? Certainly, Tennessee Williams' classic play contains its share of humor, as do many of his works. But the current revival directed by Debbie Allen resembles nothing so much as a raucous family sitcom. The results, while undeniably entertaining, cheapen the overall effect -- though apparently not for an audience that was laughing uproariously from start to finish. An all-star black cast has been assembled for the production, including Oscar nominee Terrence Howard, making his stage debut as the alcoholic Brick; Anika Noni Rose ("Dreamgirls") as the sex-starved Maggie; and theater veterans James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad as Big Daddy and Big Mama. The director's efforts to enliven the proceedings are apparent from the beginning, with a saxophone player wandering onstage to play some New Orleans-style jazz and a glimpse of a bare-chested Howard -- cue catcalls from the female audience members -- showering in the background. In the first scene, Rose, wearing Maggie's trademark slip, writhes and poses suggestively with all the subtlety of a porn star. The play rises or falls based on the performances of its leads, and the two younger players are disappointing. The over-the-top Rose conveys Maggie's sexual and emotional hunger in more irritating than poignant fashion. The underplaying Howard retains his dignity, but he's so intent on portraying Brick's existential despair that he forgets to signal his underlying dark humor. Although a bit too histrionic at first, Rashad soon settles down and delivers a finely wrought, moving performance. But not surprisingly, the real star of the evening is Jones, tearing into his role with all the gusto one would expect. This version features particularly salty language that Williams restored for a later production of the play, and hearing the booming-voiced actor delivering it with such relish is surely one of the highlights of the theater season. The second-act scene in which Big Daddy confronts his errant son is the most effective of the evening, thanks to the canny parrying of the two actors. The supporting cast, which also includes the reliable Giancarlo Esposito as the aggrieved son Gooper and Lisa Arrindell Anderson as his hectoring wife, do well enough by their roles. Although much has been made of the all-black casting, it has little effect on the play, with the exception of a few lines that seem jarring in this context. The bigger problem is that the director and actors too often fail to trust the material, hammering its more outrageous elements home with a lack of subtlety that robs the play of its essential poeticism.

Since I had never seen or read the play before nor have I seen the movie version, I don't have a point of reference to compare this version to. All I know is that I was entirely entertained thruout the almost 3 hour performance of this show from beginning to end. I suppose I can see the "sitcom-iness" of the show but maybe that's what I really responded to. The show is very funny and I felt the performances were really great. Yes the veteran actors did an amazing job but I also found the newcomers (especially Anika Noni Rose) very entertaining. I wouldn't at all call her performance annoying. I'm more of a musical person but this is one play that I really, really enjoyed ... I really recommend that y'all check it out ... the run has been extended thru June. I might even have to go back and see it again. [Source]


Lost: Take The Goodwin With The Bad


Okay, so I have to admit ... as cool as pretty much every single person on planet Earth thought last week's time traveling-heavy ep was, I was a wee bit put off by it (for fear that the time travel convention may get too convoluted) ... but I was THRILLED with the awesomeness of last night's ep. Last night's ep, The Other Woman, had all the classic Lost conventions that we have grown to love (and expect) -- flash backs, new "old" characters, more mysterious pieces of the overall puzzle and, my fave, flashing lights and hazard warning alerts (which hearken back to the good ol' Push the Button/Don't Push the Button Hatch days of yore). As much as I still don't like Juliette (I have major trust issues with her), she is becoming more likeable (well, except for the whole cheating thing) and trustworthy ... I can see how folks are starting to like her but I'm still holding out for a huge betrayal somewhere down the line ... but, that is neither here nor there ... let's get to last night's ep:

So the ep started out with a great fake-out. For the first few minutes, we were supposed to believe that we were watching a Flash Forward of Juliette off the island talking to a therapist about her newfound fame as one of the Oceanic 6. I must admit, I fell for it too even tho, in hindsight, it looked SO obvious. It didn't take long to learn that we were actually watching a Flashback of Juliette's arrival on the island and her introduction to Harper, the island therapist (who looks like my horribly bitchy and incredibly mean 4th grade teacher Mrs. Lee). Now, I saw the whole extramarital affair thing coming from a mile away ... and I kinda loved it. It was great to see Goodwin again ... I feel like the Lost producers have every single actor who's ever appeared on the show packed in ice and put away until they need to come back and shoot new scenes. Not even death (like Goodwin's in the second season) can necessarily mean the end of acting work on Lost (so there is hope that Ian Somerhalder and even Michelle Rodriguez can still come back to shoot more scenes). We were also faked out for a sec into believing that Harper is dead ... her appearance in the jungle to Juliette made it seem like she was a "ghost" like Jack's dad ... but then Jack saw her too -- which means that either 1.) he and Juliette can see dead people (like Jack's father Dr. Shepherd), 2.) she appeared in phantom form like Walt (who isn't dead) does from time to time or 3.) she was really there in the flesh and managed to disappear as quickly as she appeared when she was finished (the whispers in the jungle make it more likely she is a phantom that they both could see). The question becomes, if she was there in the flesh, how was she able to communicate with Ben who is locked up in Locke's storage room? It's more likely that she was a phantom of some sort (a la Walt) or maybe she is dead (a la Dr. Shepherd). Ahhhh, it's maddening not knowing things for sure ... which is what I love about the show. Okay, let's move on ... we got to learn of a new DHARMA station called The Tempest which is described as an "electrical station that powers the island" but also contains enough deadly gas to kill everyone on the island ... so basically, it's your island funhouse getaway. I loved that Daniel and Charlotte (who is more the badass anthropologist than I thought she'd be) had a map of the island ... it wasn't very detailed but for an island that no one can find, there sure do seem to be an awful lot of maps of the island in existence. We learned that Charles Widmore is the ship's owner ... so even tho it's not Penny's boat as Charlie warned, it is a Widmore boat nonetheless. It would seem that Ben didn't learn that it was Charles Widmore's boat until after the Others captured Jack last season ... since he used the Red Sox video tape (of their first World Series win that Ben showed to Jack to convince him that he could get him off the island) to record the footage of Widmore off the island, it seems likely that Ben didn't know for sure who the owner was until just recently (last season's capture of Jack wasn't that long ago on the island). Ahh, it's confusing but I hope you get what I'm trying to convey. So now we know that Charles Widmore is obsessed with finding this island (which makes sense, we learned that he purchased a ledger from the Black Rock ship [that was lost to the island about a hundred years ago] -- we learned this in Desmond's time travel to 1996) which is why he is Ben Linus's biggest enemy. So ... yeah, other stuff happened that is way too much to get into but I'll just mention a few of them ... I loved that Ben referenced the numbered bunnies (from last season), we know the combination to his safe is 36-15-28, we know that Juliette was in charge of taking care of Zach and Emma (the only children survivors of the crash) and that Ben has a bad jealous streak when it comes to Juliette. I think we're supposed to be on guard that Ben may try to do to Jack what he did to Goodwin now that Jack and Juliette are getting closer. We still don't know what is up with Daniel and Charlotte ... are they good? Are they bad? There is much more to learn of those two ... I can't wait for more eps. [Source]

And speaking of, I am SO HAPPY that there is a new ep next week ... here is a creepy screenshot from the preview of next week's ep (where we will also learn who the 6th person of the Oceanic 6 is):

Dun, dun, duuuuuun! The show is so good again!! OH OH OH -- about the Oceanic 6 ... since next week's preview promises that we will learn who the "last" of the Oceanic 6 is then we *may* know that the other 5 have been revealed. We know that Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are members of the Oceanic 6 for sure -- we just don't know if it's Aaron or Ben who is counted as the 5th person. My money says that Aaron is counted as one of the 6. So, by next week, we will know who all memebers of the Oceanic 6 are for sure. I *think* next week's ep is the last of the eps shot before the Writer's Strike went into effect last year ... but I hear they are shooting 5 more eps to round out this short season. I want more tho ... Lost is so good again ... I'll trust that my concerns about last week's ep were a bit too extreme. I think I'm ready to fully trust the Lost producers again.


Natalie Targets Breast Cancer

Aussie songstress Natalie Imbruglia is featured in a new campaign by the Aussie fashion line Sass & Bide for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer organization which is a charitable initiative of the Council of Fashion Designers of America/CFDA Foundation that enlists the support of designers, models, retailers and other creative energies within the fashion industry to raise public awareness and funds for the breast cancer cause, in the U.S. and internationally. Here are a few photos of Natalie modeling the new Sass & Bide threads which are being sold to raise money for this amazing organization:

First off, Nat looks amazing. She is so underappreciated in this country, it's a sin. Secondly, I love that she is featured in this new campaign which seeks to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. It's no secret that Natalie is very good friends with fellow Aussie songstress Kylie Minogue (the pair just recently jetted off on holiday together) who recently struggled with her own bout with this life-threatening disease ... so it comes as no surprise that Natalie would want to help in the fight against breast cancer. Yeah, it's not as if I needed another reason to <3 Natalie Imbruglia but ... well, now I do. [Source, Source]


Ink Is The New Pink

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is happily showing off a new tattoo that he had etched onto the underside of his left forearm. Here are a couple pics of Adam showing off his new guitar tattoo at a Maroon 5 press conference in Thailand to discuss their recent concert in Bangkok:

As far as bitchin' tats go, I don't necessarily think this is as badass as they come but it looks like good work. I know that Adam is an awesome singer so I don't necessarily think of him as a guitar player (outside the times that he strums a guitar while singing) but apparently the instrument means a lot to him. Whatevs, the man can get anything tattooed on his body and he'd still be a sexy-as-hell beast. Yummo. [Source]


SJP Falls Head Over Heels For Vogue Magazine

As the release date of the much anticipated Sex and the City movie gets closer and closer we are getting to see more promo for the movie taking place in NYC. This week, Sarah Jessica Parker (who plays Carrie Bradshaw) and Chris Noth (who plays Mr. Big) were photographed by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for an upcoming issue of Vogue magazine. The shoot took place on 5th Ave. in NYC, NY (a famed shopping area) in front of Bergdorf Goodman department store with SJP lookin' sassy while Chris Noth struggles to carry all of her Louis Vuitton luggage ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News and Wireimage

Wee! I love it. SJP looks amazing in her tweed suit and I love the image of Mr. Big lugging all of the LV luggage on his own. Unfortch for SJP, things didn't go as smoothly during a different shoot later on at the Lincoln Center where SJP took a very embarrassing tumble. Fortunately she was unhurt in the fall ... here are a couple pics of SJP's embarrassing fall and a bit of info about the movie from the star herself:

Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker appears to take an embarrassing tumble during a glamorous photoshoot with a famed photographer. The actress, who plays columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the series and upcoming film, looked like she had lost her composure and slipped up during a photographic session for Vogue magazine, shot by Annie Leibovitz. SJP was left red-faced after the fall as assistants rushed to help her up - and ensure the clothes were not ruined. The shoot took place yesterday at the Lincoln Center in New York. The previous day, the 42-year-old and teamed up with on-screen flame, Chris Noth who plays Mr Big, for pictures on 5th Avenue. But while that look was all business, with her dressed in metallic stilettos, hat, purse and suit, yesterday's shoot was all about romance with SJP's hair tousled and a soft pink, layered dress ... Fans have been so desperate to get news of what lies in store for the fashion-conscious four that they turned up in their thousands to watch filming. SJP said: "The movie doesn't pick up right where the series ended. It's a few years later, which makes everything - well, in terms of Carrie's life specifically, there's much more at stake. There's a lot more time invested in her relationship with Big, and obviously in her friendships, her career and what she thinks is the destination point in her life. The story - which is like the whole series - is about friendship and growing up and the decisions we make and the triumphs. And it's about the massive disappointment and the mistakes, and what you learn and what you don't learn when you should learn. A lot of this movie is going to be surprising to people. This is a grown-up movie."

Awww ... poor SJP. I suppose it's possible that the fall was staged but it's not like the Carrie Bradshaw character is danger prone or anything .... hahahahaha, she prolly really did slip and fall on her booty. I can't believe how excited I am for this movie ... especially since I'm a VERY late-comer to the SaTC series (I only *just* watched the entire series for the first time ever over the holidays). I'm still not entirely sure how the movie will come across -- will it feel like a 2-hour episode? Will it really feel like a cohesive movie with a beginning and an end? Will Carrie finally make it down the aisle with Big? All I know is that I'm dying to know what the SaTC ladies have been up to in the years since the show ended. I can imagine that there are hordes of fans out there even more ravenous for this movie. May 30th can't get here soon enough for me! [Source]


Confirmed: La-Ben Is Dunzo!

Pink readers Becca and Stephen were the first people to give me the head's up that Ben Thigpen has updated his Facebook profile to confirm the suspicion that, yes, the romance between Ben and Lance Bass is really over and dunzo. Here are a few screenshots of Ben's updated profile ... which includes a little shout-out to me:

Ben changed his Relationship Status to Single and updated his Facebook Status to read:

Benjamin Thigpen is in Australia, thank you for reminding me to change my facebook TRent ;)

It appears that Ben read THIS post from yesterday wherein I speculated that the La-Ben relationship might be over and updated his profile accordingly. Now, I have no way of knowing what could've happened to end the relationship but let me just say that I'm really bummed that they have called it quits. I liked Lance and Ben together, they made a really hot couple. I can only hope that things ended amicably and that they can at least still be friends. The good news for the gays is that now there are 2 hot guys back up for grabs ... here's hoping the grabbin' starts soon. [Source]


Smoking Section

Irish badboy (and chronic chain-smoker) Colin Farrell is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of British GQ magazine ... here are a few pics from his photospread:

It is amazing how unsexy smoking actually is and yet, it seems to not seem as vile when Colin Farrell is doing it. I guess you have to respect a man who knows who he is and makes no apologies for it. I sincerely doubt that Colin would ever entertain the notion of quitting smoking ... I think he'd rather die before giving up his smokes. I can't endorse this nasty and hazardous habit but I can appreciate that Colin embraces who he is. It also wouldn't hurt the man if he were to get himself a haircut ... but I generally like my Colin Farrell just the way he is. [Source]


Soft Sell

Victoria Beckham is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of British Vogue magazine. VB strikes a very sophisticated, classic pose in the magazine's accompanying photospread ... she's lookin' very posh, indeed:

Of all the many adjectives applied to Victoria Beckham, 'sophisticated' has been one of the least used. Until now. Posh Spice is at last living up to her nickname with a glamorous yet refined photoshoot for Vogue, including her first cover. Posing in a series of flowing outfits accessorised with diamonds, the 33-year-old singer and fashion designer evokes memories of the young Princess Margaret, photographed for her 19th birthday by Cecil Beaton. Other shots bring to mind vintage style icons such as the actresses Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich. Only the occasional flash of tattooed back betrays her 21st century status. Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, said: "The pictures demonstrate the Eliza Dolittle quality of Victoria, veering from mannered hauteur to the trashy sexiness of her exposed back laced with tattoos." Miss Shulman, who interviewed her for the feature, said Posh arrived in skyscraper Christian Louboutin shoes and admitted: "I have joined a gym but I can't bring myself to start. "Obviously working out is important - well, I don't. What do you wear on the running machine? I can't bring myself to wear flat shoes."

Vicki B. really does look stunning in this photo ... I can't wait to see the rest (in the meantime, we can click HERE to watch behind the scenes video of the shoot). I am quite taken with how soft and regal she looks. Her usual stylishly hard look is what makes her look robotic most of the time ... I am a fan of this softer side of Victoria Beckham. Yes, I deffo want to see more. [Source, Source]

UPDATE: Here are the rest of the pics of Vicki B. from this photospread in the new issue of UK Vogue magazine:

It is a really pretty spread ... but she does look a bit stiff in some of the other pics. I guess it's difficult for the robot to look soft all of the time. [Source]



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