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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Masterpiece Theater By Prada

Celebs of varying caliber and stature made their way to the Prada store on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills, CA on Wednesday night for an intimate screening event for the short film entitled Trembled Blossoms (lyrics and music by Cocorosie). Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what is up with this short animated film, all I know is that it is very weird to watch. Here are pictures of some of the celebs who came out for the event ... including new mom Nicole Richie (who came out sans babydaddy Joel Madden), the newest cast member of Gossip Girl Michelle Trachtenberg, ex-Angel David Boreanaz and more:

I gather that Prada had this short film made to be used in some way with their clothing line ... I just don't know that I get it. Here is the animated short Trembled Blossoms for you to watch for yourself:

It reminds me of a Japanese version of Disney's Fantasia ... on acid. It's an interesting film and an interesting thing to incorporate into the fashion world. It's not like celebs really need a reason to go out and party but this sounds like a unique event to say the least. [Source]


And Now A Message From Danity Kane

I interrupt this blog for a special announcement direct from Danity Kane themselves for all their fans out there ... the ladies sent me this message and asked that I post it, so I figured I'd post it:

First of all, it's great to be back on MTV and be a part of "Making The Band" again. This season has been insane, with living with the guys of Day26 and Donnie and working on our album -- it has no doubt made the experience very interesting! And even though at times it was difficult to share the same space with them it's an experience we'd never forget. Even while writing, recording our albums, dealing with Diddy, and continuously trying to challenge ourselves as artists, we got six new friends out of the deal :-)

We cant express enough how excited we are about our second album "Welcome To The Dollhouse" in stores this week (I'm sure you already have your copy ;) This time around the album means a lot to us because it is from our hearts -- we got the opportunity to write for it, we helped to pick the songs and really got to be a part of the creative process this time around. We came up with the concept for this album and picked the name. Some of the instrumentals on the songs reminded us of a wind-up doll so we thought the name "Welcome to the Dollhouse" would describe the feel for the music and for our style. Diddy trusted our judgment for the vision of this album and let us run with it (sort of). LOL

We had our album release day on Tuesday 3/18 and it was a world wind. We were up at 3am and appeared on CW11, TRL and did an album signing at Best Buy in NYC for all our fans. And since you know we're not all work and no play, we ended the day with a little album release party at Tenjune in NYC ... We had a blast and want to thank neyo, fabolous, patti labelle and everyone else who came out to support us it was great seeing the response from fans as they were listening to our tracks. And now we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor with our first single off the album "Damaged" topping the charts ... what more can you ask for?! We are headed for a #1 album!!!!!!

We're not going to take up anymore of your time since you'll get to see all of us in our glory this Sunday, March 23rd on MTV when the Making The Band 4 season Finale airs at 8pm ET/PT. We've put together a 2 hour special that's packed with performances by us, Day26 and Donnie. We're really looking forward to showing our fans what we've been up to these past few months. Thanks for letting us share our thoughts with you. We want to send a shout out to our fans ... Thank you for all your support, we Love You and will continue to make you proud!!



A Couple Of Appetizers

I can't wait for Monday!!!


The TV Guide: Princess Zakiya Update

Yesterday afternoon was a pretty chill one for me ... I ran some errands, took care of some biz and did my best to enjoy the sunshine while I was able. Last night, I had dinner with a couple of new friends, Amber and Adam, at The Grove which turned out to be the epicenter of the universe ... we also ran into my friend Mike (who was meeting a friend for dinner) and Steph and Alek who were all also dining at The Grove last night. Even when I try to give those guys some breathing room from me, the fates still throw us together for a little while. Dinner was really fun ... I was all about the extraordinary pop culture convo that we were having ... it turned out to be a really great night.

My friend Tracey back home in Detroit was telling me that she recently took new photos of my darling goddaughter Zakiya so I asked that she send me some of them ... they are just too adorable to keep all to myself so I figured I'd share:

I'm just stunned at what a little girl she is becoming ... she's no longer a little baby :( I'm going back home to Detroit in about a month's time and I'm hoping to be able to spend some time with Princess Zakiya and her moms.

Tonight, oh Lord, is a big night. I am EXTREMELY FORTUNATE to be able to attend the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion hosted by the Paley Center at the Arc Light. I am so excited, I can barely stand it! I was absolutely shocked when Amber Benson asked if I would like to attend the event with her. We really hit it off at our little interview a few weeks back and she was so kind to think of me for this event. I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay her kindness but I hope to do so some day. I'm not entirely sure what will be allowed at tonight's event (ie. pictures, video) but I'm gonna do everything I can to share as much of the experience as possible with all y'all. Depending on what is allowed picture-wise, I am planning to upload all the pics I take tonight at I really hope I'm able to provide decent coverage of the event. I realize this is a once-in-a-lifetime event that 99.9% of Buffy fans won't be able to attend so I'm gonna do my best.

Tonight will be a crazy night, I'm sure. I have to get some work done tonight and then early tomorrow before I spend the whole day flying back East to NYC. Wish me luck!!


Les News: Hard Candy Pre-Released To Mobile Phones, Closes Up Shop, Ryan Gets A New Tatt, Too


Watching ... Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson rocked a pair of red Ray Ban sunglasses and a large new rose tattoo on her left wrist as she lunched with friends at Cafe Med here in LA this week ... check it out:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hmm ... I wonder if Pete Wentz had anything to do with Ash's new ink ... I also wonder what overprotective Papa Joe Simpson thinks about it. While I'm not surprised that Ashlee would continue to get tattoos, I'm very surprised that she got one so big. I'm also not a big fan of the rose tattoo. In my experience, women who get rose tattoos usually get them on their breasts and are oftentimes accompanied by tattoos of Tinkerbell or Tweety Bird. It's not even a dainty tattoo that can be easily hidden ... it's pretty big. She's a rocker now so I guess she can handle it ... I just hope she doesn't end up regretting it ... I understand wrist tatoos are a beyotch to have removed. [Source]

In other Ashlee news, Yahoo! Music has has just launched a webisode series entitled Being ... Ashlee Simpson and has posted the first installment online:

This new webisode series will follow Ashlee thru the creation process for her new album Bittersweet World and kicks off with a behind the scenes video from the set of Ashlee's music video Outta my Head (Ay Ya Ya):

The series promises to offer a bunch of fun exclusives for fans of Ashlee ... I wouldn't be surprised if her beau (and possible tattoo pusher) Pete Wentz made a cameo or two. I'm not sure why we have to wait so long for Bittersweet World to get released but I guess this will have to tide us over until the album gets released next month. [Source]


Brush Yo' Teef, Foo

Here are a couple of really cute pics of Britney Spears's eldest child, Sean Preston (with nanny and bodyguard in tow), making his regularly scheduled visit to his dentist in Sherman Oaks, CA:

Without making any cracks 'bout the toddler's dental hygiene, let's just take note of the fact that A.) the little kid is growing up really fast and B.) he's lookin' more like his mother Britney every day. The kid is a cutie pie. [Source]


Heads Are Gonna Roll ... Well, Just One Head, Really

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Natalie Dormer, Henry Cavill, Peter O' Toole and others were on hand at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers in NYC last night for a premiere screening event for the second season of The Tudors which will premiere on Showtime on Sunday March 30. Season 2 takes the storyline of The Tudors into bloodier territory ... and since we all should know by now (from our careful studies in school) the love affair/marriage between King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn comes to a very violent end -- which proved difficult for actress Natalie Dormer to prepare for. Here are a few pics from the red carpet at last night's premiere event:

It's no fun having your head cut off. Natalie Dormer felt "hysterical" as she prepared to portray Anne Boleyn's final moments for Showtime's "The Tudors." The scene was filmed at dawn in the courtyard of Dublin's famed Kilmainham Gaol, a stand-in location for the Tower of London, where the Tudor queen was beheaded on May 19, 1536. Dormer was overwhelmed by thoughts of the queen's fate and by the potent atmosphere of the notorious prison, now a tourist attraction but once the site of many executions. She describes her "demented" weeping and wailing at the thought of "Anne going to die, and this horrible place, and everything that is dark about the human spirit and what man can do to one another." And to make things even more horrible, Dormer says they shot everything that is dark about the human spirit out of sequence, "so it was almost as though I needed to go through the whole upset process before I could stoically find my composure to walk up on to the scaffold," Dormer laughs. But when the camera rolled, the 26-year-old actress pulled herself together, delivering the scene with the composure Anne had displayed as she waited for the executioner's sword to swing. Unlike the real queen, Dormer says she earned a standing ovation from the crew of onlookers when it was over. It's no plot secret that Anne lost her head at the command of her ruthless husband, King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), but this denouement won't occur until the last of the 10 episodes of the medieval drama series' second season, which premieres 9 p.m. EDT March 30.

Apart from the fact that JRM and Henry Cavill are really super hot to watch in this series (which, I might add, features quite a bit of nekkidness), I kinda love that Showtime was able to take what many consider to be "boring history lessons" and turn them into a dramatic and very entertaining TV series. As a minor history buff, I absolutely love that folks are being "tricked" into learning by packaging the lessons in such an entertaining way. Had I been able to learn these lessons in high school by referring to a semi-nekkid Henry Cavill for reference, I'd have turned out a major history buff rather than a minor one. Season 2 of The Tudors debuts a week from this Sunday, but you can watch the first ep (with some editing) right HERE right now online. [Source]


W.O.R.K. It Out

David Beckham received the good news that he has been recalled to join the English national soccer team to participate in a friendly match against the French national team giving him the chance at winning his 100th cap with the team (a feat that he has eluded him thus far). It's not quite a done deal yet (he still has to survive some trimming on the team) but it seems likely that he will get this chance to earn his 100th cap. Around the time that Becks received this good news, he was at Gotham Hall in New York for the MLS W.O.R.K.S. and the U.S. Soccer Foundation's Gala Benefit to Celebrate the Sport of Soccer in the US where he presented a lifetime achievement award to soccer legend Pele. Here are a few pics of Becks at the Youth Soccer benefit:

Photo credit: Wireimage

David Beckham will have a chance to claim his 100th England cap after being named today in the provisional squad to face France next Wednesday. Fabio Capello listed his initial 30-man squad and Beckham, who missed out in the Italian's first game in charge against Switzerland last month, has been included after edging back to match fitness with his team LA Galaxy. Capello's assistant, Franco Baldini, was impressed after travelling to Dallas to talk with Galaxy coach Ruud Gullit last week. Beckham received the news after presenting a lifetime achievement award to Pele a fundraiser in New York to benefit Harlem Youth Soccer. Arriving at Gotham Hall with a GI haircut seemingly borrowed from Jake Gyllenhaal's character in Iraq war movie Jarhead, the former England captain said: "For me to be here to present this to the greatest sportsman of all time, I feel particularly honoured. This absolutely is a highlight moment for me." If he picks up his century of caps against France after being marooned on 99, the game will also rank as a major moment in the player's career - even though the game is only a friendly. First though, the 33-year-old has to survive the trimming of the squad, which will be cut to 23 after the weekend games. Beckham, who temporarily fell out with Capello when the two were at Real Madrid, cannot be guaranteed his place. However, it seems likely he will want to put the fuss of Beckham's 100 caps behind him without the pressure of having to win a competitive fixture. Becks dined at Nobu in New York before his appointment, but wife Victoria sat the trip out - she was last spotted sneaking into a taping of America Idol with her three sons in tow in LA on Tuesday night.

Despite the fact that Becks says he wants "no cap favors", I think it's pretty likely that he's gonna get his cap favor so that he can finally reach the milestone he's wanted for so long. [Source]

And so, to celebrate this big opportunity, David Beckham took his fine ass (all swankified in a sharp-lookin' suit) out for a celebratory dinner at Nobu:

Photo credit: INFdaily

I'm encouraged that Becks was able to prove his fitness to the England coach ... this should mean that after Becksie flies off to Europe to get this 100th cap he can fly back home to LA and play some serious soccer for the LA Galaxy. I really hope this season is better than last season ... if Becks comes back from Europe with another injured ankle I might have to go ballistic. He sure is purdy, tho. I'd have a hard time staying mad at him for long. [Source]


M-Dolla Does Q

Her Royal Madgesty, Madonna (who has adopted the moniker of M-Dolla to promote her new album Hard Candy), is featured on the cover of the new issue of the British music magazine Q ... check it out:

Even tho it's not a great photo (obscured by all that other extraneous text and overlay), you can see that Maddy is wearing a boxer's silk robe in her photo ... the fighter theme carries on with this new magazine cover. I hope there are other photos inside the magazine ... it seems like a waste to solely feature Madonna on the cover and then obscure half of the pic with other shizz. [Source, Source]


The Gossip

Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester continue to sit on top of the heap on their fairly successful CW TV series but all of that is about to change once Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Michelle Trachtenberg joins the cast next month for a multi-episode story arc on the show. Here are a few pics of Blake and Leighton (who play Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf respectively) chatting about the imminent arrival of Michelle (as Georgina Sparks) into their lives on the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

That's right ... the girls should have cause for concern. I can deffo see how MT will do her best to blow into town and onto the show to wreck havoc upon the poor, unsuspecting characters of Gossip Girl. I just hope that Michelle really brings it ... she can do high drama, there's no doubt, I just hope that they really let her cut loose and tear shizz up. There was a rumor going around a few weeks ago that Mischa Barton was considered for the role of Georgina Sparks but for whatever dumb reason decided to turn down the part. I got word on the d/l that Mischa's announcement that she turned down the part was a surprise to producers of the show who never even offered her the role. Apparently, Mischa's publicist, I'm told, decided to get her name in the press for a little positive publicity since she was dealing with that pesky DUI arrest and concocted the story that she turned down the role on GG. Whatever the case may be, I think MT will be a great new fit for the show. Bring on the drama ... the show is about to get really freakin' awesome. [Source]


El Niños

Jennifer Lopez's only begotten children, Max David Muniz and Emme Maribel Muniz, are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of People magazine, due to hit newsstands on Friday ... here is the cover:

Awww ... the little babies both look like little old men! They're so cute. I'm assuming that Max is the one on the left and Emme is the one on the right (unless the twins suffer from a cross-dressing issue already). At first glace, I think I see more Marc Anthony in the babes than I see J. Loness but they are darling nonetheless. There are 12-pages of these little ones in the new issue of People, which is a lot ... but if you consider that each kid was worth a reported $3 million bucks to the mag, it makes sense. I'm anxious to see more. [Source]


Making The Brand

The ladies collectively known as Danity Kane gathered together at Tenjune in NYC, NY to celebrate the release of their sophomore album Welcome to the Dollhouse, which was released this past Tuesday. Here are a few photos of the girls on the red carpet Tuesday night:

Photo credit: Splash News

I must confess, I am pretty in love with the first single off this album entitled Damaged. The first time I heard it I thought it was just alright ... by the third listen, I couldn't get it out of my head. I picked up the album on Tuesday and, again, I really like what I hear. I'm such a sucker for pop music that it doesn't take much to make me happy but this album really surpassed my expectations. I think it's a bit better than their first album ... whether that means they'll enjoy more success still remains to be seen. I've also been watching this season of Making the Band and I think there is something really endearing about seeing the girls as "real people" on the show and then hearing the finished product when it's all over. MTV does a great job of marrying episodic TV shows with music releases (you may remember that MTV was instrumental in making Ashlee Simpson's debut album such a big hit by showing episodes of Ashlee making the album in the weeks leading up to the album's release) ... they may not play music videos any more (well, not like they used to) but they are still very much in the music biz. Is the TV show tie-in a marketing gimmick to sell more records? Maybe. But in the end, I get entertainment value from both the show and the album so isn't it really a win-win situation? My only complaint is that Aubrey should lose the whacky multicolored dress that she's rockin' in these pics ... the cracked out ballerina look makes her look too much like Donatella Versace. [Source]


The Sparks Are Gonna Fly

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Michelle Trachtenberg is set to appear in a multi-episode story arc of the hit CW TV show Gossip Girl. Playing the character of Georgina Sparks (man, I love that name), MT shows up in Gossip Girl-land to cause trouble for Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) ... which, hello, is absolutely brills:

Michelle Trachtenberg has snagged a multiepisode arc on the CW's buzzworthy freshman drama "Gossip Girl." Trachtenberg will play Georgina Sparks, a character who appears in the novels on which the series is based. Georgina rolls into Manhattan from rehab, shaking up and torturing the life of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). Mischa Barton was rumored to have been up for the role. The arc will air for the May sweep. Trachtenberg, repped by CAA and Framework, recently wrapped the New Line comedy "Seventeen Again," in which she stars opposite Zac Efron. She next appears alongside Topher Grace and Anna Faris in Universal/Imagine's ensemble comedy "Kids in America."

Lemme get this straight ... Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina) is going to show up on Gossip Girl as a boozy lush fresh from rehab hell-bent on causing trubs for Blake Lively's character (Serena) who has *finally* pretty much gotten her act together. Will she be fooling around with Penn Badgley's character (Dan Humphrey) who is Serena's boyfriend? Lawd, I hope so. Will there be some face slappin' and hair pullin'? There better be. It's hard to believe that GG could get any better ... but this sounds to me like the show is about to get a whole lot better :) [Source]


Man On Man Action

Is there any sight lovelier than that of two grown men openly showing their care and devotion for one another with a gentle public display of affection? I say there is no more beautiful sight ... that is why I'm so glad to see that Ethan Hawke and his furry male friend (who bears a resemblance to Liev Schrieber, if you ask me) have no problem embracing one another on the streets of NYC in the Meat Packing District:

Photo credit: Splash News

If there was more of this in the world, there would be less conflict. Hug it out guys, it's really ok. [Source]


Here He Comes ...

Yahoo! Movies has just revealed 4 new movie posters for the new live-action adaptation of Speed Racer (better known to the Japanese as Mach GoGoGo) starring Emile Hirsch (as Speed), Christina Ricci (as Trixie) and Matthew Fox (as Racer X) ... check them out:

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... this movie has been cast perfectly ... and with the Wachowski Brothers at the helm, I think it's gonna be a huge success. It already looks great and we haven't even seen anything yet. If they can make the monkey Chim Chim believable for me ... I'm sold. Speed Racer is scheduled for a May 9 release date. [Source]



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