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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Simpsons Round-Up

Earlier this week, Pete Wentz spoke to People magazine about his new line of Clandestine clothing, which has been made available for sale at Nordstrom department stores around the country, revealing that his fashion inspiration comes from his fiancée and much-rumored babymama Ashlee Simpson ... which is very interesting considering that Ashlee confessed to HX magazine that she didn't even design her new line of clothing from Wet Seal. Anyways, here is a pic of Pete in reclined repose with a few pieces from his clothing collection strewn about the bed:

His Clandestine Industries line has a collection that recently hit Nordstrom, and Pete Wentz says one major inspiration is his new -- and pregnant! -- fiancée, Ashlee Simpson. "She is a good sounding board for me," Wentz told PEOPLE on Thursday. "She's really supportive and always positive but sometimes she'll get me to rethink [things]. Like I'll be like, 'We should do a half-plaid, half-pastel hoodie!' And she'll be like, 'I like it, but maybe you should do it as two separate hoodies.' She's good like that." As for Ashlee's new line at Wet Seal, Pete admits, "I haven't really seen it [yet]." When asked what life is like not only as a fashion designer and musician, but also as a husband and father to be, Wentz sums up his feelings very simply: "I'm happy!"

Well, I'm glad that Pete's happy ... but you just know that Papa Joe Simpson ain't gonna be happy until he can secure a huge pay-off from his youngest daughter's alleged pregnancy. While I don't necessarily believe that Ashlee is pregs yet that doesn't mean that Papa Joe hasn't been pressuring the newly engaged couple to get to work on that particular project ... after all, it doesn't really matter when she gets pregs as long as he can cash in on the photos. Remember, Papa Joe has no qualms about pimping out his daughters for cash ... he already milked Jessica Simpson about as dry as can be -- but we'll get to her in a sec. [Source]

Ashl33n have been bizzy in NYC not talking about Ashlee's alleged pregnancy (therefore ensuring that everyone else, including me, do nothing but talk about it) but they have already made their way back home to the sunny shores of SoCal. Here are pics of the happy couple upon arrival at LAX Airport yesterday ... you'll note that Ashlee is wearing a very bulky coat so that she can pretend to hide her stomach even tho temps have been in the 90s in LA recently:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Yep, they're gonna keep this thing going for a while now ... watch and see.

On the Jessica Simpson front, new photos have emerged of the eldest Simpson daughter in Nashville, TN where she has relocated in order to embark upon a Country music career ... you know, cuz that pop music career didn't really turn out as successful as Papa Joe had hoped:

Photo credit: Splash News

In the land of Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood, I don't really think that Jessica has much of a chance at success in Nashville but I guess you can't blame the girl for trying. How else is she going to get the approval and attention from her father Papa Joe unless she can show him that she is still capable of making money? Good luck, Jess ... you're gonna need it.


The TV Guide: Goin' To The Break Of Dawn

Yesterday was pretty chill in the daytime hours, hanging out with my folks while working on the blog but last night was a whole different story. Sarah and I planned a little date together and ended up going out for a nice dinner at Crave in Dearborn, MI. We pretty much ate everything in sight cuz everything in sight was so delish. After we finished there, we met up with Mark and Reggie at Kuhnnen's Brewery in Warren, MI where Mark was playing a gig with some friends. I had a lovely time sampling the spirits that were brewed on site ... the Michigan apple wine was the best but I really enjoyed the mead as well. Yeah that's right, I got my Vikingness on, yo! Here are a few pics from last night:

We weren't quite finished with our evening tho ... we did the afterhours thing at City Club in downtown Detroit and pretty much danced the booze out of our systems until they threw us out at 4:30AM. OY ... by the time I got home the morning birds were already chirping. I did sleep in a bit this morning but I'm pretty astounded I am doing so well today.

Tonight is the big night tho ... the SASS danceparty takes place at OSLO ce soir and I'm very excited to dance another night away. If you're in town here in Detroit, come on out and dance with us. I hear it may be the last SASS party ever so if you miss this one, you might be S.O.L. Hope to see you there ... and I hope I'm alive tomorrow to tell the tale ;)


Les News: Brit Returning To HIMYM, Couric <3s CBS, Hayden Bullied


PITNB Readers: Graduations, Tax Deductions & Fierceness

Here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Heather sends in a pic with her girls Jinine and Brittani from their graduation ceremony on March 20th in celebration of becoming doctors -- Karaline, Ashley, Sage, Tori, Jillian and Jenna send in a pic while wearing their Little Miss Bossy, Giggles, Lucky, Scatterbrain, Bad and Chatterbox t-shirts during their Graduation Day Shuffle celebration -- Jamie sends in a pic of her daughter Elizabeth who was born in November 2007 which meant that she turned into a cute little Tax Deduction this past April 15th -- Dawn sends in a photo of her little man who turned one year old on Friday April 18th -- Kim sends in a pic of her mom sporting a pink cast after she broke her ankle ... while shopping! I guess there are worse ways to get hurt -- Marissa sends in a pic from the Seventeen magazine fashion department's meet and greet with Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano -- Aly from Vancouver, British Columbia sends in a pic from Whistler, BC where the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival (sponsored by MTV Canada) was happening and where she was lucky enough to take a photo with the cast of The Hills:

Much love and thanks goes out to all y'all who took the time to send in your fun pics. Congrats to the graduates and I'm sending all my healing vibes to Kim's mom on a speedy recovery. Thank you all for sending in your photos week after week ... I love them all, as always. Keep 'em coming!!! XOXO


Whitney Houston Makes Her Move

Here are a couple pictures of Whitney Houston making a grand arrival at LAX Airport yesterday (with her daughter Bobbi Kristina and some strapping mens along with her) and she was lookin' as fly as can be ... well, as fly as one can look while chatting on the phone with a box of chicken nuggets in hand:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

I understand that Whitney has been super bizzy working on her next album so I wonder if she's made her way to LA to do some more work on the as yet untitled project. Whit seems to be handling all the bs drama that has been generated by the book that her ex-hubby Bobby Brown is planning to release about her and their relationship ... in fact, Whit Whit has kept her nose out of trubs for quite some time now. I fully expect her new album to hit like a bomb, whenever it gets released. It's great to see Whitney back on track and back on the scene. Eat your nuggets, girl, you deserve 'em! [Source]



Kristen Bell, the star of Veronica Mars, Heroes and most recently Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was one of the guests on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week ... and she used the opportunity to showcase one of her little known talents so that the world would be able to see (video HERE) just how multi-faceted an artist she is:

You see, Kristen explained, she has what she calls a "wonky eye" which she can control completely independently from her other eye. She continued to reveal that her lazy right eye is called Wonky and her left eye is called Night Owl ... and now we finally understand how she has been able to make it this far in Hollywood. Tho, I feel I must speak up here and correct Miss Bell on her eyeball classifications. I wouldn't necessarily call her right eye "wonky" since she has the ability to control it and make it do her bidding. A wonky eye is more like the one in Paris Hilton's head which does its own thing and doesn't really respond to control very well. Kristen has a talented eye ... one might even say she has more talent in her right eyeball than Paris Hilton does in her whole body ... but, then again, that someone would merely be stating the obvious. [Source]


Dip & Strip

Owen Wilson, currently on vacay down in Miami, FL (presumably with his BFF Woody Harrelson) decided to go for a quick dip into the water to cool down from the hot day ... and then, of course, he had to strip out of his wet shorts soon afterwards ... all in plain view of the eager paparazzi:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin
Click above to see uncensored images

This isn't the first time that nekkidness has been witness from this "private" residence pier, just a couple of weeks ago we saw pics of Woody's little woody after he took a nekkid dip into the water. You know, I really love that guys can get all nekkid with and around one another ... it really fosters a belief in the human race that we are all capable of getting along. I think the world would be a much nicer place if we could all just live in nekkid harmony. Er, of course, that harmony would be helped greatly with regular trips to the gym and (in some cases) the body waxing salon ... yeah, on second thought, maybe it's better that folks keep their clothes on. This, of course, does not apply to either Owen or Woody ... not that I find them *at all* attractive, I just want to see how long they keep strippin' down nekkid before they realize it's all being photographed. [Source]


Suri's Celebration

So, yesterday was Suri Holmes-Cruises's second birthday and one has to wonder ... how exactly does the world's premiere meta-human/XENUfied humanoid child celebrate the happy occasion? With lots of balloons, duhvs! Here are a few pics from Suri's birthday party which turned out to be a modest affair that was comprised of a few family and friends ... and all the balloons that $50 could buy:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

To be honest ... I was expecting much, much more from a birthday party that was thrown for the hatchling of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ... something along the lines of a large estate decked out with lavish rides and games, perhaps a full-sized carosel and lots of roaming clowns making faces and balloon animals for all the assembled children ... maybe the Nanny would get an ominous look on her face after staring too long at the family dog and she'd climb up to the 5th floor of the enormous mansion and she'd throw herself out the window with a rope tied around her neck yelling out for all to hear, Look at me Suri. It's all for you! Yeah, that's the sort of the birthday party I was expecting little Miss Suri to enjoy this time around. Ah well, maybe next year. [Source]


Cate's Son Makes His First Public Appearance

Cate Blanchett may have only given birth 6 days ago but she's already decided to bring her third son, Ignatius Martin Upton, out for his first public hello. Making an appearance at the Australia 2020 summit earlier today, Cate brought along her 6-day old baby boy to meet delegates as they made their way in to the country's Parliament House to participate in the summit:

ACTOR Cate Blanchett took an extra participant along to the Australia 2020 summit today - her newborn son. Blanchett will co-chair the creative meeting, less than a week after giving birth to her third child Ignatius Martin Upton. A beaming Blanchett posed for photos with six-day-old Ignatius this morning as hundreds of delegates filed through the doors of Parliament House. Actor Hugh Jackman praised Ms Blanchett on his way in to the talks. "I have given her my kids - she is looking after them for the weekend," he joked. "Cate Blanchett is superwoman ... she is amazing on every level, I think she is flawless as a person and I am thrilled that she is leading our stream." Actor Rhys Muldoon - known for his role in the ABC kids show Play School - then joked about the "superwoman" tag. "She has just had three kids more this morning, so there will be four little kids at the summit with her," he said.

Clearly, Cate is an old pro at birthin' babies one day and getting right back to work the next day ... well, at least she took 5 days off in between but still -- the woman is amazing. She's lucky the Australia 2020 summit was this weekend and not last weekend otherwise she might've been forced to pop out little Ignatius right there in the Parliament House in between her co-chair meetings. I'm just amazed at how great Cate looks just 6 days after giving birth to her third child. She really is a superwoman. [Source, Source]


Spotted! Two Gossip Girl Characters K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Hold up, waitaminute ... the new eps of Gossip Girl haven't even aired yet and already the drama has been amped up into high gear. Here is a new batch of photos which were taken on the Manhattan set of Gossip Girl where filming is still underway ... but, in order to keep from spoiling anything for those of you who don't want to be spoiled, I had to censor the image of these two GG characters kissing -- a lot:

Photo credit: Splash News
Click above to see the uncensored images

Seriously ... I'm dying. We've already seen the new OMFG promo images that are hyping up the new eps of Gossip Girl of Serena kissing Nate and Blair kissing Chuck but these photos show a pair of characters playing tonsil hockey which looks like it's gonna stir up A WHOLE LOT MORE drama. If you simply can't wait to see who it is then click above and prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor ... otherwise, you're gonna have to wait to see this scene unfold on TV when it airs in a few weeks. [Source]



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