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Friday, June 06, 2008

SaTC's Real Mr. Big

At the risk of minorly spoiling a bit of the Sex and the City Movie for those of you who have yet to see it, I present to you a couple of screencaps from one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. Even if you haven't seen the film, you may have heard about Samantha's neighbor ... and now you can see what all the hoopla is about:

Hee hee ... if you really want to see what's hiding behind these stars you can click HERE to see the NSFWness for yourself. The guy's real name is Gilles Marini and he has been riding high on the success of this little big scene in the movie ... according to Extra TV:

The man who put sex in Sex and the City: The Movie came to the "Extra" studios to dish about the role that made him the target of every woman's desire! Gilles Marini, who played Kim Cattrall's gorgeous neighbor, sat down with "Extra's" Terri Seymour and opened up about his new found fame, being nude in a shower scene, working with Cattrall and how he stays in shape. When asked if Marini is recognized in public, he responded, "Maybe if I walk down naked on the street people would be like, 'Oh, there's the guy." He added, "In a week, my life totally changed." The very revealing shower scene was a surprise to Marini's wife. He explained, "She went to see it and woke me up [when she returned home]. [She] said, 'That was shocking. I saw your penis in front of everybody.' It was a big screen, thank God ... I wanted her to be surprised." Marini gushed about sharing the screen with Cattrall saying, "[She] was very helpful. Very giving ... I love Kim. She's just amazing. I can't wait to work with her again." As for how Marini maintains his incredible body, he declared, "I actually don't really work out at all ... I work out about 40 minutes. I play a lot of soccer ... I find myself eating less carbs. Makes a big difference." Although SATC: The Movie is the ultimate chick flick, Marini urges men to see the film as well. He exclaimed, "If you're single, what better place to pick up a beautiful woman!?"

Well, I hope that Gilles is able to cash in while he can ... big dick or not, this 15 minutes of fame cannot last too long. That being said, I hope he does get cast in many more movies from here on out ... and I hope he's required to wear just as little clothing as he does in SaTC :) [Source]


Beach Bums

The Hills star Brody Jenner took his fine booty down to Maui, HI for a family vacay to celebrate his brother Brandon Jenner's birthday this week. The family vacay includes Brody and Brandon's mother Lisa Thompson as well as their respective girlfriends -- including Brody's new main squeeze Cora Skinner. Here are a few pics of the mostly nekkid Brody on the Mauiian beach with Cora this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know, Brody's a good guy despite what some may think by the way his TV persona comes off sometimes. I'm glad to see that he's settled down with one chick (at least, for the time being) because he hasn't looked this happy in a long time. I'm very surprised that his BFF and wingman Frankie Delgado didn't tag along on this trip ... as much as Brody is down with Cora, I'm sure he misses his buddy Frankie really bad. [Source]


Hail The Conquering Heroes

The Detroit Red Wings returned home to Detroit Rock City as heroes today as the city turned out in huge numbers to welcome the boys back to town. Here are a few photos from the Red Wings Stanley Cup Championship Parade which took place in Downtown Detroit earlier today:

They cheered. They chanted. They sounded air horns. If they could have, they would have hoisted the Red Wings upon their shoulders and carried them down Woodward Avenue themselves. This was love, hockey style, as hundreds of thousands of fans jammed downtown Detroit Friday to pay homage to their crooked-smile heroes. They lined Woodward, seven deep at some spots, and mounted trees and utility poles to watch a victory parade for the Wings' winning of the Stanley Cup. "It's nice to feel all the spirit and optimism," said Steve Aller, who ventured here from Jackson. Residents took off from school and work to watch the parade and a rally at Hart Plaza on a sun-splashed afternoon where temperatures reached the 90s. The relentless heat did little to quell the enthusiasm of the raucous throng decked in the team colors of red and white. Because the Wings had clinched the championship in Pittsburgh, this was their first chance to parade it in front of fans. Homecoming was never so sweet. "I'm here to support the Red Wings," said Kyle Walsh of Sterling Heights. "This is our team and this is how we do it in Detroit." Traveling vendors sold everything from pins to pennants, programs to player cards. But many fans brought their own props. They came with Wing flags, aluminum foil Stanley Cups, even Lindstrom on a stick. To clarify, it was a life-sized photo of team captain Nick Lidstrom mounted on a pole. Signs were everywhere. "Skipping school to see the Cup: Priceless." "Be happy Hudler penalties forgiven," a reference to mistakes by center Jiri Hudler. Another poster thanked the Wings in six languages, English, French, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and Czechoslovakian, one for each nationality represented by the worldly team. "I wouldn't think of missing this," said sign-owner Carol Atchison, 54, an elementary school worker from Southgate. With so much love in the air, it was only natural that marriage proposals would follow. Team heart throbs Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk were running neck-to-neck in marital requests contained on posters. One teenage girl even wrote it on her octopus-balloon hat: "Datsuk Marry Me," she wrote, misspelling his name. Sorry, ladies. Datsyuk is marriage and Zetterberg has a girlfriend, a Swedish pop star, no less. There was even a real marriage proposal as Andy Jones dropped to a knee in front of the Fox Theater and offered a diamond ring to a stunned Jennifer Carlson. Carlson said yes and, as they say in sports stories, the crowd went wild. "I just can't believe it," said Carlson, 37, of Saginaw. "Until now he never said a word about marriage. Jones, 42, said the parade was a perfect time because he and his betrothed are big Wing fans. Thousands more watched a post-parade rally at Hart Plaza, where players thanked them for their support. "We just really, really want to thank people for coming down," Red Wing center Kris Draper said ... The parade began with the Detroit Color Guard and a high school band at Hockeytown Cafe on Woodward Avenue. The color guard was followed by the Zamboni ice-cleaning machine float and the Martin Luther King Jr. High School marching band. Almost two hours before the parade, Kim Moss of Troy pulled a little red wagon full of goods away from her parked car on West Lafayette Boulevard. "This isn't my first parade, you know," Moss said proudly. "I've got this down to a science." "Actually, I went light today because of the weather. I've got sandwiches, three different kinds. I've got the water. I've got the Gatorade, the umbrellas, the horns, the cookies, the cards, the seats and the cowbells." "Usually, we bring a Stanley Cup replica and uniforms and things like that," said her husband, Mike Moss. "But we went light because of the heat." Off the couple went down Lafayette pulling their little wagon. Tim Evans said he and his family traveled here from London, England, to celebrate the Wings' win. He said he and his family were hanging out near a tree at Woodward and Congress, before the parade festivities started. At 10 a.m., two buses carrying the Detroit Red Wings and their families pulled up outside the Hockeytown Cafe. The crowd was very raucous, especially when some of the players, including Mikael Samuelsson, got off the bus. In the background, the crowd chanted, "Let's go Red Wings! Let's go Red Wings!" The last person off the first bus carried the Stanley Cup, eliciting a huge cheer from the crowd. The first person off the second bus was hockey legend Gordie Howe, which prompted a chant from the crowd of "Gordie! Gordie!"

Woot! This sounds like it was an amazingly fun affair ... I really wish I could've been there to take in the celebration in person but I am sending all of my love out to Detroit today. I understand that the massive crowd booed Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick when he took the stage (he is currently facing criminal charges of perjury stemming from testimony he gave during a whistle-blowers trial and is not well liked by anyone in the city right now) which is a bit of shame since it should be a happy occasion but Detroiters tell it like it is and I respect them for it. Again, much, much congrats goes out to the Detroit Red Wings for bringing home the Stanley Cup to Detroit, MI, aka Hockey Town, where it belongs. Big ups, Detroit!!! [Source, Source]


The TV Guide: A|X Marks The Hawt

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with Darion, Steph and Alek so that we could all head out en masse to the Armani Exchange store on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA for a Pride event sponsored by Out magazine and LOGO, benefiting the LA Gay and Lesbian Center's Young Professionals Council which was hosted by A|X Underwear model and insane hottie Ryan Barry. Here are a few pics (taken by Steph & Alek and Darion) from last night's affair:

All proceeds from last night's sales benefitted the Young Professionals Council so the 4 of us all bought A|X Underwear to help the cause ... we're gays that care. The event was very fun -- with good food, drink and tunes ... oh yeah, and a bunch of super hawt models in their skivvies. The boys in the window were spelling out PRIDE ... I was partial to the I and the E myself ;) We got to chat with Ryan Barry and Reichen Lehmkuhl at last night's event ... their combined hotness was a bit much to handle close up but I think I did my best to keep my composure. It really is great seeing them happily together :)

After the event, we made our way to The Grove because I needed some help servicing my Mac Book. The battery kinda died and even tho it is 2 years old, the fine gentleman at the Genius Bar installed a brand new battery for me to have. I will never tire of singing the praises of the amazing customer service that I always enjoy from the folks at Apple ... you just do not get this kind of service with any PC machine. I am toying with making the switch back to Mac after many, many years as a PC user. With the relaunch, I have the opportunity to make the switch and see how it goes. I'm getting schooled on using Photoshop with my Mac so ... I guess we'll see :)

David arrives tonight ... lots to do. I hope all y'all have a fab weekend.


Les News: Vin Diesel Spawns, Shania Speaks, Nick Gets His Wish ... Kinda


Rabbie Meets World

After bolding venturing out in public together at a Hollywood CVS earlier this week, Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish made the 2008 Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards their unofficial coming out party as a new couple. The newly dubbed Rabbie were seen looking "very affectionate" with one another at last night's event here in Hollywood, CA:

Two months after admitting it was bizarre seeing ex-wife Reese Witherspoon with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Phillippe is quietly moving things forward in his own love life. After months of speculation about their relationship, he proudly accompanied his Stop-Loss costar Abbie Cornish to the 2008 Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards – their first major event as a couple. "They were adorable," says a guest. "He had his arm around her and they were cozy and comfortable." When Cornish – who was being honored with a Breakthrough Award – was introduced, Phillippe rubbed her back while she leaned against his shoulder. Throughout the evening, they held hands. Phillippe, 33, also let Cornish enjoy her moment in the spotlight, waiting patiently as she worked the room and posed for photos. Once she was at his side once again, they continued to share laughs with pals ... Phillippe and Cornish left the party just before 10 p.m., heading to Hennessy's weekly jazz night at Teddy's.

Uh huh ... I had a feeling that the couple were about to show up to some major public event as a couple. You don't just go into any old CVS pharmacy without alerting the world that you are about to publically confirm your new relationship ... everyone knows that. [Source]

But, while the couple may have been all touchy-feely and smiley for the cameras inside the Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards, it was another story as the couple left the safe confines of the awards show and ventured out into the night ... and the waiting paparazzi:

Photo credit: X17

Yeah, the couple may not be ready to totally show their lurve for one another on the streets of LA just yet ... but I suspect they might be showing up at Coffee Bean coffee shops, Ralph's grocery stores or SoCal beaches together very soon. Welcome to the fun, Rabbie!


Ain't Too Pregs To Party

The newly wed Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III celebrated his 29th birthday in style last night at a semi-private birthday party that was held in the VIP area of the Foxtail nightclub that was thrown in his honor by famed LA partyplanner Brent Bolthouse. Pete and his new wife Ashlee Simpson have announced that the couple are pregs with their first child ... but that didn't keep Ash away from the festivities. Here are pics of the happy couple as they made their way into Pete's party last night:

Photo credit: X17

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz had more than just his 29th birthday to celebrate on Thursday night — the rock star recently wed gal pal Ashlee Simpson and the pair recently confirmed OK!'s report that they will soon be expecting their first child together. So to ring in Pete's last year before turning 30 — and maybe his last big party before he has to start changing diapers — nightlife maven Brent Bolthouse arranged for a private party for the couple in the exclusive upstairs VIP area at his hot Hollywood club Foxtail, where the newlyweds — Pete in an all-black tuxedo-ish getup, Ashlee in a sleeveless ruffled dress and ankle boots — arrived around 9:45pm in a stretch limo. Even though there was Secret-Service-style security on-hand, with bouncers laser-scanning VIP wristbands and extra muscle men circulating around the club, that didn't stop the mom-and-pop-to-be from spending most of the party downstairs, away from their invite-only guests upstairs. "Pete and Ash worked the dining room," one clubgoer tells OK!. "They were walking from table to table, chatting and shaking hands." Maybe Pete is making a bid for the Vice Presidency? Pete and his still-blushing bride eventually settled at a long table with eight friends who were eating and drinking the night away. "They didn't sip a drop of alcohol," one insider says about Pete and Ashlee. "Though I can't say the same for their guests!" At the stroke of midnight, waiters brought out a birthday cake, with "Happy 29th Birthday Pete" written on it, to the table while the crowd sang "Happy Birthday." The pop-punker had a bit of trouble when he attempted to blow out his candles, requiring three attempts and accidentally dowsing the front of his suit jacket with icing. Around 1am, it was time for the couple to call it a night, as they exited out the front door and into their awaiting limo, which took them back home.

What a sweet and pretty picture. I love the clarification that neither Pete nor Ashlee touched any of the free-flowing booze that was readily available at last night's party ... they surely don't want anyone forgetting that Ashlee is pregs. No word on whether or not Pete's new BFF John Mayer was in the hiz last night but I'm sure that good ol' Petey wasn't wanting for friendly companionship at his party. Happy Birthday, Pete ... sounds like you had a very lovely time last night. [Source]


Dink Driving

It's been a hot minute since we've seen Britney Spears around these here parts ... I was just thinking yesterday that it has been ages since Brit Brit got any blog lurve. Now that she's no longer riding the crazy train to wrecksville, she's been mainly staying focused on her work (I believe she is still in talks to collaborate with Bally's Total Fitness), her music (she has been actively working on her next album) and her family ... which brings us to these new photos of Britters enjoying a lovely afternoon with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James (as well as her father and conservator Jamie Spears) playing with their toy cars at her Beverly Hills, CA home:

Photo credit: X17

Truth be told, I really do not miss any of Britney's former crazy antics. Sure, we may have had more to talk about last year when she was publically spiraling down her abyss to destruction but I prefer not having much to talk about if it means that she's staying home and taking care of getting her life in order. Photos like these are way more preferable to the trashy embarrassing pics that were coming out daily last year. Seeing photos of her playing with her sons win every time. [Source]


Berry Suspicious

The LA Times blog The Dish Rag has scrounged up an interesting photo of Angelina Jolie with her personal assistant Holly Goline in the background. In the hoopla surrounding the fact that Entertainment Tonight erroneously reported the birth of Angelina's twins last week, it was determined that the misinformation was circulated by an imposter posing as Holly Goline who was disseminating the misinformation by way of her BlackBerry email account. In the course of trying to figure out how this imposter managed to fool ET into believing the misinformation as truth, anonymous Jolie confidants denied that Goline has a BlackBerry email account (which is meant to prove that any email received from an BB email account belonging to Goline must be fake) ... cut to this photo of Goline with Jolie at the Cannes Film Festival clutching a BlackBerry (wrapped in a pink rubber protector, I might add) in her hand:

HMMM. Incidentally, neither Angelina Jolie nor Holly Goline have been seen since this "birth story" got out of hand. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe Holly Goline received an email from ET asking if Angelina gave birth, Holly might've then ran over to show the email to Angelina who might've said, "Let's eff with them. Email them back and tell them I did." Holly might've done as she was told, giggling all the while, only to spark this mess of a story. And now, maybe, these anonymous "Jolie confidants" are trying to deflect attention from the fact that perhaps it was just a joke and are trying to remove Goline from the story as best they can? I mean, I'm merely guessing here ... but it's possible and it would explain how this thing got started in the first place. Of course, I suppose it's also possible that Angelina hasn't been seen in the past week because she's bizzy playing with her newborn twins in seclusion ;) In the end, ET never should've run with the story without knowing for sure the report was genuine. They look totally foolish here and have severely hurt what smidge of credibility they used to have. Don't be surprised if Holly Goline resurfaces holding an iPhone from here on out. [Source]


The Birth Of R-Andy M-Adams?

Okay .. so I realize that just seeing two people walking down the street together, sometimes holding hands, isn't bona fide proof that they are dating but I've been hearing the rumors for far too long that the generally perceived Mandy Moore and the, shall we say, colorful Ryan Adams have started dating ... seeing photos of the pair walking the streets of NYC together, sometimes holding hands, appears to lend credence to those rumors:

Photo credit: Splash News

To be honest, I don't really see these two together as a couple ... but here they are, seeming "a couple". Ryan has dated some hot (and mostly innocent-like) ladies in the past (like Winona Ryder, Beth Orton, Leona Naess, Parker Posey) and Mandy has enjoyed the company of a bad boy or two (Wilmer Valderamma, DJ AM) so maybe this is a match made in heaven. I'd be interested to know if the duo have worked on any music together since they are both musicians (er, well, Ryan is musician enough for the both of them combined). I hear that Ryan is a heartbreaker ... I hope that he's nice to Mandy ... she seems like a sweet girl. Then again, it's the perceived "sweet girls" that you really have to look out for. [Source]


"My God, You're Huge ..."

Fans of Xanadu on Broadway might want to take a few minutes to watch the following video -- Cubby Bernstein: Episode 6 which stars Nathan Lane and the mostly nekkid male cast members of Xanadu:

In the clip, the boys talk about how they are trying to assure folks that the musical isn't "too gay" by having the discussion while wearing nothing but their dancer's belts. People, Cheyenne Jackson is shirtless in the clip. Enjoy.



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