Friday, March 21, 2008


What's this? Jake Gyllenhaal on crutches? Whatever could've happened to our dear Jakey poo to land him on a pair of crutches? Even better, what horrible trauma could have scarred him so badly that he actually believes that it is appropriate to wear Crocs shoes in public?

Photo credit: X17

I don't know what makes me feel sorrier for him ... the crutches or the horrrrrible shoes. Actually, I understand that Jakey hurt his ankle while playing a game of pick-up basketball earlier in the week. My guess is that the guys he was playing with roughed him up a bit for showing up to the basketball court wearing these fugly Crocs. I love Jake lots but I, too, would feel the intense need to hurt the man if he dared to wear those shoes in my presence. I'd still lurve him, don't get me wrong, but just a wee bit less until the shoes came off. [Source]