Friday, March 21, 2008

Every Maverick Has His Day

Details magazine threw a little shindig in honor of the Mavericks of 2008 who, according to the mag, are "incorrigible", they "habitually ruffle feathers", they "cut thru the bullshit" and they "reinvent and reimagine" ... so of course they put Ryan Seacrest on the cover of their latest Mavericks issue because when I'm thinkin' maverick, I'm thinkin' Ryan Seacrest. Okay not really, I think the magazine is could've picked a more appropriate coverperson ... like Diablo Cody ... but I digress. Here are a few pics from the red carpet of some of the celebs who came out for the event which was held at a private residence in Beverly Hills, CA last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Yeesh, some of the dudes on last night's red carpet really caked on the make-up ... it's hard to tell who was wearing more foundation -- Ryan Seacrest or Ian Ziering (tho it looks like Ian might have the edge). At least hottie Chris Evans managed to keep it semi-real ... it looks like he showed up sans make-up. Interestingly enough, new couple Kat von D and Nikki Sixx made last night's Details party their "official" coming out party together. I believe that this is the first time the couple has appeared together at a public event. I can't imagine that it is easy for Kat's ex-boyfriend Orbie to see photos like this ... I understand he was pretty blindsided by the demise of their relationship ... tho, I kinda think that Kat and Nikki are well-suited for one another. If this new relationship lasts at all, I think they make the better couple ... after all, they are both incorrigibly habitual feather rufflin' mavericks. [Source]