Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost: Guilt By Disassociation


Ack ... last night was so crazy, I barely had time to watch Lost before going to bed ... I'm doing a bit of scrambling this morning so that I can get some work done before I have to take off for NYC. I still have a bit of packing to do so today's posts may feel a bit rushed. Apologies. But, there is Lost to be had so let's have at it. Last night's ep was a good one but it didn't feel as electric as the rest of the eps this season. We did get a lot of information and the door has been opened for even more questions to spring up but I felt that the pace of the ep wasn't on par with the rest of the season. Perhaps that was by design, who knows. I did really enjoy it tho ... it gave us a lot of things to talk about:

I really enjoyed the "Previously on Lost" intro for the ep ... it was a nice little montage of all the bastardly things that Michael did to the other survivors on the island in his desperate need to save his son and himself from the island. I had forgotten all the really shitty things he did (like killing Libby) and the montage was a great reminder of what had happened before and hinted at what was to come in the ep. So we now know that Michael and Walt did successfully make it back home from the island but that he was so racked with guilt over what he had done to his friends that he wanted to kill himself (we also learned that Walt is having issues with what his father did as well). Because the island "won't let" its inhabitants kill themselves (nor will it let you forget the things you did on the island) he had to find another way to right the wrong ... enter Tom (aka Mr. Friendly, aka Zeke) to show him the way. Who, surprisingly enough, appears to be either a really affectionate man or just merely a gay man. I think it's safe to assume that he is gay (which makes sense if you recall that Tom showed no interest in a disrobing Kate when she was held captive by The Others in that polar bear cage ... he said she "wasn't his type"). It figures they'd made one of The Others gay and not someone hawt like Jack and Sawyer ... together ... mmmm ... but I'm getting off point. We now know for sure that Charles Widmore owns the boat and that Michael was placed on the boat by Ben to sabotage it -- when the time is right. I think we're to assume that attempting to get off the boat and heading towards the island is what caused George Minkowski (played by Fisher Stevens) to start time-traveling like Desmond. We also know that Widmore was responsible for faking the Oceanic 815 wreckage. Other than these bits of info, there wasn't really any new revelations. I did note that Michael pawed the watch that Jin gave to him, back when he tried to leave the island on his homemade raft, in order to procure his gun ... that was a nice throwback. The big shocker at the end was that both Carl and Rousseau were shot by sniper fire as they and Alex tried to make their way to the DHARMA Temple (seriously, a temple? I really hope it's just a codename). I think Carl is pretty dead ... tho it remains to be seen if Rousseau was killed by her gunshot. She's a tough bird, I suspect she might survive. The preview for the next new ep (due out April 24) confirmed the members of the Oceanic 6 -- Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron -- I so knew it! Now we just need to know how they got off the island ... which is what the next ep hints will be revealed. I am so glad they're putting out a few more new eps ... we need more more more. I don't mind waiting a couple of weeks if it means that we'll get a lot more weeks of Lost afterwards. [Source]