Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"I Need Your Discipline"

At 11:20 PM PT yesterday Trent Reznor updated with the announcement that the new Nine Inch Nails song which debuted on radio stations earlier in the day, entitled Discipline, is now available for FREE download:

Clearly, Trent is having a lot of fun with the freedom of not being tied to a recording contract with a major label affords him. He seems to be reveling in the fact that he can give away and/or charge as little as he likes for his music in order to appease his staunchly loyal fanbase rather than exploit them. This is the future of the "music industry" ... it won't be long before most artists will be opening these sorts of relationships with their fans directly online creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. This is only the beginning for this new era of Nine Inch Nails music availability, I can feel it ... AND we still have those cryptic "2 weeks" to look forward to. Will there be another song available for download? Perhaps an entire album will be made available? The possibilities are endless ... and I think that is exactly the point. [Source]