Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kylie Blogs, KylieX2008 Draws Near

Kylie Minogue has just updated her official My Space blog with a new message for fans (which was posted to her official website this weekend) updating us on tour rehearsals for her upcoming KylieX2008 tour and explaining how her new video for the song All I See was filmed ... here is the full text of Kylie's latest message:

Hi everyone,

The countdown has begun!! Not long now before opening night for KylieX2008!!!!
My cast, crew and I have been working hard to really make this show a 'Spectacular' for you. Full production rehearsals are coming up and we are very excited to merge all the various elements of the show. If you have seen some of the behind the scene footage you will have noticed both new and familiar faces. I will update you with one more peek behind the scenes before we open in Paris, so keep a look out!

I hope you liked the little 'All I See' video we did especially for you! I managed to squeeze in three hours filming at the end of a long day's shooting for the show. Very low-fi, just Willie and Marco (one of my dancers) and a white backdrop. And, as I always say ... 'When in doubt, apply more glitter!'. Girl can't get enough of a glitter drop!

As all my time seems to be taken up with elaborate and difficult rehearsals
it was fun to do something simple and spontaneous. Back to the studio now and I will check in with you again before May 6th!

Love Kylie x

KylieX2008 is very close now ... I love that Kylie is taking the time to post little updates as the tour kick-off date draws near. I won't be seeing Kylie live on stage (for the very first time ever) until well into July so I'm still very excited for the tour to get underway. Tour spoilers will be making their way to the Internets very soon and I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to keep from looking. I suspect I'll check out the press images and stay as far away from fan pics and videos as I can. [Source, Source]