Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just Another Day

It's been about 45 mins. since we last checked in with America's my favorite transplanted British family, Les Beckhams, so let's take a look at what has been keeping Posh and Becks bizzy for the past couple of days. Vicki B. rounded up her youngest sons, Romeo and Cruz, for an LA style shopping jaunt yesterday afternoon hitting up The Grove, the Beverly Center and the shops along Rodeo Drive (particularly Prada) in Beverly Hills ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's hard to tell if VB was enjoying herself or not but I would assume that she was having a lovely time. It's also hard to tell if VB was intentionally going for that flight attendant look but the peach color looks good on her ... it really gives her a softer look. [Source]

On the David Beckham front, Extra TV scored a pretty extensive interview with the hottie soccer phenom and got him to open up about the possibility of extending his family, his friendship with Tom Cruise, role as a sex symbol and more:

In an "Extra" exclusive, Terri Seymour joined David Beckham at The David Beckham Academy in Los Angeles where he spoke candidly about raising his three sons (and wanting more children!), married life with Victoria, socializing with Hollywood's elite and his sex symbol status! When asked if Beckham plans to have more kids, he responded, "Who knows ... I got asked that the other day. Someone said Victoria is pregnant apparently. I was like, 'Really? News to me!' ... But I've always wanted a big family ... I've got three beautiful boys. Who knows what the future will hold." He added, "I'd love one or two ... or all three of them [sons] to go into soccer." Beckham wouldn't be an aggressive soccer dad on the sidelines but admitted, "I am very competitive, but obviously I try to hold myself back as much as possible. It's important that I sort of sit back and let them just enjoy themselves because that’s what they’re out there to do." Beckham's sons have grown accustomed to socializing with celebrity friends and have become extremely protective of one in particular - Suri Cruise. He said, "Obviously we've been around Tom [Cruise] and Katie [Holmes] for quite awhile now. I've known Tom for quite awhile. And when the kids are around, they just love cuddling her, kissing her, laughing, joking with her. They are very protective around their friends and family." As a self-proclaimed neat freak, Beckham admitted he even vacuums in straight lines. "I did in Madrid because we had a carpet that if you'd done it in the right way, it was perfect. Looked like Wembley [Stadium]," he explained. Beckham revealed that his wife Victoria is the polar opposite and has been known to mock him. Beckham said, "I would get annoyed because Victoria would just walk onto the carpet. She'd do it on purpose. She'd stand there and laugh at me ... She leaves cupboards open. She leaves clothes on the floor. She's the total opposite." As for his sex symbol status, he commented, "I don't think you ever get used to it but it's something that obviously I'm honored by. But it's not something I really take notice of. If it's in a magazine, it's in but I don't really read it ... if I would it's pretty vain." Aside from his multi-million dollar paycheck and ridiculously good looks, Beckham prides himself on being a hands-on father. He explained, "Driving them [his sons] to school. Soccer practice. That's one of the things about keeping our children down to earth and as normal as possible. Doing things as simple as taking them to school in the morning and picking them up. It's normality and it's something that every parent does so there's no reason we shouldn't be able to do that." In addition to The David Beckham Academy in Los Angeles and in London, he plans to open one in Brazil. "It's been a dream. I've always loved working with kids. Always wanted to give something back to the game. This is a great way of doing it. Some way that I know I can do it," he declared.

Awww what a regular-sounding, swell guy. I dunno if routine trips to Prada and Versace are going to do much to keep his kiddies "down to Earth and as normal as possible" but he's a doll if he thinks so. Becks's interview airs in full in a 2-part series starting tomorrow and ending on Friday on Extra TV. [Source]