Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The TV Guide: Loving Sarah Marshall

Last night I got to spend some much-needed, way overdue alone time with my friends Kirsten and Darion. The three of us hadn't been able to hang out together in some time so I thought it would be a fun idea if we met up and took a little drive together down to the South Bay Galleria Mall to enjoy some Chick-Fil-A together. D is familiar with the amazingness of CFA but Kirsten had never had it. Upon arrival, we discovered that our friend Mike decided to surprise us by crashing the party so that he could try the Chick-Fil-A as well ... I can't say that I blame him at all, I know that my raving about the food there doesn't even do it justice. I'm going to make it my personal mission to take all of my friends to CFA to partake of the yumminess before I leave this Earth. Here are a few fun pics from last night's get together:

After dinner, we grabbed some dessert at Dairy Queen (I enjoyed a Blizzard with Heath and Butterfinger) and YougurtBerry and then Kirsten, Darion and I decided to go to the movies to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

I had heard from a few Pink readers that Forgetting Sarah Marshall was funny so we decided to check it out. As you'd expect from Judd Apatow, FSM was an insanely funny movie. Right off the bat, in the first 10 minutes the audience gets to see Jason Segel do the full monty, twig & berries and all. Hahhahahaha ... no lie, penises can be funny and Jason Segel's is hilarious! Overall, the movie is really well written and well acted. Mila Kunis was a revelation ... I knew the girl is pretty but she is downright gorgeous in this movie. I had no idea that she was so stunningly beautiful before. The movie isn't anything that nears award-winning but it is a very funny, very enjoyable film. You want some mindless fun with a lot of laughs (with some full on penis to boot) then this movie is for you. Happy good times!

Tonight, David arrives from NYC ahead of our big wedding this weekend and I'm very excited. I have a few things to take care of before he arrives but it's always a good time when my boo comes to town.