Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Close Encounters

This week on The Hills we saw that Lauren LC Conrad was forced to suffer thru an uncomfortable run-in with two of her most favorite people on earth, Justin Bobby (Audrina's on and off boyfriend) and Heidi Montag (her self-professed nemesis). Last night, LC stepped out for a night on the town for a date at GOA nightclub with a mysterious, yet super hawt, young man and managed to stay clear of running into anyone she might not be friendly with (it was close tho, Heidi and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt were out and about last night as well) ... here are a couple photos of LC out with her sexy new man:

Photo credit: Splash News

Unlike the last time that I thought that LC was creepin' with a new dude (who turned out to be her gay BFF Gary from the Laguna Beach days) I'm pretty sure that this new dude is the real deal ... er, well, in that he's a straight hottie whose pants LC might be trying to get into. Just by looking at him in these pics, I can see why. It's been far too long since we've seen LC hooked up with anyone of the male persuasion so it'd be nice if the girl could catch a break and land herself a bona fide hottie. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this coupling actually turns into something ... I wouldn't mind seeing more of him out and about. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Meghann gives me the head's up that LC's hottie is Doug Reinhardt, who is brother to Casey Reinhardt (the outrageous girl who wore way too many extensions) from the final season of Laguna Beach.

On the Speidi front, Heidi and Spencer were spotted making their way out of STK restaurant here in LA last night smiling pretty for the photogs ... take a look:

Photo credit: Splash News

Things between these two seem to be coming along nicely. It's not really clear if they're actually engaged or whatever but they really do seem very much together (despite what we've been seeing this season on The Hills). I understand that Spencer was blaring Heidi's music from his swanky car for all the world to hear while he waited for Heidi to make her exit from the Kitson launch event for her new fashion line Heidiwood for Anchor Blue which went down this past Saturday in West Hollywood, CA -- if you've heard the tunes, then you know that's true love ;) I must admit, it's a bit of a shame that Speidi and LC didn't run into one another while out on the town last night ... I wouldn't have minded a little drama scuffle betwixt the feudin' couples, myself. [Source]