Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vicki B. Hits The Bargain Basement

Victoria Beckham's designer jeans line, dVb, is having a hard time selling here in the US ... at the suggested retail price, that is. The next step in order to try and unload the warehouses full of dVb jeans is to ship them off to discount retailers like Loehmann's and sell them at drastically reduced prices. Here are a few pics of a batch of Vicki B.'s designer jeans with the prices already marked down and ready to be snapped up by thrifty shoppers:

Photo credit: Splash News

Alas, how the mighty have fallen. This really doesn't bode well for VB's future as a fashion designer mogul. Sure, other big name designers have their excess wares shipped off for sale at TJ Maxxs, Rosses and Loehmann'ss but they do so at an extra profit, not in a last ditch effort to try and break even. Poor Vicki B. I'm sure she didn't really have in mind that her line of designer jeans would be sold at outlet malls and discount retailers all across mid-America. Good news for the folks in the rest of the country ... now they can get their hands on these fancy dVb jeans to wear to the honky tonk, the bowling alley or the karaoke bar -- that is if they can fit into her size Zero jeans. Dang, these things are *never* gonna sell! [Source]