Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HaLo Confirmed! Milo Confesses To Romancing Hayden

Pink reader Cristina gave me the head's up that Milo Ventimiglia was a guest on 1Xtra on BBC radio this week and during his interview he FINALLY publicly confirmed to radio hosts Trevor Nelson and Xena that he is romantically involved with his Heroes co-star Hayden Panettiere:

Milo does talk about other things in his interview (Heroes, his personal life, Madonna, etc.) but it's his public revelation about his "girlfriend" Hayden Panettiere is what is really interesting to me. Thus far, neither Milo or Hayden have ever publicly addressed the reports that the couple, HaLo if you will, are romantically involved (he says likes being a private person) ... but no longer. Milo is finally talking, click HERE to hear the 1Xtra interview in full now. [Source]

Additionally, Pink reader Christina sends in portions from another interview that Milo gave on UK radio discussing his relationship with Hayden. These excerpt from his interview with Chris Moyles were transcribed and posted on the Heroes Fan Forum messageboard:

Chris: Are you single man, are you dating?
Milo: No, no, I'm taken.
Chris: You're taken?
Milo: I am.
Chris: Ok. But, they're not here though right?
Milo: No.
Chris: Different area code. And you're not getting married.
Carrie: I'm getting married.
Chris: You're getting married yeah, so you could do with one final *whistles* before you go.
Carrie: Absolutely. Tom wouldn't mind, he wouldn't.
Chris: What's he gonna do? It's Peter Petrelli. He can fly, for God's sake. He's met Doctor Who.


Chris: You mentioned earlier that you are dating.
Milo: Yes.
Chris: Now do we know who you're dating, do you talk about that or not ... we know the rumours about who you are dating.
Milo: I think, I think it's pretty safe to assume that ...
Chris: Are you dating an actress?
Milo: Yes.
Chris: Is she very successful?
Milo: Yes.
Chris: Is she in a hit TV series?
Milo: Yes.
Chris: Does it go 'round the world?
Milo: It does.
Chris: Wow.


Chris: Now, I've met your lady ...
Milo: Yes you have, last time we were in the UK, in August.
Chris: I hate to say this, but she was flirting with me. Quite badly.
Milo: That's fine, that's OK. But given that you and I are brothers, you know, it's fine, it's only natural that she would do something like that.
Chris: The woman's only human. She's got needs.
Milo: Absolutely, and I've told her listen, you're going to be attracted to other people, you know, it's OK to be attracted, just understand who you're with.
Chris: Listen, I was a gentleman, I was a proper gent, you know, I said no three times before we went back to the hotel. I'm only joking! It was twice.
Milo: She let you off light.


Chris: Your cheerleader may be worried, all this publicity. She's sitting at home thinking 'I'm missing my boy' and here you are, just ...
Milo: No, I had a very nice chat with her this morning before I came over.
Chris: Don't do that.
Milo: What?
Chris: It's the middle of the night there isn't it?
Milo: No, no, no, it was the end of the night for her, beginning of the morning for me.
Chris: Listen, next time you have to do one of these trips, I don't mind going over and making sure she's OK, make sure she's got milk and bread and stuff like that. I dont mind.
Milo: I'll just remind you that this desk between us is a very short distance from me to you.
Chris: What, are you going to kiss me?
Milo: Yeah, I was gonna have you pass on a message.

Chris: Give my love to my...
Milo: ... your girlfriend.
Chris: My ex-girlfriend Hayden.
Milo: Thanks for letting me have her.
Chris: You're more than welcome ... that's a nice car though it was a fast swap ... it's proper it's ... like a classic 1978 ...
Milo: No wait, it's an 1989.
Chris: A 1989 ... well, you've had some work done cause all the side paddling.
Milo: Well I'm an '77
Chris: Even I don't know what we're talking about now

Love it. I also love the references to the disparity in the age range between Milo and Hayden by talking about their birth years ... cute. Well, the cat's out of the bag now ... they can prolly expect to be talking about this at length for some time now.