Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is Alicia Keys Planning A Secret Wedding?

Pink reader LN sent me an interesting email that might blow the lid off a secret celebrity wedding that could be in the works. Now, I suppose we should take this news with a grain of salt but I figured it'd be worth mentioning. According to the tour guide at Oheka Castle in Cold Spring Hills, NY (the site of *NSync member Joey Fatone's nuptials in 2004), Alicia Keys is planning to get married there this summer. Here is the full text of the email I received:

Just a tidbit I recently found out -- Last week, we were taking a tour of Oheka Castle, Cold Spring Hills, NY (where Joey Fatone got married) and the tour guide told us that Alicia Keys is getting married there this summer. Did you even know she was dating anyone?!!

To be honest, I had no idea that Alicia was in a relationship with anyone, let alone planning to get married. I guess it's possible that the tour guide was either completely wrong or merely got the names mixed up but in any event, I figured this was worth mentioning. With all these sneaky celeb weddings going on all over the place you never know when one of them might get sprung on us. [thanks LN]

UPDATE: Pink reader Shawna gives me the head's up that Alicia has been dating her producing partner Kerry "Krucial" Brothers (the "Krucial" Krucial Keys Production) for some time even tho they aren't very public about it and Pink reader Amanda points me to THIS post at the fan site Alicia Zone that has more information about this secret wedding rumor. Maybe the tour guide wasn't wrong after all, he prolly just spilled the beans too early.