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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cry Baby

Gwen Stefani took her burgeoning baby bump and her first born child Kingston James out for a lovely day of pony riding over the weekend. It looks like it was a really fun day ... for everyone except for Kingston, who looked like he wasn't having as much fun as his mom prolly thought he was:

Photo credit: X17

Hahahahah ... the poor little guy. It's such a shame that his moms is already paying less attention to him now that she's got her sights set on baby #2. I feel bad for the kid ... it can only be downhill for him from here on out. [Source]


Make A Run For It

Here are a couple of pictures of birthday boy Joel Madden making one of his usual coffee runs to his friendly neighborhood Starbucks today:

Photo credit: Splash News

You see? This is how much of a down guy Joel really is ... I know I like to have David wait on me when it is my birthday but Joel is happy to not only do things for himself on his birthday but also pick up some drinks for other folks, too. I imagine that he had a very happy birthday today with his family (his first birthday with his daughter Harlow Winter) so I'm sure he had no probs with making the coffee run on his own. Happy Birthday again, my friend :) [Source]


Busted: From Mary Ann To Mary Jane

Oh snap! Dawn Wells, who played the cute and loveably innocent Mary Ann on the classic sitcom Gilligan's Island, was recently sentenced on charges of marijuana possession. Hahahahahaha! Of all the cast-aways on Gilligan's Island, I would've expected that little hay seed Mary Ann would be the last one to get caught smokin' a fattie. Here is her mug shot:

A surprise birthday party for Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island," ended with a nearly three-hour tour of the Teton County sheriff's office and jail when the 69-year-old was caught with marijuana in her vehicle while driving home. Wells is now serving six months' unsupervised probation. She was sentenced Feb. 29 to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation after pleading guilty to one count of reckless driving. Prosecutors dropped misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. According to a sheriff's, Wells was pulled over after she swerved across the fog lines and centre lines of State Highway 33 and repeatedly speeded up and slowed down. The officer who stopped her said he smelled burning marijuana. Wells reportedly told him that she'd just given a ride to three hitchhikers and had dropped them off when they began smoking something. Police found three half-smoked joints in the ashtray, a fourth half-smoked joint and two small cases used to store marijuana. Wells' lawyer Ron Swafford said a friend admitted he'd left a small amount of marijuana in the car after having used it that day and that Wells was unaware of it.

Hmmm ... this sounds like a pretty tall tale to me. While I have a hard time picturing Mary Ann puffin' on a joint, I have to say that I have an even harder time believing her story. I can just hear her explaining to the cops about how the weather started getting rough, the tiny car was tossed and then 3 hitchhikers hopped into her vehicle, they each sparked up a joint for themselves and then lit up and smoked a fourth one for her ... and then left all of their stash in her car when they left. Hahahahaha ... I can believe that Dawn Wells is a bad liar ... good try, tho. [Source]


The TV Guide: A Musically, Literary Evening

Yesterday was a pretty chill day ... I had to run out to the west side to take care of some biz and ended up getting tied up out there. I was supposed to hang out with Adriana last night but I had to bump our date to another night cuz I couldn't get out to Eagle Rock to see her in time. I did manage to be able to grab some sushi at Fat Fish in WeHo with mes bosom buds, tho. We didn't make it too late a night out ... but I ended up staying up way too late watching TV at home ... blah.

Tonight, I'm going out to the Borders in West Hollywood for a book reading and signing by Christopher Rice. His new book Blind Fall is released today and Christopher is kicking off a nineteen-city book tour tonight:

I've been a fan of Christopher's books for years ... I've read them all hungrily. Obvs, I'm also a huge fan of his mother Anne Rice and her amazing books ... so I'm geeked about tonight. I'll see about getting some pics ;)

Afterwards, I'm heading over to Darion's place for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical Episode watching soiree. I'm still trying to figure out who I'll be singing Under Your Spell to.


Les News: JK Talks Homophobia, Janet Gets Sick, Hanson Hits The Road


Draw Your Own Conclusions

Wee! There is a lot of really great Britney Spears news today ... in another stroke of professional genius, Britney has decided to become an animated character in her new music video Break the Ice. Here are a few screenshots from the music video that is scheduled for release next month:

BRITNEY SPEARS has undergone a radical transformation for her latest video. In ... world exclusive screen shots you can see the troubled star has had the animation treatment. The audacious promo to forthcoming single Break The Ice is set in a futuristic world, and sees Brit depicted as a pretty, slim line superhero. And the unorthodox shoot was the star's own idea. She told label bosses she wanted a cartoon version of her celebrated Toxic clip. The track itself is released on April 14.

BRILLS! First, I love that she has never used this concept in a music video before. Second, it's reminiscent of animation used in Madonna's Music video. Third, in animated form, Britney can look as svelte and as sexy as she likes so that there will be no room for haters to talk their shizz. Gee ... isn't it really starting to feel like our good ol' Britney is back among us? Like, really this time. Things are really starting to come together lately ... it's all a very good sign of things to come. [Source]


Peace In The OC?

Praise Jebus! Is it possible that world peace could nearly be at hand? Life and Style magazine is reporting that former Laguna Beach: The Real OC rivals Lauren LC Conrad and Kristin Cavallari have "buried the hatchet" and called an end to the bad blood between them. Does this mean that my girl KC might even show up in the new season of The Hills on MTV?

The Hills' Lauren Conrad, 22, has extended an olive branch to former Laguna Beach rival Kristin Cavallari, 21. "Lauren invited Kristin to her recent fashion show," says an insider. "And Kristin accepted!" The girls' feud began three years ago over their Laguna co-star Stephen Colletti, 22, whom Kristin dated and Lauren liked. Could this mean Kristin will appear on The Hills after all? Nope. Adds the insider, "Kristin has said she doesn’t need to do The Hills or any reality TV anymore."

Boo! On the one hand I'm very happy that the ladies are on the fast track to BFF status but I'm bummed that Kristin may not be appearing in new eps of The Hills. It's not a matter of whether or not KC "needs" to do The Hills, it's a matter that we -- the audience -- kinda need her to be on the show. Irregardless of the fact that the girls *may* be getting along now ... there will always be the prospect that they might have a dramatic falling out again in the future ... and really, isn't that what we all lurve about The Hills? [Source]

PS: Is anyone else as geeked as I am that Lo will be more heavily featured in new eps of The Hills? Don't lie, I know that a whole lotta y'all are on Team Lo just like I am!


The Mother Lode

US Weekly scored a fairly extensive interview with Craig Thomas, the creator of the CBS show How I Met Your Mother, on Britney Spears's upcoming guest starring role on the show. You may recall that I somehow managed to break the news yesterday right here on Pink is the new Blog that Britters would be guest-starring on the show and today we have a lot more deets about her appearance straight from the horse's mouth. Here is a portion of the US Weekly interview:

The pop star, 26 will play Abby, a receptionist at a dermatologist's office who falls for architect Ted (Josh Radnor) when he comes in to have a tattoo removed. (It is Spears' first return to the small screen since a 2006 cameo on Will & Grace.)

Tell Us how this all came about.
Britney's people ended up coming to CBS and expressing interest in our show, and we were thrilled: 'Britney Spears watches our show!'

They said she was a big fan of the show?
They said she was looking for a small part on a funny show, and she checked out our show and liked it. They were really receptive to the idea of bringing Britney in and just doing a funny role for her. It all came together really quickly -- it was kind of shocking.

How quick?
We heard that they read about the part on Thursday. We were literally in the middle of a re-write of that script, and they said, 'Oh, we're having dinner with Britney tonight, and she likes the show. Can you get her a script a half-hour from now?' So we just sort of busted ass for the next 40 minutes, hit print and showed her our in-progress rewrite of the episode. She got in and thought the character was really funny and said yes the very next day.

So the script came before you knew Britney would be attached to it?
That's right. They thought the part was a great thing for Britney to do, just to keep her acting chops up and come have fun with us for a week.

Describe the role.
The episode's about Ted, our main character. Ted went crazy one night earlier in this season and got an embarrassing butterfly stamped right above his ass. Not his proudest moment. So he's now in the predicament of having to remove this tattoo, so he goes to a dermatologist to remove it and gets a big crush on his dermatologist. What he's sort of oblivious to, as he's pursuing this dermatologist, is that the dermatologist’s receptionist (Spears) is falling in love with him. It's a fun, romantic comedy episode.

So it worked out pretty well that you happened to have this part.
I think it was great because it was the size and shape of what they wanted [her] to do. They were very explicit about wanting to do a funny, smaller part that Britney could come in and have a good time with. So I think it just fit what they were looking for. Britney came in [Monday], we did the table read. She did a great job, and we all had a lot of fun.

What happened at the table read?
She showed up a little bit early -- the table read is at 10 a.m. -- so she could talk to us and our director. It was great because we all got to know each other. We described what a fun, low-key environment our set was, and it seemed like that was exactly what she was looking for.

How did the cast get along with her?
Great, they seemed to click. She seemed to fit right in! She was having a good time. She was laughing. And it's a very sweet, romantic episode, so the vibe in the room was just very fun. Everyone was having a good time, and I think she had a good time.

When will she be filming these scenes?
It'll be one of the days of this week: Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. It'll be a day-and-a-half during those three days, but we don't have the full schedule yet, so we're not sure.

Is she going to talk differently, dress differently?
It's a character, for sure! Britney's not playing a version of herself. I think that's part of what appealed to her: She gets to play a character who's not her.

Is this going to be a recurring character?
You never know! We don't rule anything out.

Do you know when this episode will be airing?
The episode is going to be on March 24.

How long was she at the table read for?
She was probably here for an hour-and-a-half.

Did she give the impression that she knew the characters?
I think she did. She was really laughing a lot during the table read and seemed to understand the characters. When we were trying to get her to come on, we sent her that early version of the script and a few episodes. So she brushed up on watching those episodes again and read the script. We heard that she really liked all of it. We were thrilled that, less than 24 hours later, she was doing the show. That must mean that she liked the script!

That's a pretty good sign.
I think it's going to be one of our best episodes of season three!

Amazing ... I AM SO HAPPY! I didn't really convey this yesterday when I posted the news but I about literally fell onto the floor when I found out she was appearing on the show. All of this came about so quickly that I had a hard time believing it. Once I picked my jaw up off the ground, it dawned on me what an amazingly positive experience this will be for our dear Britney. I cannot wait to watch this ep. I wouldn't be surprised if Britney's character does become a recurring character ... not that I know that she will be or anything like that ;) People, I think this news deserves a resounding Woot! Woot! [Source]


It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Here is the cover artwork for the new Madonna single 4 Minutes (to Save the World), the first from her new studio album Hard Candy, which features Justin Timberlake and has *just* leaked onto the InterWeb:

Yeah, the quality isn't so great but at least we get a good feel for what the artwork will look like once it officially gets released UPDATE: The HQ version of the cover artwork just made its way to my inbox. Boy, Maddy and JT are practically joined at the hip these days ... just like Maddy and Britney Spears were back in the In The Zone era. It occurred to me while watching Madonna's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night that had the induction ceremony taken place back when Madonna and Britney were BFF that Britters would've been the one to induct Madge into the Rock Hall (they might've even shared a kiss on stage as well) instead of JT ... what a difference a few years makes, huh? [thanks Kevin]

Additionally, here is the official press release from for her new album Hard Candy which is due for release on April 29:


Madonna's 11th studio album for Warner Bros. Records "HARD CANDY" is scheduled to have a global release on April 28th and a US release on April 29th, it was confirmed by her label. "HARD CANDY" (the follow up to Madonna's "CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR" which debuted at No. 1 in 30 countries and sold over 8 million copies), has been described as a brilliant up-tempo collection of 12 songs in which Madonna remains ensconced in club mode but this time adds an urban hip hop beat in collaboration with musical partners Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes and Nate "Danja" Hills. The debut single, the pulsating "4 Minutes" will be released at the end of March.

"The title is a juxtaposition of tough and sweetness -- kind of like I'm gonna kick your ass but it's going to make you feel good. And of course, I love candy" laughed the material girl.

Madonna, a multi-Grammy-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, cultural icon, world renowned stage performer, video visionary, children's book author, director and documentary film maker has sold 200 million albums in the course of her unprecedented two decade plus career and is slated to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10th.

Um, yeah, there ain't all that much new info in this press release but I figured it'd be worth posting for the sake of completion. Now that Madonna is officially a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which I'm sure has been a preoccupation and a distraction for the past few weeks) she can get back to the business of releasing this new album already! [Source]


Hall Of Famer

Last night, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- along with fellow Class of 2008 inductees John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, The Ventures and The Dave Clark Five (and a few others) -- in her very first year of eligibility (25 years after the release of her first record) at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC. Our Lady Madonna was inducted into the Rock Hall by one of her most recent musical collaborators -- Justin Timberlake ... who gave a rambling and oftentimes awkward-sounding speech ... which I transcribed word for word and present to you in its entirety:

Ok, shut up, it's not about me tonight. Madonna ... Madonna will be out of the music business in six months (noise from the audience) ... just let me finish. 'Her voice is like Minnie Mouse on helium.' 'Comparing Marilyn Monroe to Madonna is like comparing Raquel Welch to the back of a bus.' That's what they were saying about Madonna 25 years ago, I don't think any of them around to say it tonight. See a strange thing happens when you are asked to induct Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. First, of course, you're overwhelmingly honored because there is and will only every be one Madonna. But then, but then, you become aware that every single word you can possibly imagine saying about Madonna suddenly sounds much hotter, much dirtier and a whole hell of lot more fun. 'Induct her? Why, yes, I'd love to.' 'Enter the hall. Every chance I get.' With all do respect to the fine city of Cleveland, even that place sounds slight erotic knowing that Madonna is going to be 'entering the hall' just as soon as I have the pleasure of personally inducting her. And though I'm pretty sure that Little Richard would disagree, the truth is that nobody has ever gotten into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while still looking this damn fine. Madonna, you're taking your rightful place in this hall but I'll just go on record saying you're no old museum piece. But tonight, tonight is not just a chance for me to come to Madonna (I said 'come on to', that's terrible) ... tonight is a moment to pause and consider the singular impact of this woman. Madonna has changed the way our world sounded, she's changed the way our world looked and somehow she still found time to publicly kiss at least someone who I may or may not have kissed myself ... while I was in the audience, yeah, course you know I'm all talking about Sean Penn. They're jokes! They, they're jokes! For longer than I can remember, back before breastfeeding, Madonna has been causing a stir, usually well-timed for the release of her latest album and making our culture a more provocative and interesting place. When she first appeared on the scene a sultry, dance-pop act dressed in lace and fishnet stockings, Madonna captured the attention of women and men with a certain downtown thrift store chic that was all her own ... until millions tried to jump on her bandwagon. Back then, few would have predicted that all these years later, and she politely but firmly forbid me to count, she would remain one of the most popular and crowd-pleasing acts all around the world. Yet, Madonna hasn't become one of music's greatest stories ever told just by shocking us at regular intervals, she's done it by working harder and being smarter than everybody else. As she made MTV the place to be seen, she racked up the greatest track-record in music history -- 47 Top 40 hits. That's almost one for every year that she's been alive, give or take a few ... but ... I told her I was gonna jab her a little bit. Anyways, the point is this is a singing, dancing, writing, promoting, achieving superstar who became the biggest name on the planet the old fashioned way -- she earned it. The success story of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, the daughter of Madonna Louise and Tony P. Ciccone, from Bay City, Michigan is a one-of-a-kind and truly global. Like most great artists, Madonna didn't have the easiest of childhoods but she found her way to New York City, a place that seemed to suit her incredible style and energy. She studied dance with Alvin Ailey and even toured with a disco act called The Patrick Hernandez Review. Madonna has always proudly let her dance music roots show. Dance music often expresses joy, and the joy of sex but Madonna drew upon its power to spread a message that suggests that she was never really a 'material girl'. Her tracks have always been fresh with an ever-changing sense of style and groove yet taken as a whole, her shapely body of work told a story and offered a transcendent message of hope and empowerment that managed to be spiritual and sensual. Madonna's music dared you, hell it ordered you, to express yourself, to open your heart, to cherish and to justify her love. Whatever pose she was striking, at any given moment, Madonna has remained both a familiar friend and a beautiful stranger. She's consistently evoked the past with an edge that felt shockingly new. She bravely mixed and matched the sacred and the profane. She may have been in some way like a virgin but there was never any doubt this is a woman of experience. 'Sex' is not just the name of some book she wrote and there's never been any question about who's running Madonna's career. She's always been a woman on top and I'm sure fully enjoying that position. And that's true today, whether that's in her position as singer, song writer, dancer, producer, author, director, wife or mother. I co-wrote and co-produced half of the tracks on her new record entitled 'Hard Candy'. And naturally when I tell people that they're always asking me what it's reeeeally like to work with Madonna. Is she the control freak that everyone says she is? And I'm gonna tell ya, hell yeah. As a matter of fact, I wanna tell a little story really quick -- one day, in London, I showed up to the studio and (it's prolly because of the freakin' schedule she had us under) but I was feeling a little ill, I was feeling under the weather and she could tell and she said, 'You're not feeling too well today?' and I said, 'Noooo not too well today.' and she said, 'Well, would you like a B12 shot? We could get a B12 shot.' and I was like, 'Yeah, I'd love a B12 shot.' That's the first thing I thought of. And, uh, and so I'm thinking, right, that we're gonna call it a doctor and he's gonna make a house-call [mumbling] Here's a B12 shot. And, uh, then she proceeds to reach into her designer handbag and, uh, pull a Zip-Lock bag of B12 syringes out. And then she looks at me with that face that she looks at people with and she says to me, 'Drop 'em.' I don't ... I don't know what you say to that so I immediately dropped my pants. This is a true story by the way, I swear I'm not making this up. So, uh, she gives me the B12 shot, in my ass and then she looks at me and she says, 'Nice top shelf.' And that was one of the greatest days of my life. But, I guess in my own cheesy way I got to thinkin' I would tell this story because I figured that's exactly what Madonna is and will continue to be for all of us -- the shot in the ass when we really needed it. Her upcoming single from her new album is called '4 Minutes to Save the World' and, in a sense, that's what Madonna has always done -- save the world, one great four minute song at a time. Ladies and gentlemen, the world has long been full of Madonna wannabes, and I might have even dated a couple, but there is, but there is only one Madonna. So right now, it is one of the true thrills and privileges of my life to stand on this stage and induct Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Here is a write-up from the New York Times of last night's induction of Madonna into the Rock Hall:

Leave it to Madonna to make the right gesture. For her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, she didn't worry about whether her career as a pop hitmaker, image maker, sex symbol and provocateuse qualified her as a important figure in any narrowly defined genre of rock 'n' roll. She just brought on an unquestioned rocker -- Iggy Pop, the blunt, anarchic and durable songwriter and performer who's a fellow Michigan-born musician -- to sing punk-chorded versions of her hits "Burnin' Up" and "Ray of Light." He was shirtless, hyperactive and backed by the Stooges, who along with him have been nominated but snubbed by the Hall of Fame ... Madonna entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in its 23rd annual induction ceremony, held Monday night at the Waldorf-Astoria and telecast live on VH1 Classic. She was named to the hall alongside the Indiana rocker John Mellencamp, the Canadian songwriter Leonard Cohen, the instrumental band the Ventures, from Tacoma, Wash., and the British Invasion band the Dave Clark Five, whose lead singer, Mike Smith, died on Feb. 28. The Louisiana-born blues harmonica player Little Walter, a major figure in Chicago blues, was inducted as an influence on rock 'n' roll. The songwriters and producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, whose Philadelphia International label was a 1970s soul powerhouse, were named as nonperformers; their award had been renamed the Ahmet Ertegun Award, after the founder of Atlantic Records and one of the founders of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But it was Madonna's night. She was introduced by the multimillion-selling pop singer Justin Timberlake, who collaborated on her coming album, "Hard Candy." He said that while they were working together, he had come to the studio one day feeling ill, and Madonna had suggested a shot of vitamin B12. She didn't call a doctor, he said. She took a Zip-Loc bag of B12 syringes from her designer bag, said, "Drop 'em," gave him the shot, and added, "Nice top shelf." Mr. Timberlake said, "That was one of the greatest days of my life." Madonna, calling herself a "control freak," immediately corrected him. "I said, 'Pull your pants down,'" she asserted, before starting one of the longest speeches given at any Hall of Fame ceremony. Among the people she thanked were naysayers: "The ones that said I was talentless, that I was chubby, that I couldn't sing, that I was a one-hit wonder," she said. "They pushed me to be better, and I am grateful for their resistance." The annual induction ceremony, for musicians whose first commercial releases were at least 25 years ago, took place as the recording business struggles. Strangely, the goodie bag for those who attended the ceremony included a stack of blank recordable compact discs -- which can hold copies of music that has not been paid for. Presenters faced the downturn with jokes. Paying tribute to John Mellencamp, Billy Joel said: "Let's face it. Nobody's selling records anymore. The record industry died before you did. Congratulations, John." Mr. Mellencamp, the heartland rocker, performed his own songs, including "Pink Houses" and "Small Town," and had much of the black-tie crowd on its feet during "Authority Song." He said he was glad that during his career, "people thought the songs was about them. I want to thank those people" ... Leonard Cohen was introduced by Lou Reed, who quoted extensively from Mr. Cohen's lyrics. "Thank you so much for reminding me that I wrote a couple of good lines," Mr. Cohen deadpanned in his sepulchral voice. He called entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame an "unlikely event." A respectful Ben Harper inducted Little Walter, saying, "You can hear the instrument saying to its player in every note, 'Thank you, thank you for all you’ve done for me.'" Then he performed "My Babe" with James Cotton on harmonica. Early-1960s Ventures hits helped define the basic rock-band lineup of two guitars, bass and drums. They performed "Walk Don't Run" with a substitute lead guitarist, since one of the band's founders, Bob Bogle, could not attend. "That was the song that made all of the guitar heroes want pick up the guitar," said Paul Shaffer, the night's music director.

Here is video of most of Madonna's acceptance speech (the clip is 10 mins. long and, yet, Madge still had lots to say and is cut off at the end):

What else can be said ... much congrats goes out to Madonna and all of this year's inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Despite the fact that there are a few haters out there who are still talking shizz about Madge, she continues to be a force to be reckoned with. I was very impressed that she remembered to thank her ballet teacher, Christopher Flynn, from Detroit who encouraged her to follow her dreams because she was special. See, there are a lot of cool people that come out of Detroit Rock City (I also love that she thanked the Semtex Girls, who hold a very dear place in my heart ... they were the ones who helped me get to meet Madonna back in October of 2005) 25 years into her career, she continues to ignite fans around the world with her music and her artistry. There are a great many of us who have been fans of Madonna since as early as we can remember and I contend that she still has many more fans to come along the way. This most recent accolade is only the latest in a long career of accomplishments ... and she's far from coming to the end of her professional journey. I am very proud of my Michigan "hometown" girl. I can't wait to see and hear what she's got in store for us next. [Source]


"Let It Hang!"

My boys at gave me the head's up of a great article from DNR on Vicki B.'s foray into the realm of men's jeans. Here is the first image from the new range of dVb men's jeans which features a model that is MEANT TO LOOK like someone that a few of us may know and lurve ... immensely ... with all the strength of our being:

Victoria Beckham despises skinny jeans on men. "I think guys should wear jeans big and baggy, with a big pair of boots or flip-flops—exactly how you see David when he's out in his jeans and T-shirt," she advised on a phone call from her L.A. home last week, referencing her husband, soccer superstar David Beckham. "Do not pull them up tight and have your bulge showing. Let it hang!" The former Spice Girl's fecund fashion tips came as she readies the launch of a men's jeans range, which will hit stores this August. Branded under her dVb label, the jeans are the latest step in Beckham's budding fashion career, which began last year with the launch of women's jeans, eyewear, and his-and-her fragrances. "These are not skinny jeans. They are what I call proper men's jeans," said Beckham of her foray into the men's market. "If you are a man that likes really skinny jeans, very fashiony, this isn't really the line for you. I didn't want anything too tight around the crotch. That really repulses me. It might be fashionable, but you are not going to get that from dVb." Beckham's jeans are produced in partnership with Western Glove Works, the Winnipeg, Canada–based company that also markets the Silver Jeans and 1921 denim brands. The first delivery has been tightly edited and includes a boot fit available in five washes—such as a dark resin wash, a vintage stain wash and a light gray wash—and a boot fit with a back flap pocket, in a vintage stone-bleach wash. A later holiday delivery will expand the fit offerings to a straight leg and will also include vintage-wash T-shirts. The jeans, sourced in Asia and Morocco, will retail from $220 to $285. Design details include an aged leather waistband patch with the dVb logo, antique copper finish hardware, and purple pocket bags. Beckham and Western Glove Works are targeting top-tier specialty retailers for the men's jeans, which are sold out of the Denim Area showrooms in New York and L.A. The women's denim collection is currently carried in about 600 doors globally, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Maxfield, Kitson, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Colette. "I've used the best Japanese denim, and I think I've created a fit that is very flattering and very comfortable," said Beckham, who is creative director of the dVb brand. "I'm a complete control freak and I want everything to be perfect. I'm not doing a Britney Spears and just putting my name on something and saying, 'Sell this perfume.' This is a real passion of mine. People think all I do is go shopping like a miserable cow, but, in actual fact, I work bloody hard" ... "I'm so grateful to the fashion industry for giving me an opportunity," said Beckham, who currently stars in the Marc Jacobs spring advertising campaign. "I've got a long way to go. It's a great big ladder and I'm right at the bottom, but this is what I want to be doing 20 years from now." Beckham hopes to expand dVb into children's wear in the future, as she has three sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, ages three to nine. (Cruz gained fame in his own right recently, due to a video of him break dancing during a Spice Girls concert, which garnered several million hits on YouTube.) She is also interested in creating shoes and bags—but takes a long-term view of the business. "I want to grow dVb at a steady pace. Lots of people have shown interest, but it's finding the right way to do it," she noted. "Everything I do with dVb is true to my heart, and it has to have some relevance to me, my children or my husband."

Clearly, Vicki B. has her (tin?) heart set on conquering the world, one article of over-priced clothing at a time. But you know what, I ain't gonna lie ... it don't matter what she wants to sell to me ... if she puts David Beckham in her clothes, I'm apt to buy them. That being said, I don't even particularly think that the Becks look-alike's booty looks good in this dVb ad. Hee hee, it's funny that VB couldn't get DB to appear in the ad ;) I get that she hates "skinny jeans" but a little definition goes along way. It would be a bit of a crime to hide Becks' assets like this ... but I guess it's OK ... we still have that amazing Armani Underwear ad to refer back to ;) It turns out that the guy in this photo is merely meant to look like our dear David Beckham but is actually just a doppelganger. Whew! [Source via Oh La La]


Strollin' With The Homies

Here is an absolutely ADORABLE photo of my homeboys Grey's Anatomy star TR Knight out for a happy hand-holding stroll with his boyfriend Mark Cornelsen and their dogs this past Sunday:

OY ... they're a really cute couple. I'm glad to see that things seem to still be kosher with these two. Since La-Ben broke up we're down a hawt Hollywood man-couple so it looks like TR and Mark move to the front of the line. Is it time that we start referring to them as The Mark Knight? Ugh ... okay, that's a pretty bad nickname but I guess it'll have to do until either A.) a better name comes along or B.) the couple implodes within moments like many gay couples do. [Source]


Au Naturale

Previously, I blogged that Celine Dion seemed extremely proud to show off her freshly shaven armpits at a recent concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan this weekend as she spent approximately 92.3% of the show with her arms raised high for all the audience to see. The only problem is that it looks like Celine spent all of her pre-concert prep time on her armpits and failed to run the razor over her legs:

Her face had been carefully made up, nails polished and outfit primped just so, but Celine Dion forgot one important thing before performing in Toyko over the weekend. It appeared the My Heart Will Go On singer had forgotten to wax her legs, with severe back lighting revealing their rather hairy state as she strutted around the stage. But despite the grooming oversight, she succeeded in wowing the crowd with a typically dazzling performance.

Meh. She can't think of everything. Thankfully it was only her hairy legs that we've been subjected to ... I shudder to think about what other parts of her body may be in dire need of pruning, as well. Yipes! [Source]


Birthday Boys

Much birthday lurve goes out to a couple of my buds (who also happen to be a couple of my fave rockers, as well) today who are each celebrating another year of life ... twin brothers in arms Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte are one year older today:

I'm sending all my lurve to my boys from Waldorf, Maryland along with my wishes for a very happy and healthy birthday today. I know that Joel must ecstatic to be able to celebrate his birthday with his beautiful newborn baby daughter Harlow Winter ... and I'm sure that Benji doesn't mind that he gets to celebrate with his newborn niece as well.

Here's hoping that all the twins' birthday wishes come true today! Happy Birthday 29th, guys!!



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