Monday, April 21, 2008

Neil Patrick Harris Is Looking Forward To Britney's Return To HIMYM ... I Think

While doing promo for his new movie Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Neil Patrick Harris was asked by Extra TV about his feelings concerning the report that Britney Spears will be making another guest appearance on his TV show, How I Met Your Mother. NPH wants to make sure that everyone knows that he didn't make any disparaging remarks about Britney's guest stint the first time around and says that he is looking forward to welcoming her back to the set:

"Extra" sat down with How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris who spoke about Britney Spears' rumored return to the hit show, making the sequel to cult classic Harold and Kumar Goes to White Castle and whether he's made plans to return to Broadway. As for whether or not Britney Spears will reprise her role as Abby on HIMYM, Harris responded, "I don't know if it's true or not actually. I read it online as well, so nothing has been confirmed to me in any way, but we would be so lucky to have her. She was great fun the first time." When asked to set the record straight about the rumored negative comments he made regarding Spears, Harris explained, "I made no comments about her that I needed to correct. I've said all along that she was great on the show and she was and she was fun to be around ... We're very protective of her while we're making the show so there's not a lot of dirt to be said ... I think it was a slow news day ... It's interesting for me to see how the media's game of telephone, especially on the internet, plays out."

When asked the same thing by MTV News, NPH reiterated his lurve for Brit Brit:

It's been a long, long time since anyone asked Britney Spears for an encore, but the singer is reportedly planning on taking a second bow in her role as a ditzy receptionist on the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." After her first appearance on March 24 catapulted the comedy to its best ratings ever among viewers ages 18-to-49, Spears is scheduled to return to the show for another episode, according to People magazine. "The show is ecstatic, and so is Britney," an unnamed source told the magazine. "She had so much fun the first time around, she really wanted to come back. It was a mutual decision to work together more." ... co-star Neil Patrick Harris seemed to confirm the news to MTV News on Sunday at the New York Comic-Con. "She's coming back again, so I hear, so it should be fun," the "Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay" actor said. He added that his enthusiasm is not exactly a reversal from the comments he made two weeks after Spears first appearance on the show, when he said he doubted that Spears, 26, would join the ensemble as a recurring character. "The media takes things out of context and makes other stories out of them, which was pretty much that in a nutshell," he said in reference to his previous statement. "She's not an actress," he told MTV News earlier this month. "She played a role for a week, and did a really nice job, but the workload involved with doing memorization and the purging of comedy over and over is really, really hard. I mean, it takes a strong skill set to do that every week."

It's not that I don't believe Neil's sincerity but I really don't hear that much geniuneness from his comments. I'm sure the last thing he wants to do is talk about Britney Spears when he's promoting one of his movies but the mantle has fallen on his shoulders to do so. Britney Spears gave HIMYM such stellar ratings, of course they are going to have her back ... I don't know that I'd be happy to be overshadowed by that kind of attention on my TV show so ... I can understand if folks aren't all that excited about her guest stints. All in all, if more folks are watching the show, for whatever reason, then any attention is positive attention. In the end, I'm sure that all the HIMYM cast members will be happy to have Britney back on the set ... son long as she keeps doing guest stints and doesn't become a series regular ;) [Source, Source]

Better The Devil You Know Wears Prada

Here are a few pics of Kylie Minogue doing a bit of shopping at the Prada store on Sloane Street in London, England this weekend obvs in the mood to pick up a hot new pair of shoes:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Kylie Minogue always has such a big smile on her face but I think this one is extra big since she's shopping for shoes ... I know the feeling :) [Source]

Fruit Filled

While making his way to Walt Disney Studios on his motorcycle here in SoCal over the weekend, Brad Pitt showed off which brand of undies he prefers to wrap his goodies in:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

While David Beckham is an Armani underwear man, Brad prefers to secure the family jewels in a good ol' fashioned, tighty whitey, pair of Fruit of the Loom briefs. On most anyone else that would be such a turn off ... but on Brad, well, it sounds kinda hot ... am I right? [Source]

Pete Doherty Makes A Pen Pal While In The Pen

Pete Doherty is clearing up at least one rumor while he cools his heels behind bars in a UK jail cell. Writing to an NME reader, Pete penned a short note back to the fan revealing that reports of his drug use while behind bars are wrong. Pete failed to address the news that he has been evicted from his home in this short note but perhaps we'll be getting a new note tomorrow. Here is a pic of the note that Pete sent to his fan (along with a clear translation) and the Daily Mirror report on his eviction:

"Watcha Jenny! All the best from The Scrubs. Tell 'em I'm clean, countin' the days until the next freedom gig! Yours, Pete D."

Well, that settles it. No drugs for Pete. Here's the report:

He's broke, banged up in jail and now Pete Doherty has been kicked out of his house after spraying blood all over the walls. The jailed junkie is thousands of pounds in debt. Now he has been evicted from his sprawling nine-bedroom mansion after wrecking the place over the past year. Popping over to check on the place the landlord was horrified to find that his beautiful country pad had become a stinking hovel. The walls, floor and even some of the windows have been daubed with human blood. And we're told the stench from his abandoned nine cats is so strong it would turn the strongest stomach. After taking one look at the carnage, the landlord cancelled Doherty's tenancy.

Now really, is anyone at all surprised by this news? Surely not I ... but OMG ... I can't wait for Pete's next Letter of Truth from behind bars. Someone get the man a blog, post haste! [Source, Source]

The Promise Of A New Day ... The New Cast Of 24 Revealed

Pink reader Rawa, who hails all the way from Sweden, sends in an amazing promo photo of the cast of season 7 of 24. As you can see from this kickass photo, Jack Bauer and the gang are back for action ... there are some familiar faces as well as some new faces ... check it out:

Click above to see larger image

OMG ... I'm dying, this photo rules! Chloe O'Brien looks great as does a very facial-hairy Bill Buchanan ... and is that the bespeckled Janeane Garofalo, in a very smart suit, I see among the other new CTU agents? Madam President stands with her aides to the right but we still don't know if she's gonna be a good prez or a bad prez. I am SO dying ... what a great tease for the new season to come. I know I am not alone with my excitement ... enjoy!! [thanks Rawa]

The TV Guide: All Danced Out

Welp, I've made my way back home to LA after my quick trip home to Detroit this weekend ... which was really fun and deffo worth the time. I had a late flight out of Detroit yesterday which allowed me to spend some time with my parents (since I spent a lot of my other time at home with various friends). The flight home wasn't one of my better flights ... there was a poor, screaming baby sitting right across the aisle from me and before I could get really angry I started to feel so bad for her parents. It can't be easy traveling, let alone taking care of a young child so I just put my headphones on and read/slept for most of the trip. I'm telling you, positivity works much better than negativity ... the cute little girl ended up falling asleep too and everyone was very happy she was getting some rest.

I have to send out much love to my friend Mike who happily picked me up from LAX Airport last night ... you can really tell who your friends are when you need to move or be picked up from the airport.

It's good to be home, that's for sure ... the sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be a pretty nice week. This afternoon I have a *very cool* appointment that I'd like to keep under wraps for now. If everything works out well, I'll have some great news soon :) The rest of the week looks chill ... hopefully I'll get to see some friends who I haven't been able to see for some time now. David comes back to town later on in the week for our friend Gillian's wedding next Saturday -- that should be a lot of fun too. And so ... I hope this fine Monday is treatin' all y'all very well -- I'm having a pretty decent one myself.

Les News: An American Idol Silenced, Pete Gets Evicted, Madonna Delays

Life Goes On

It has been a few months since the sad passing of Heath Ledger and it would seem that Michelle Williams and his daughter Matilda Rose are doing OK ... well, about as OK as they can be in the wake of their loss. Here are a couple of really supercute pics of Michelle and Matilda enjoying the lovely Spring weather in Brooklyn, NY as the pair went for nice stroll this past Saturday afternoon:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

It is really remarkable how much Matilda Rose looks like her late father Heath Ledger. While it is incredibly sad that Heath passed away at such a young age, it is clear that he lives on in his baby girl. Michelle has been back into the swing of things lately ... she has long since resumed work on her new projects (her latest movie Deception opens in theaters this Friday) and has been staying very active with her little girl. I do not imagine that the pain of their loss has completely gone away but it is comforting to see that both Michelle and Matilda are doing well so soon after Heath's death. Matilda just looks so much like him ... it's very nice that she will be a constant reminder of her very talented father. [Source]

The Perfect Afternoon

Before Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale made their way out to Santa Monica, CA last night to dine with Les Beckhams and her famous friends, the happy couple spent their Saturday afternoon with their first born son Kingston James. The happy family made their way to the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Blvd. for an afternoon showing of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian before heading off to a nearby park afterwards to play together on the playground ... capping off the perfect Saturday afternoon for the perfect Hollywood family ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: INFdaily

OMG ... seriously ... the cuteness never ends with this family! You've got daddy Gavin at the top of the slide and mommy Gwen at the bottom of the slide so that little prince Kingston doesn't get hurt by going down the slide (tho, if they don't let the kid toughen up a bit, he's bound to suffer thru some ass-beatings once he starts going to school ... Zahara Jolie-Pitt would deffo be the one to whip his ass). I've mentioned before how the Stefani-Rossdale cuteness borders on nausea from time to time but I can't really hate on them at all. They are the pefect model for the perfect family and I just love them. [Source]

Hyperbole, Thy Name Is New York Magazine

As anyone with eyes knows (due to the media commercial onslaught which launched in recent weeks), Gossip Girl returns with all new episodes starting tonight on The CW after being off the air for far too many months due to that heinous Writer's Strike that pretty much ruined this TV season (despite the fact that a few shows have managed to roll with the punches and have made the most of the situation). Seemingly overnight (well actually, not overnight but since the show aired its last new episode), Gossip Girl has turned into a huge sensation. I don't recall the show being quite this popular when it was airing last Fall but suddenly, it has become (to quote New York magazine) the Best.Show.Ever. Here is the cover of the new issue of New York magazine which features the white pajama-clad principal Gossip Girl cast and a few photos from the coverstory (titled The Genius of Gossip Girl) that rambles on and on and on (page after page after page) about how Gossip Girl is now suddenly the most important thing that has ever graced the television screen ... like, EVER:

The coverstory begins with a cute little narrative about how young girl fans of Gossip Girl have been going apeshizz over the filming of new eps of the show all over Manhattan and how the writers of the story identify with those young fans ... then the article goes on to explain just exactly why the show is worthy of this devotion and makes the case for its "geniusness":

[T]here should be no shame in a love of Gossip Girl. After all, it is (and we have come to this conclusion honestly) the most awesomely awesome show ever. And so on the eve of the show's return from writers'-strike limbo, we are here to give you the six best reasons you should openly love Gossip Girl, even if you’ve never seen it before. Why waste so much time writing about something so insipid? Because, dear readers, it's not.

And here are the 6 best reasons to openly love Gossip Girl, according to New York magazine:

Reason No. 1 Because 'Gossip Girl' is the Greatest Teen Drama of All Time. Reason No. 2 Because offscreen, the drama continues. Reason No. 3 Because 'Gossip Girl' is changing the very model of a successful TV show. Reason No. 4 Because of Blake and Leighton. Reason No. 5 Because there may really be a Gossip Girl. Reason No. 6 Because, against all odds, it offers profound social commentary.

At least the magazine offers up a substantial case for their argument, as I said, the article is a very long one. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Gossip Girl and I am among the throngs of eager folks waiting in anticipation of the new eps which start airing tonight but I'm afraid this bit of over-exaggeration just does nothing for me. To proclaim the show "genius" is taking things a bit far but to make the bold statement right on the cover page that it is the Best.Show.Ever. with all seriousness is just too much. It's a good show, it may be better than most but IMHO it is by far from the best show ever ... it's not even the best teen show ever. While GG is very contemporary and it really highlights all the things about teenage culture that are so popular right now (technology, blogging, high fashion), I fail to see how it is at all revolutionary. Had the iPhone been around during the days of Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay's reign, you better believe Brenda would've been txting death threats to Kelly Taylor that she better stay away from Dylan "or else" by way of her touch-screen keypad (while Donna Martin blogs away the lonely nights about how her chastity is killing her relationship with David Silver). For me, over-reaching hype like this ridiculous fawning by New York magazine is the surest first step towards killing a fun show like Gossip Girl. Yes, it may help promote the show in the long run but as soon as you tell teenagers what is the "cool" thing they immediately become uninterested and end up proving you wrong ... just because they can. If Gossip Girl is going to be successful (and it very well may be hugely successful), it's not going to be because of platitudes like this from NY mag ... as long as the show keeps giving the teen angst, the sexy hook-ups and the fabulous bitchiness (just like all teenage dramas have been doing for years), it'll remain a very popular TV show ... for about as long as it takes for the next Best.Show.Ever. to come along. Even the reign of Beverly Hills, 90210 (arguably the most successful teenage drama of all time) came to an end eventually ... my only hope is that we're not forced to have to follow the GG kids to college and beyond -- that would most likely make it the [Source]

Jesse's Bringing HairyBack To His Front

The once and former beefcake Jesse Metcalfe has posted photos on his official My Space profile from a newish beach photoshoot. Gone are his silky smooth pecs since, it would seem that, chest hair is making a comeback. Here are a few of Jesse's new photos:

I'm not usually a fan of the overwaxed look on guys so I'm happy to see that Jesse has returned to his natural look (just as long as he keeps things under control ... manscaping is a duty that should not be taken lightly). I believe that Jess is going for that tough-guy bravado that tries to say, You don't want to eff with me. Clearly, British rapper Mims wasn't really feeling his bravado when he beat Jesse's ass a couple of months ago ... but maybe Jesse was still waxing back then. In any regard, I have to say that I kinda like this look on Jesse. He doesn't really have much else going on right now so I guess making a return to the beefcake look is what he has to resort to these days. Trust me, I'm not complaining. I'd much prefer more half-nekkid pics like these and less John Tucker Must Dies. [Source via Source]

Sporty Spice-lings

In other Beckham news today, David Beckham and the LA Galaxy managed to pull out a 2-2 tie against the, thus far, winless Houston Dynamo at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA this past Saturday evening. Working in concert with his Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan, Becks provided 2 of his trademark passes to tie up the score and save the Galaxy from suffering another loss -- dare I say they are on a winning unlosing streak? To celebrate the tie, David Beckham stripped off his jersey (as he usually does at the end of soccer matches) and managed to give us a peek of his world-famous Armani Undies ... which is really cause for celebration for us, too:

David Beckham supplied two trademark passes for a Landon Donovan brace as the Los Angeles Galaxy held two-time defending champions Houston Dynamos to a 2-2 home draw in Major League soccer action on Saturday night. Donovan took advantage of a right wing cross to level for the second time in the 84th minute. A similar pin-point cross enabled him to make it 1-1 in the 67th minute with a diving header. Houston, who were twice ahead through Brad Davis and Argentine Franco Caaraccio, are still looking for a first win of the season after four games. "I've always said my game is about getting assists. It was great for Landon (Donovan) to get two goals," Beckham told the Associated Press. He smiled and added, "Goal scorers want to score, so it's good to make them go home happy."

Yay! The Galaxy may not be winning all their games but at least they aren't losing games either. I'm happy with the tie ... it adds to the momentum that the team has built up over the last few games. This is exactly the sort of news that Galaxy fans have been praying for since Becks' arrival on the team ... the season has a very hopeful outlook thus far. I'm just glad whenever Galaxy games end on a happy note ... sure, Becks still strips off his clothes whether he wins or loses but I think he gives off a little extra oomph when he is celebrating a win. Oomph away, Becks, oomph away!! [Source, Source]

Yesterday afternoon, before Becks and Vicki B. met up with their group of famous friends for another VB birthday dinner at Via Veneto in Santa Monica last night, Becks took his eldest sons Brooklyn and Romeo to watch the LA Lakers defeat the Denver Nuggets with a final score of 128-114 at the Staples Center in downtown LA. The Beckham boys were all wearing Lakers colors as they sat courtside while cheering on their team ... and you will note that Becks was on his best behavior yesterday, he managed to keep his eyes OFF the Laker Girl Cheerleaders and on the game at hand:

Photo credit: Splash News

Last week he was caught sizing up a cheerleader at an NBA game, but this time David Beckham was taking no chances. The football star, accompanied by his eldest sons Brooklyn and Romeo, appeared to be making every effort to keep his eyes planted firmly on the ball as he sat front row at the Los Angeles Staples Centre yesterday. He managed to resist the temptation of a cheeky sideways glance, instead turning his full attention on court as the LA Lakers defeated Denver 128-114.

LOL! I bet Vicki B. didn't take too kindly to seeing photos of her husband gawking at other younger women (click HERE for a reminder of Becks's wandering eye) so Becks decided to be good at yesterday's game. Maybe that was his birthday gift to her? At any rate, I always love it when Becks takes his sons out for events like this ... he looks so loving ... The Beckhams really do make an adorable family -- VB's obscenely oversized silicone breasts, superplumped lips and vapid, uncaring stare notwithstanding. [Source]

The Party Don't Stop

Victoria Beckham must be really thrilled to be turning 34 years old this year because she just can't seem to stop all the celebratin'. On the eve of her 34th year last Wednesday, VB and hubby David Beckham enjoyed an intimate birthday dinner with Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria at Longoria's new restaurant Beso and then on her actual birthday this past Thursday, VB celebrated with just her family at Pink Taco in Centry City. Last night, in Santa Monica, CA, Vicki B. got herself all glammed up for a more star-studded birthday dinner at Via Veneto ... this time, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes came out for the celebration ...

Photo credit: X17 and WENN

... along with a host of other famous celeb friends, like Eva Longoria, P. Diddy, Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale, Elton John & David Furnish and Kate Beckinsale:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Well, at least this birthday celebration was a bit more worthy of a Posh birthday party. Hopefully now VB got all the partying out of her system and she can go back to ... well, doing whatever it is that she does on a regular day-to-day basis. Once again, Happy Birthday, Vicki B.

OH yes, one more bit of VBness ... Ms. Vicki was spotted enjoying a nice, relaxing afternoon at a pool in Beverly Hills, CA over the weekend and was snapped drying off and wrapping herself up in a lovely American flag beach towel:

Photo credit: X17

It appears that VB is acclimating herself nicely to American culture. There was some talk that she was getting tired of living in the US already (just under a year since Les Beckhams arrived last July) but I don't think that is the case. With the exchange rage between British pounds and the American dollar in the state it's in ... I bet VB is very happy to be living full-time here in the US of A where everything she likes to shop for is basically 50% off. God Bless America, indeed.