Friday, April 18, 2008

Win Madonna's Music Catalog

Okay ... who wants to win some CDs ... Madonna CDs to be exact ... pretty much ALL of Madonna's CDs, in fact. That's right folks, it's time for another fun Pink is the new Blog giveaway contest where you have the chance to win almost every studio album released by Madonna from the start of her career right up to her most recent album Confessions on a Dance Floor:

This prize pack is a doozy ... if you're the lucky winner you will win these CDs -- Madonna, Like a Virgin, True Blue, Like a Prayer, Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light, Music, American Life, I'm Going to Tell You a Secret, Confessions on a Dance Floor INCLUDING the compilations You Can Dance, The Immaculate Collection, Something to Remember, GHV2, Remixed & Revisited - EP and The Confessions Tour DVD/CD. Yeah, this is one hell of a cool prize ...

... SOOOOO, in order to enter to win this Madonna Catalog Priz Pack you need to submit a photo of you and/or some friends either dressed up like Madonna, recreating one of Madonna's album covers or with Madonna herself. This is a big prize so I'm gonna be discerning when choosing a winner -- make sure your entry is a good one. You can have a lot of fun dressing up like Madge (many of you may have already dressed up like Maddy for Halloween or costume parties in years past) so send in your best photo. What a great way to get amped for the release of Madonna's new album Hard Candy which hits stores on April 29th (which you can preorder at iTunes HERE):

Be creative, have fun ... the winning photo will be posted here on the site. Click HERE to email your entries ... I will be taking submissions up until next Friday afternoon and then a winner will be picked over the weekend. Goooood luck!!!

Get Some Rest

Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and his Divide Pictures producing partner (and good friend) Russ Cundiff have collaborated on a comic book project that will be released by Devil's Due Publishing later on this year. Milo and Russ are currently in NYC promoting the release of this new comic book series, entitled Rest, at New York Comic Con. Here is the cover artwork for the first book in the series:

Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia is to feature in a series of comic books. The actor, who plays Peter Petrelli in the NBC drama, has signed a deal with Devil's Due Publishing to create a four-issue miniseries called Rest. He and producing partner Russ Cundiff will develop the books via their Divide Pictures company, with Mark Powers (Drafted) attached to write them from a story by Mike O'Sullivan. The issues will focus on the dangers of staying awake as the Ventimiglia-inspired central character becomes embroiled in a conspiracy between a malevolent pharmaceutical firm and the US government. The project will be unveiled at New York's Comic-Con today and published in the autumn. If successful, the books may be made into a TV show or movie, reports Variety. Ventimiglia can currently be seen in medical thriller Pathology.

As if Milo weren't enough of a superhero already, now he will live on in comic book form as well ... I love it! The comic book series will debut as a limited edition ashcan preview at NY Comic Con but a formal introduction issue will be released this summer. Geeks all around rejoice ... a successful comic book launch may lead to a TV show which would be very cool. I'm excited to check it out -- more Milo, more Milo, more Milo :) [Source]

Free As A Bird Foxy

Foxy Brown is finally free after serving only 8 months (which included 40 days in solitary confinement) of a 1 year jail sentence for assaulting two different people last year (she assaulted a neighbor with a BlackBerry and beat the hell out of a nail technician over a $20 manicure). She was sprung from her NYC jail this afternoon in a teary and emotional media blitz that was sure to be recorded for use in her upcoming reality TV show, which will prolly also chronicle the release of her next album, Brooklyn Don Diva, on May 13. Here are a few pics of the newly freed Foxy:

Photo credit: Splash News

After eight months in prison – including 40 days in solitary confinement – rapper Foxy Brown was released Friday. Brown, 29, left the Rose M. Singer facility at Rikers Island Correctional facility in New York at 12:05 p.m., and was greeted by a swarm of photographers and fans as she exited a white Rolls Royce Phantom on the Queens side of the Rikers Island bridge. "I feel good," she said to the crowd. "I'm back home." Brown, wearing a brown leather blazer, a gold cross, blue jeans, and a brown Fendi head scarf cried as she hugged friends. She even singled out a couple people, saying, "These are my two number one fans. They are like family." After the teary reunion, Brown's entourage went to LaGuardia Inn so the rapper could talk to the press. "My family never missed a visit in eight months, ever. I cried coming out. I didn't cry coming in. There's a big difference. I believe that God put me there for a reason, Incarceration is serious," she told Access Hollywood. Adding that the first place she wanted to go after her "learning experience" was church. "He got me through," she said. Later Friday Brown was spotted buying a pocketbook and two pairs of shoes at a store called Signature in Harlem near the Apollo Theater, where she was again mobbed by fans and photographers.

Well, I'm glad that God was there in prison with her (tho he must've been otherwise occupied when she assaulted another inmate and was forced to serve in solitary confinement) cuz I really hope she's finally learned her lesson. Am I totally convinced that Foxy's ass beatin' days are over? Not really ... but I do think she'll be on her best behavior for some time. You're free, girl ... stay out of trubs. [Source]

GI Jackpot

Last month we got our first look at what the characters in the new live-action GI Joe movie will look like when the first photo of Snake Eyes was released ... then just yesterday, we got our first look at Scarlett. Today, we pretty much get to see what the rest of the cast (with some exceptions) will look like. Here are promo photos of Duke (Channing Tatum), General Hawk (Dennis Quaid) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans):

Along with photos of GI Joe and Cobra ladies The Baroness (Sienna Miller), Cover Girl (Karolina Korkova) and a couple new pics of Scarlett (Rachel Nichols):

And to round things out, here are photos of the ninjas Snake Eyes (Ray Park) and Storm Shadow (Byung-hun Lee) -- who should also be wearing a hood over his face but maybe not so for his promo pic:

Hot damn! I thought for sure these photos would be coming out slowly over time thruout the rest of the year since GI Joe won't be released until next year. I don't believe that this is the entire cast because, according to, the characters Shipwreck, Gung Ho, Heavy Duty, Destro, Zartan and, of course, Cobra Commander (among others) are listed as characters in the film as well:

I'm fairly certain there will be no leaks of Cobra Commander until the movie gets released (so we won't know if we're gonna get the hooded Cobra Commander like the one pictured above or the helmeted Cobra Commander) but I'm hopeful we'll get to see what the other characters will look like soon (maybe a new batch of photos will come tomorrow?) cuz I really think that Destro is going to look awesome. I have to say -- I'm very impressed with the way the characters look. I was skeptical about Sienna Miller playing the Baroness but she really looks great with the dark hair and the glasses. I kinda wish the GI Joe uniforms were less similiar but I'm sure there's much more to be seen. Head on over to to check out the entire batch of GI Joe promo pics in their full-size glory ... and Yo Joe!

The TV Guide: I <3 New Yorker

You know, I gotta say, it's nice to be back home in Detroit. So far, the only parts of Detroit that I've seen are the airport and my parent's house (oh, and the inside of Sarah's car cuz she was so awesome to pick me up at the airport at 12:30AM last night/this morning) but I feel great. I got to spend some time with my folks this morning over breakfast and am planning some alone time with Sarah tonight. We don't get to talk to each other as much as we used to when I lived here and I've really been missing our alone time. SO, we're going on a date ... tho, I'm not sure what we're doing just yet.

OH yes, I wanted to write a little something in praise of my fave magazine ever, The New Yorker:

This week's issue arrived in my mailbox right before I left for the airport yesterday and I was thoroughly entertained for the entire flight. I read the most shockingly fascinating article about the lives of elevators (which, I know, sounds boring but really wasn't at all) that was juxtaposed with a kinda horrid tale of one man's life-changing experience in an elevator mishap. I also read a most intellectual take on The Hills and reality TV in general which shames the piece that The New York Times wrote previously. And I read a review of the new Portishead album, Third, which was so well-written that it reminded me fully of how much I love the band's music. As usual, the tidbits in The Talk of the Town were superb -- I loved the piece about the politician's tendency to "misspeak" and the ramifications of doing so. I really think it's the best written magazine with the most interesting articles around, I love talking about it because I think many of you would enjoy reading it as well. Feed your head ... man cannot exist on goss alone.

Tomorrow night is the big SASS danceparty at OSLO in downtown Detroit so I know we're all gearing up for that. This weekend is going to be a chill one, especially since I'll only be in town for a short amount of time. My homie Joe is chillin' in Paris, France this week and today is his birthday so I have to send him some Birthday Lurve today.

I hope all y'all have a great weekend ... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a smashing one myself.

Les News: Foxy Is Freed, Brit Gets Screwed, Lance Speaks Up

Suri Enters Her Second Year Of Existence

Suri Holmes-Cruise enters the terrible 2's today as the little hatchling celebrates the 2-year anniversary of her creation -- however she came to be. Curiously and perhaps suspiciously, little Suri has been out of the spotlight for the past few months, only surfacing from time to time for short periods of time (perhaps to remind the public that she still exists/functions). The little Miss was last seen in the company of her male caregiver (Tom Cruise) during a little play date at a park earlier this month ... and today, she is celebrating her 2nd birth creation day:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Last year, Suri Cruise celebrated her first birthday with a lunch at her parents' compound in Los Angeles, where members of both the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes clans gathered to dine on pizza and cupcakes from a Beverly Hills bakery. This April 18, as she turns 2, it seems that the birthday girl got an early start on gathering her presents. In January, as her mother was promoting her movie Mad Money in Manhattan, Suri and Katie managed to hit toy heaven – better known as FAO Schwarz – where Tom threw Katie her own birthday bash in 2005. As history has proven, birthdays bring about awfully big celebrations in the Cruise family. Whatever the plans this year, Happy Birthday, Suri. And a pinch, to grow an inch.

It's very strange that more ado hasn't been made about Suri's big day today. There was so much hoopla surrounding the little creature's ... arrival ...and her first months of "life" but the media onslaught seems to have fallen completely away after Suri turned 1 year old. Now, I've always been skeptical about pretty much everything about the spawn of TomKat so this questionable absence falls right in line with my suspicions. Could Suri have been hidden away in order to undergo a major software upgrade or parts replacement? Your guess is as good as mine. I do hope that Suri has a fun birthday, tho ... alien or Earthling, robot or humanoid, everyone deserves a fun second birthday party. Happy Birthday, Suri! [Source]

Material Wealth

Madonna may be in the midst of planning a few upcoming concerts -- like her Roseland Ballroom show in NYC on April 30 and a pair of concerts in Dubai that are rumored to make her 12.5 million later on in the year -- but that doesn't mean she can't make time to hang out with her family. Here are a few pics from Madonna's dinner at San Lorenzo in London last night with her 3 children -- David Banda, Lourdes and Rocco. If she does end up closing the Dubai concert deal then she'll have much cause for celebration in the days to come:

The Queen of Pop is reportedly on the verge of signing the most profitable contract of her career. It is alleged as part of her next world tour, Madonna is in the midst of closing a deal to play two concerts in Dubai for a staggering £12.5million. According to The Sun, the main condition of the contract is that the last two shows are played in the Las Vegas-style Arab state in November. The tabloid has also reported that for a bit of pocket change in comparison, the popstar will also be playing a private gig for an extra £5million. A source close to the singer said: "Madonna is about to break another record by playing the most lucrative concert of her whole career – or anyone's career for that matter. "The negotiations for the tour to stop in Dubai in November are being finalized and she will get £7.5million for the one show only. The figure is so big because of her new contract with Live Nation and the huge funds available from private promoters in Dubai." It was added: "She is also close to agreeing to play at a private party in Dubai, the first in her career."

It's astounding the amount of money the Material Girl can still command. Not only will she be making gads of money from her new contract with Live Nation but she is also in a position to secure deals like this Dubai thing whenever she likes. It's good to be Madonna ... but it's also good to be Madonna's child. She does all the hard work and they reap the benefits ... not a bad life's "work". [Source]

See All I See

Kylie Minogue has just released the promo video for her US single All I See from her album X wherein she dances and coos with a shirtless and tattooed gentleman ... check it out:

You know, it may not be her flashiest music video but I quite like it. It suits the tempo of the song, the guy she chose for the vid looks pretty good and it doesn't include any rapping -- which is ACE in my book. Personally, I think she should've released the single Wow here in the US. All I See is a decent song but it's not the best one on the album. I dunno if this video is going to generate album sales or if it's even gonna get any airplay on MTV or VH1 but at least y'all can see it here. [thanks Tony]

Madonna Shows Her Backside

We may have already been inundated with the cover artwork for Madonna's new album Hard Candy but here is our first look at the back cover artwork for the disc:

The album is just over a week away from release so I know that the anticipation for the CD's release has already built up to a fever pitch ... well, okay, it may not be that dramatic but I know that I'm ready for the damn thing to come out already. We've seen the front, we've seen the back ... now let's hear it. [thanks Kevin]

Go Home, Boy

Britney Spears suffered a sudden case of shyness yesterday as she made her way out of a hair salon (with significantly more hair than she went into the salon with) in West Hollywood, CA ... here are pics of our dear Britney hiding behind a blanket that was held up to offer her cover from the throngs of paparazzi:

Photo credit: Splash News

HMMM ... what could she be hiding? Do you suppose she was just feeling a bit camera shy or do you think she was trying to keep her new 'do under wraps? ORRRR ... could she have been trying to hide the fact that she made a new friend at the salon ... cuz, after Britters jumped into her waiting vehicle this shirtless dude with a shaved head jumped into the car as well:

Photo credit: X17

She may have divorced dancer Kevin Federline, but Britney clearly has a soft spot for this type of guy. The singer and her assistant were spotted picking up a shirtless, K-Fed lookalike at a petrol station in LA on their way to a Beverly Hills' beauty salon. Wearing jeans and trainers accessorized by stubble, sunglasses and visible boxer shorts, the unknown man's style was reminiscent of that which attracted Britney to her ex-husband. Britney's bodyguard drove him for a couple of blocks but it was unclear whether the pair are dating, friends or if the popstar was just being a good Samaritan. Carrying a blue cup, a change from her usual Starbucks iced drink, Britney looked relaxed in shorts, flip-flops and a pink vest top. She is reportedly getting back in shape to make another comeback with a new grueling exercise regime in addition to dancing regularly.

Well, according to the shirtless g-thug (whose name is, apparently, Josh), he is not at all involved with our dear Britney ... he claims to be a friend of Brett, her new personal assistant ... but he did manage to mention to the paps that Britney is "cool", that "she's a good girl" and that he would be available to hang out saying, "if Brett calls ... and she wants to hang out" he'll hang out. What a swell guy. I just hope that Britney doesn't get sidetracked ... I don't think she really needs a guy in her life right now. Work on that comeback, Brit, leave the homeboys to your personal assistant. [Source]

The Great Walk To Beijing: Dannii Blogs Day 4

Dannii Minogue has been posting daily updates on her official My Space blog from her journey on the Great Walk to Beijing and yesterday posted her most heartfelt update yet. As I've mentioned previously, Dannii has joined Olivia Newton-John and others on a 21-day trek along the Great Wall of China in a journey of endurance meant to raise money to build a world-class Cancer Centre dedicated to providing the very best of care to cancer patients, and providing an integrated research facility in the search for new treatments and ultimately a cure for all cancers. Here are a few pics of Dannii and Olivia as they make their way along the Great Wall and the full text of Dannii's most recent blogpost which was posted yesterday:

We start the day with a 5 hour bus journey to Dun Huang City. Our bus stops in a lay way to set up our on-the-road toilet, nicknamed, "The Throne"! We step out of the bus, the sun is blazing down heat, and my feet are a metre away from a trail of human feaces! It is explained to us by our local guide that this is normal in China. The side of the road is an open toilet. Men use the left of the highway, and women use the right. Right!

We arrived in Dun Huang and I am happy to see some colour and green. Our eyes have been starved of colour, and it feels as though we have just stepped from an old Hollywood black and white Western film in to a 3-D Bollywood film. There is a fanfare for our arrival - pretty young dancers with full performance make up, all dressed in spangly bright costumes - pink, yellow and blue.

We are served a Chinese feast for lunch. The tables are covered in plates heaving with steaming food. I eat one unidentified dish…I must be getting brave. It is like blocks of clear jelly. I am told after it has pork rind in it. For a Vegetarian of 23 years I should be close to vomiting, but I couldn't taste or smell it, so I decide it was just a noodle.

We have a gentle stroll today, an excursion to the Mogao Grottoes. These are hand dug caves in the side of a mountain with sand dunes in the distant that look so perfect my mind tells me they must be a painted backdrop at the London Opera. We visit three of the larger caves - all with Buddha paintings and statues. I am sad to say there were no photos allowed, as it is one of the most breath taking sites I have ever seen. When we step inside, it is dark and freezing cold (Ancient Air Con!). We stand at the feet of one Buddha, 113 feet high. The surrounding walls and ceilings are decorated with thousands of intricate individual drawings of Buddha that pattern around like tiles. This has been a place of contemplation for centuries. Buddhist Monks used to live here and famous artists made these Deities to inspire and span 10 Dynasties, last through wars and even a few earthquakes. I feel small, humbled and while processing why I am here, the word 'acceptance' repeats in my head.

On returning to the hotel I am moved by what I have seen and tears of sorrow stream down my face, for the ones I have lost to Cancer. Three friends - one was my best friend. We were sitting around chatting one day when she noticed she had a pain like a Kidney infection. The following day she was taken to hospital. I sat by her side for three months watching the devastation of Cancer take over. We went through the horrific diagnosis that she was not going to survive. 36 years old, my friend was never to leave that hospital. In the most serene organised way, she planned her funeral and gave family and friends specific details to take care of. All I could do was rub her feet and look into her eyes and try to be brave. Six months after her passing I find myself with all her loved ones on a beach to scatter her ashes into the sea, as requested. There is nothing that can take your breath away more than holding ashes of your dear young lost friend in your hand, and un-curling finger by finger until they float away in the tide. I was numb all over.

This was just over a year ago - and I am now here, in Central China, crying and trying to 'accept' this personal devastation. Most of the walkers on this trip have no idea what I had been through, and suspect I am walking since my experience of my sister's breast cancer. I wish that was the only reason. With one friend surviving Leukaemia, 4 surviving cancer, three friends lost to cancer and two currently being treated for cancer, the numbers are staggering.

Please please please help me raise money to find a cure for this illness that is plaguing our lives. I don't want to live with it, and I don't want to fight it - just find a cure and move forward to a time when it will no longer be a part of our world.

With love that stretches farther than the Great Wall is long
Thanks for taking this journey with me
Love and Kisses
Dannii x

It is very hard not to be humbled first, by what the walkers are experiencing on this journey and second, by Dannii's story. I thank my lucky stars that I have never had cancer touch anyone close to me at all and believe it is absolutely necessary that we continue to help fund those who work towards finding a cure. I have the utmost respect for the folks who are engaged in this journey for the sole purpose of raising funds to fight cancer and I hope that all y'all can find a way to help sponsor their endeavor. I have decided to make a new donation every time I post an update from the Great Walk to Beijing in the hopes that it will inspire others to donate as well. Click HERE to sponsor Dannii's walk (or click HERE to sponsor Olivia Newton-John's walk). [Source]

The Sum Of Her Parts

Here is a fun, very easy, game to engage us for about .2 seconds this lovely Friday AM ... can you guess which diva supreme is comprised of all of these accessories and paid a little visit to her lam ... er, I mean her fans at a CD release party held in her honor at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City in LA last night?

Photo credit: Splash News
Click above to find out who is is

People please, if you can't guess who this person is then I am very disappointed in you. I mean the Hello Kitty band-aid alone should be the clear giveaway ... who do we know that loves sparkly jewelry and butterflies? HMMM. [Source]

Taco Belle

On Tuesday night, Vicki B. got to some early celebratin' with her husband David Beckham and her only 2 friends her 2 closest friends, Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale, at an intimate (and free) dinner at Longoria's new restaurant Beso. Yesterday afternoon, VB celebrated (tho you wouldn't know it to look at her) on her actual 34th birthday with her hubby and her sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz at one of the family's favorite LA restaurants, Pink Taco. Here are a few photos of the entire Beckham family making their way thru the Century City mall on their way to Pink Taco:

Victoria rang in her birthday with a low-key lunch at Pink Taco, a kitsch LA restaurant that serves buckets of beer and £4 Mexican meals. It's not exactly the kind of spectacular, no-expense-spared birthday party one would expect from the self-appointed queen of posh, Posh. A night earlier, the Beckhams dined at Eva Longoria's restaurant with their favourite couple of moment – Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman.

Yeah, it's pretty impossible to snap any photo of Vicki B. where she doesn't look completely miserable but I suspect she was having a great time on the inside of that cold, robotic exterior. The Beckhams clearly have an affinity for Pink Taco (which was the site of the birthday party that VB threw for little Cruz last month) and I can't really blame them. I *love* Pink Taco and go there regularly with my friends (tho, never at the same time that the Beckhams visit, unfortch). I guess I kinda love that VB has the same taste in restaurants (ie. great taste) that I do so I guess I shouldn't tease her too much ... especially at her age :) [Source]

In other VB news, yet another Marc Jacobs ad featuring the birthday girl has been released ... this one not quite as ridic as the previous ads:

I dunno ... I may actually like this one ... it has a bit of that Mommie Dearest chic that is so popular amongst drag queens.